Loki's Daughter

Loki messed around with a girl that never showed her face or told him her name. When she became pregnant she never told him. When she had the baby she died shortly after giving birth. Loki is contacted and he has to raise a baby girl on his own with some help from Thor and Oden. The Girl is a lot like her father but has a side to her that seems oh so familiar to Thor.


1. 14 Years Ago

A guard walked into the teleporter, teleported to Earth, changes out of his Asgaurdan clothes and into Earth clothes. He looks at his locator he finds a little green dot in an Apartment building on the third floor room 354. He walks closer to the dot when he arrives at the building he knocks on the door and then Loki answers wearing nothing but boxers.                    "Hey! How can I help you." Says Loki    

"Drop the act Loki."
"What act? I just simply came to Earth...." Loki pauses trying to figure out how to place the woman he was with last night, "my girlfriend as the Earthans put it."

"I have news."

The boys quiet down as the girl in the bed rolls over and moans.

"Why don't we take this outside."

"That's the best idea you had since you got here." 

The men walk into the hall and Loki said "OK so talk."

"One of the woman that you 'dated' got pregnant."

"Witch one? I have dated a lot of women.

"She hid her face and never told her name."

There was a long pause as Loki thought of her. 

"Ok why are you telling me this, if she wanted me to know she would have contacted me.

"That's the thing we would not know about it either but she died...you have a child you can choose to raise it on Asgard or you can put it up for adoption it's your choice , but we did run a test it is your baby."

Loki thinks of her, he kind of liked her, she was quiet and sweet. "Take me to my child."
"OK I will just put on some clothes you look ridiculous.''

Loki gets dresses brushes his teeth and walks over to the hospital where his child awaited. He and the gaurd walked over to the front desk.

"How can I help you?"

"We are looking for a woman who just died in child birth, this is the Father Loki."

The nurse looks at Loki, then the picture of the father on the computer. "Does the father have his ID on him?"

"Yes," Loki pulls out his wallet and shows the lady his ID.

"Room 345 A, is the father going to fill out the information or arr you?" she says looking at the guard.

"I am." says the gaurd. "LOki before you go meet your child what is it's name?"

"It's a girl."


Loki walks down the hall to room 345 A to find a man holding a little blanket with a nurse trying to get him to let go.


"Sir give me the child."

By this time Loki was notices and two big men where entering the room.

"Sir he is the father now hand him the baby, NOW.''

The man started to sway then he fell to the ground. Loki starts to run at him he grabs Leah before she can hit the ground. 

"Is she OK?" the nurse asks.

"She's fine." He looks into her little blue-green eyes and said "Hi Leah, I'm your Daddy and I will let no one hurt you.





Hi guys, so Earthans isn't a word but I like it and they will continue to say it beacuse ut sounds like something they would say. :-) 















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