•Trench Coat Angel• (Castiel)

Lucia Abner ran away from home after she and her family got into a fight. Little did she know that after meeting a mysterious green eyed man at a bar that she would soon know the existence of things that go bump in the night and the ones that protect humanity from those evils.


4. Chapter IV

Chapter IV


Kind of a short chapter. I hope you enjoy! 💕


I was led back to the dark cell I was originally in. This time the man seemed a little sympathetic and didn't shackle me to the walls. Not like there was any point in trying to escape anyway. I assumed all the people living here were wolves as well and none of them wanted me to leave.

I thought about Dean a lot. It made my heart ache when I thought he could possibly be dead but only because it was my fault we were even in this mess. I normally didn't socialize with people and the one time I make an exception we get stuck in this mess. He stayed on my mind and no matter how hard I tried to push the thoughts of him away, they kept coming back; like something was forcing me to think about him. It made me want to rip my hair out.

Hours passed. Maybe even an entire day. I wasn't quite sure because I dozed off a few times, realizing that if I had any chance to escape I would need to be somewhat well rested. It was dark and cold and the ground was hard, but I managed. Eventually someone came by with a tray of food, but I couldn't see to eat and decided not to because it was potentially poisoned. When he came back for the tray he gave me a look of empathy, like he knew they were eventually going to kill me.

Or maybe I was just overthinking it. I fiddled with the strings that frayed on the bottom of my shirt and stared off into the darkness, thinking of Dean again. Even in this situation the thought of his green eyes and upbeat attitude made it not as bad. For a while I felt a little bit of hope, like maybe he was still alive and we would escape, but that quickly died.

Days passed very very slowly. My hair was dirty and so were my clothes. I was starving, refusing to eat the food they brought to me. If I was going to die, it would be on my own terms.

When someone did finally come for me though, I was surprised. The steel door swung open with such force that it startled me and I leaped up, my eyes burning from the sudden rush of light. The silhouette of a man finally focusing into the image of a man I never wanted to see again.

My own father.

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