How'd I get into this mess?

So... something embarrassing happens to Kakashi...
WARNING: read at your own risk!!!


2. Hmm...

Naruto noted Kakashi was later than usual. 'What's taking him so long?' he thought. Sakura thought, 'he's always late, but not this late!' Sasuke just rolled his eyes. He yawned. Then Kakashi strode out of the bushes, looking extremely cross. "What the hell happened to you?!" Naruto exclaimed. "Language, Naruto." Naruto couldn't keep a straight face. "Hahahaha!" Naruto exploded with laughter. "This isn't funny, Naruto!" Kakashi reprimanded. Naruto just laughed some more Sakura and Sasuke looked amazed. "If you don't quit laughing, Naruto, you get no lunch!" Kakashi threatened. Naruto stopped laughing at once. "But-but-" "No buts!" Naruto pouted.

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