Blue eyes * Magcon Story *

when a girl from a small town gets the chance of a life time to go and meet one of her favorite people she travels with her friend to magcon to meet Gabriel Mathis her favorite person read this book to see what happens to them !!! @botellojillian No copyright


5. Bad habits

We get onto the bus " home!" He laughs. Kayla is glued to Nathan talking about a bunch of bullshit. I follow Gabe to his room. "Pick a side" I go to the right side putting my stuff in the bathroom and my shirts and pants with his. "Now.." he pushes me on the bed tickling me "Gabe, no!" He smiles "come on baby you love it " I laugh "you will get pay back " he looks at me and grins " I want to see that " I smile "one day I will" he goes and lays on the bed "come on " he pats next to him. He smiles and raps his arms around me. His touch makes me happy. I soon close my eyes falling into a deep sleep. 
~Kayla's p.o.v~ 
I sit next to Nathan. Me and him have talked for hours. I get up to get something to drink when the bus joults and I trip falling into Nathan's lap. " I...I'm sorry" my face turn's red 'omg!!!!' I thought to myself. " it's okay" he smiles, I get off his lap "kayla...I" "yes I will" I kiss him " I...think your really cool" I got so embarrassed "Damn" he smiles and kisses me again. 
~One day after~ 
* Diego's p.o.v* 
I get up and go to the bathroom. I open the door to see Jill in the bathroom "oh sorry" she smiles. "It's okay, do you need to use it?" I smile " yeah" she grabs her stuff "hear sorry" she goes out and closes the door "damn" "what? " I cover my mouth "nothing 'damn she is nice' I zip my pants up. I flush and wash my hands looking in the mirror ' if I want her I will have her'. 
~Gabes p.o.v ~ 
I wake up feeling her next to me. I pull her close to my body she snuggles her head next to my chest, I kiss her forehead and she smiles "I love you babygirl" I tell her "I love you too baby " she says half asleep. I put my hand on her face and rub her face "sleep well" I get up and go out into the hallway and Diego pushes me up to the wall "well pretty boy...I found something I want and I want it now..." I look and him confused "what?" Diego pushes me up farther "I want her.." she comes out and looks at me "Diego!" she punches him in the gut. "Gabe are you ok?" I get up and hug her "let's go" I push her inside locking the door.

A/n ~ loves to all 💖💖

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