the magcon boys

A 17 year old girl named Sophia and her sister jillian gets the chance to go to Magcon, but she has an abusive boyfriend that is trying to stop her from going. She sneaks out with her sister to go to magcon, but what she doesn't know is that her boyfriend is following her.


1. Magcon tickets


Sophia's p.o.v 

Jillian and I have been friends sense 1st grade. We tell each other everything... even things that should be kept to yourself. We are both 17 now and we see each other almost every day


*BUZZ* As I pick up my phone I see that Jillian has texted me.

Jillian: Hey girl! I'm on my way to your house right now, I have something important to tell you!

Me: Okay, My parents are at work right now so come through the back door if the front door is locked.

As I finished texting her i set my phone down and walked into the bathroom. I took my clothes off and took a quick shower. once i got out of the shower, i changed into a gray crop top and shorts. After I finished changing I walked out of the bathroom and walked into the kitchen to make some coffee. "Knock knock" As I turn around I see jillian standing at the door holding two tickets. "Hey! What are those tickets for" I ask confused. "oh nothing huge, its just two magcon tickets! We can see Nathan Triska, Jacob Sartorius, and Gabriel Mathis!" When I hear this my mind goes straight to Nathan Trista. His smile, his eyes, everything about him is perfect! "I honestly don't know what to say!" "Maybe you should say omg yes I want to go with you." I hear Jillian say sarcastically. "okay, omg yes I want to go with you!"

She smiles and hugs me tightly. "We leave in two days....but you still need to tell your bf your leaving" I can hear her voice soften. My voice cracks when I try to talk because I'm so freaked out. "Hey calm down, its going to be okay...If you want I will come with you when you tell him your leaving." Even though I heard her say that I was still freaking out. "I don't know what to do! He isn't going to let me go! You know how he is.. remember last time when he threw me against the wall when he figured out I went to a friends party!" I fell to the ground and started to cry. 

"You know I wont let that happen, come on lets go." She wipes my tears and helps me up." I grab her hand and walk out to the car with her. As I open the car door I feel my phone buzzing. I reach for my phone and turn it on. my parents are calling me, hold on. "hello?" "hey sweetie its mom I'm going to be getting off a little late today, and don't worry I already know that your going to magcon." I smile and tell her that I love her and that I would see her soon. As I hang up jillian starts the car,"were going to your bfs house (Nash Grier)


"Were here" I looked over at Jillian and smiled. "thanks for coming with me" I thank her and get out of the car. "Nash!" I knock on the door but he doesn't answer. "Should I call him?" I ask worried. "sure, just dont call him a hundred times it will piss him off." I grab my phone and dial his phone number. "Hello?" I hear his voice and I tremble with fear. "h-hey Nash are you home, I need to talk to you and I'm at your door." I stutter.  " I'm coming out, this better be fucking important!"

He opens the door and he leads us to the couch. He looked over at me and said "What do you need, make it fast." I looked at him like he was crazy.. "I'm your girlfriend, your always so rude to me!." After I said this I realized I made a huge mistake. Nash looked at me and he raised his hand. I tried to move but I was to slow. Before I knew it he hit me. Jillian looked at me and she got so scared she started to cry. She ran to my side and hugged me. "BACK THE FUCK OFF JILLIAN!" I started to cry because Nash was screaming at my bestfriend and because he hit me. "go jilly!" I told jillian to leave because I didn't want her to get hurt. When she left Nash picked me up and threw me on the bed. "Your staying here! I cant afford you to go tell everying the I hit you!" "I'm so don't with your shit! I cant handle you anymore! Were done, I'm breaking up with you! oh yeah and I'm going to magcon in 2 days and you cant stop me!"

I get up from the bed and run from Nash. But before I know it Nash I holding me down. "Your not going anywhere!"








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