A whisper in the Wind

~ Submission for Anime competition ~


1. Reformed

   The mad house was massive, easily seating all the villains of the anime multiverse. Tobi stood tall, it was his first time here, none knew him, so none fear him, was the perfect opportunity to make the first impression. He noticed the big powers, legendary villains known across the worlds, they had their private rooms and balconies looking over the whole place.

   A shabby old man approached him, grinning while rubbing his hands annoyingly. A waiter of sorts, he was the guide to this place and he began his hearty introduction. "Ahh you must be new here, my name is Kree, and welcome to the mad house."

   "As you can see, this is a place for villains like yourself, and you should be able to recognise the top powers over here. See that" he said pointing towards the balcony on the left, "that's Frieza the legendary alien who was also the person who was so powerful that he forced Goku, yes the Goku, into his first super saiyan transformation," 

   "Super Saiyan? What's that?" Tobi said, as a newcomer he had no connections here, so he had no idea who this Frieza or Goku was. 

   "Ahh I see, not quite well informed, well Goku is from the Dragon Ball Universe, he's a legendary hero from a warrior race of aliens known as Saiyans, well Frieza here wiped out half the universe there and wiped out this warrior race with a handful few saiyans remaining. Goku was one of them, Frieza was so strong that he drove Goku into a legendary state known as super saiyan, which shows incredible power, power even to destroy a planet."

   "Wow" was Tobi's only response, planetery devestation was the only ability he knew that could destroy a planet. His emotions were hidden well behind his spiral mask. 

   "Now enough about Frieza, see that one laughing now" he pointed to a huge bellied man, with golden rings and a bottle of rum, his favourite drink no doubt he had the stomach to prove it. The man had a rough laugh, which echoed all around "Zeehahahahahaaa"

   "That's BlackBeard, the legendary man who's the only person with two Devil fruit abilities, you know Luffy right? The boy with the rubber devil fruit, who's claiming to become pirate king if he finds the legendary One Piece? Well anyway BlackBeard is a yonkou, one of the top 4 greatest living pirates in the world of One Piece, replacing White Beard."

   "And he's Aizen, be warned, that one is a Shinigami, yes you heard me, a Grim Reaper, if you want your soul to be safe, don't anger that one, he nearly took out the Soul Society in the Bleach Universe and would of won if it weren't for Ichigo. And that one armed guy there is the chaotic black dragon made by Zeref known as Acknologia from Fairy Tail. Yes the black mage Zeref, brother to Natsu."

   "Hoo I'msoexcited" Tobi said, maintaining his cover for a second before disappearing.

   The guide surprised looked around for Tobi, and finally caught sight of him, stepping on Frieza's balcony. "Nooo you mustn't Frieza will destroy you" he yelled.

   "Oh? I'd like to see him try" Tobi said, as he disappeared within. A glowing red eye of the sharingan gleaming from under the mask.

   "Wait a minute, those clothes? He's an Akatsuki, the famous group trying to capture Naruto" the man said, shaking, finally recognising the red clouds. "This isn't good."



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