Blue eyes * Magcon Story *

when a girl from a small town gets the chance of a life time to go and meet one of her favorite people she travels with her friend to magcon to meet Gabriel Mathis her favorite person read this book to see what happens to them !!! @botellojillian No copyright


2. passing's

Jill's p.o.v  

He smiles and gets his towel out of his bag " I am so-" our eyes locked "Jill"? I looked at him confused. "You know who I am"? He smiles "its on your name tag" I look too see my name tag on me. " Yep that's my name " he takes off his sweatshirt "i'm so sorry for that hear you can wear my sweatshirt " I felt like i was about to cry. As he puts the sweatshirt on me he gets  the cups off the ground and fills them up "hear i will walk with you " when he gets to my room I try to give his jacket back "I will get it later" he smiles "see yea " he starts walking away and that's when I got a call.

Gabriel's p.o.v 

I walk in to the room and Nathan smiles "see anyone?" I get the biggest grin "yeah,I saw jill" Nathan gets a big smile "she is hear?" "yeah, I spilled coffee on her" Nathan laughs "nice move gabe " we both laugh. Then I see a post from Jill. I  threw my phone on the bed and ran to her room.

Jill's p.o.v

I lock myself in the bathroom and Kayla yelling to let her in. "come on Jill...."  she says through the door. tears were falling  down my face. I hear a knock on the door and Kayla leaves the door. Soon I hear "Jill..." it was Gabriel. "Gabe?"  i get close to the door "yeah,please open the door." I open the door. He comes in and hugs me " I'm so sorry.." I started to cry again " I miss him...I miss my dad" he hugs me tighter " I know" he says and then he looks at me and wipes the tears away "just know you can always-" he looks at my arms " Jill no...." I cover them up with the sleeves of his jacket " that's nothing" he looks into my eyes "Jill..." 

Gabriel's p.o.v 

There was some connection...I just wanted to kiss her. who cares if she has scars she is amazing in my book. I grab her chin and pulling it slowly to my face "umm..." I turn around and her friend is standing there I look back at her "text me " I hug her one more time "please be careful" she whispers into my ear  I let o and walk out of the hotel room....oh I wish I could of kissed her. 

Jill's p.o.v 

I sit down on the rim of the bath, "he almost-" Kayla freak's out "OMG!" I get up and hug her " I dont know if i can sleep tonight she smiles " we can do a movie marathon " I smile "that's perfect" 

* 16 hours till Magcon *

Gabriel's p.o.v 

I could not sleep at all last night. I go down and get a cup of coffee "I wonder if Jill is around" I look to see no one " I will get her a cup" I walk up the stairs and knock on the door. Her friend open's the door "hey is Jill hear" she grins "she is asleep" she moves an i walk in to see jill in my sweatshirt snuggled up " she is so cute..." I mumble under my breath. I get a pen and write on the cup 

' good morning beautiful' 

I set the coffee by her bed and give her friend a box. she looks at me strange "when she wakes up open this box " she smiles " I will" I walk out and down where my room was 

Jill's p.o.v 

I wake up to a coffee on my desk and i read it 

' Good morning beautiful - Gabriel ' 

I smile so big and kayla sits next to me " this is from gabe " I grab the box and open it. that's when my jaw dropped "no WAY!" 

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