My Babysitter (DISCONTINUED)

My name is Jessica Quin and I'm 17 years old.
I admit that I'm quite the trouble maker and I'm not very trust worthy when I'm left home alone but I don't see the need for a babysitter.
My mom thought it was an amazing idea to hire one though, typical mom.
Things did not go as planned.


5. Phone Calls and Protein

Jessica's POV

"How did you get her number, why did she say that you owe her many things and why the hell, did you call her sweetheart?" I said, making sure to sound sassy.

"Did she not tell you?" Michael gasped as if he was surprised.


"Of course not! They never told me anything about you or your friends. I had no idea who you even were before today! They only told me 'stay away from a group with members named Luke, Calum, Ashton and Michael!' That was it! Explain now!" I demanded.

If I was a cartoon, there would be smoke coming out of my ears because I'm so mad!

"Okay, okay, okay. But you owe me."

I either get the answers to my questions and owe Michael, or I don't get the answers to my questions and I don't owe Michael.

"Fine, I owe you but you will NOT leave out ANY details otherwise, I will get you back AND I will not owe you anything." I gave in, but! I still have a chance of not owing him anything and getting to hurt him!

"Deal. So, when do I tell you?"


"NOW." I demanded.

I'm going to regret doing this but I want answers and I will get answers.

"Okay, so, this all happened about 3 months ago. On Kat's 17th birthday, she got a fake ID and since I already had a real ID, I went out to a club, but so did she. She knew I was trouble and I knew that. Let's just say that we both got drunk, but barely. We both remember every detail and we don't regret anything we did. Let's just say that I bought her a drink and I rested my hand on her thigh, one thing let to another and next thing you know is she's lap dancing me. I got a boner, she helped me out. I got beat up that night and she cleaned my wounds and took me home, which lead to a heated make out session. We aren't dating but more like, friends with benefits. We don't have sex but we do other things. So she has my number, I have hers, just in case we need help." Michael explained, smirking the entire time but it seems like something Kat would do.

Kat is the most outgoing, confident and flirty one in our group.

Okay, I'm disgusted, now to see what I owe him.

Is it normal to be nervous or scared for what he might say in this situation.

Probably not.

"What do I owe you?" I asked.

"I don't know, I'll get the boys to help me out." He grinned, he's planning something evil.

"WHAT?!" I yelled.

He can't do that!

"Well, I'll call in sick, I'll do the same for you because school started half an hour ago."

"Thanks." I muttered, playing with the strings on my hoodie.

"You owe me again! Two things! Remember that!" He yelled walking downstairs.


I started blasting Green Day, singing along while get dressed into a different outfit.

I locked the door obviously.

I also brushed my teeth for 6 minutes and used lip scrub several times because I kissed Luke's neck and then I bit his neck.

I eventually finished and laid down on my bed facing the ceiling, singing along to Extraordinary Girl.

I unlocked my door then went back to my bed.

I changed the music to a playlist that had all of the songs from Panic! At The Disco, Green Day, Black Veil Brides, Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance.

All of them are amazing bands!

Something else weird is that my favorite member or the most attractive member (in my opinion of course) is the lead singer.

I mean, Brendon Urie is married but he's very attractive, same with Patrick Stump and Gerard Way.

Billie Joe Armstrong, well, all of the members of Green Day are old and this is just out of the 3.

He's attractive, out of the 3 I guess.

Then there's Andy Biersack!

He is SO sexy and SO hot and SO cute and SO attractive and I could go on but I think you get the point.

I started singing along to Set The World On Fire by Black Veil Brides.

The smell of pizza entered my room and I sat up.

Meat lovers pizza and pepperoni pizza.

Michael was holding the boxes.

"Well, I got hungry and you look like someone who likes meat so I got you meat lovers."

I seriously hate him.

"I do? Because last time I checked, I was vegetarian but hey, I guess my mom didn't tell you my name or that I'm vegetarian."

"She told me you're vegetarian but I don't want you to be a vegetarian. So you're going to eat a slice of meat lovers pizza, then you won't be a vegetarian." Michael smiled proudly as if his plan was made by a genius.

"Well, if I eat even a nibble of meat, I will get sick and I'm sure you don't want to clean up my vomit so get that meat away from me." I snapped.

I can't believe him.

"You owe me, remember?"

"That won't change a thing because you will have to clean up my vomit and then I will have to owe you again so it makes no difference. The only thing that happens is I get really sick and you get to clean up after me. It's a lose lose situation." I pointed out obvious.

"Fine, we're going to school tomorrow. You won't get to hang out with your group but you will be stuck with my group all day." Michael walked out with the pizza topped with animals.


He's eating pizza that has dead animal meat as a topping, delicious!

I removed my makeup then went to bed even though it's 12:00 pm, I probably won't wake up unless someone wakes me up instead.

~6:05 am~

I woke up on my own, one minute before my alarm usually wakes me up.

A bunch of cold water was thrown at me and I screamed in surprise.

I saw Michael at the foot of my bed, smiling.

Of course he's smiling, what else would he do?

I jump at him and pin him to the ground.


I look around the room and I notice he opened my curtains and turned on all of the lights.

While I'm trying to shield myself from the light, Michael flips me over so now he's the one pinning me to the ground.

"Michael? Did you wake her up yet?" A deep voice says entering my room.

"Oh, am I interrupting something?" It asked.

"Yes, leave Ashton." Michael growled.

When 'Ashton' left, he closed the door, great.

I realized that my bra was showing because my shirt is see through when it's wet, just what I needed.

"Fuck you."

"You wish." Michael shot back while obviously smiling.

"Well, I'm going to be a good boy and let you get ready for school. You owe me." He said, pecking my cheek before getting up and leaving.

I closed and locked the door after he left.

Why was I so stupid to unlock that stupid door?

The school we go to has no school uniforms so that's a relief.

I showered, brushed my teeth and hair, got dressed did my makeup and everything else.

When I finally got downstairs, I saw that everyone was here.

As in, Michael and his friends as well as my friends.

Our groups are supposed to be enemies but, it seems like Michael and Kat are getting along quite fine.

They didn't notice me and all of the lights were on so, me being me, I turned them all off, which I can conveniently do from my phone.

"Jess really?" Nikki whined, she's so childish sometimes, whining because the lights are off.

"Would you like me to close the windows too? Because this, is already too bright."

I went to the cupboard that had most of my dry protein substitutes and I saw that everything was gone.

I turned around to see Michael looking at me, smirking.

"Clifford, where are my protein substitutes? I need them to live!"

"No you don't, just eat meat!" He argued, he obviously ignored my short lecture from earlier.

"Oh really? Because if a human doesn't have protein in it's system, then the stomach starts eating itself. If that happens to me, I die! If I eat meat, I will get sick and throw up all of the protein in my system, which means, I will die faster! Your solution isn't that solution needed for this problem." I gave him the death stare.

I do it often to people.

"I'm not giving it to you, Luke will. Follow his instructions, then you can get your stuff, okay? You owe me because I told you how to get the instructions. What is it now? Oh yeah, 4 things you owe me and I choose."


I familiar pair of arms lifted me up by my waist, it was the same person from yesterday, he did it the same way as last time.

Once again, he sat on the couch and made sure that I was on his lap.

"This is the third time you've picked me up. It gets annoying."

Not only is the whole lifting thing annoying but he is too.

"Don't get my hopes up then bite me again. I still have to get you back."

I rolled my eyes and closed my eyes.

"Again? What is up with you and closing your eyes?" Michael asked.

Weird thing was, Michael was holding Kat the same way that the dude holding me was.

How nasty?

I opened my eyes and shot him a glare.

"Well, time for introductions, Jessica Quin still doesn't know the boys's names. Boys, introduce yourself." Michael instructed.

"Hi, I'm Calum. The one who asked you if you were getting changed so I didn't walk in on you." Okay, he was the one who looked a little Asian.

"I'm Ashton, I didn't pick you up or do anything to you to be exact. I like what you did to Luke earlier, it was smart." He was the shortest one of the boys's group and he had curly dirty-brown hair.

"My name's Luke, if you still want your protein shit, do as I said. We have a while until we have to go to school, two hours to be exact." 'Luke' whispered in my ear, like what is his problem?

"If you're trying to act sexy or turn me on, it's really not working. Just stop trying to seduce me because I can guarantee you, it won't work."

Luke started kissing my neck and then, I got really pissed off.


I stepped on his foot really hard and dug my nails into his arms.

He once again let go of me and I did what I did last time.

I ran to my room and locked both the door and window.

I called my mom because I've had enough of this crap.

Phone Call: (J-Jessica, M- Mom)

M- Is everything alright honey?

J- Michael's friends suck, his friend, Luke, took all of my protein substitutes and won't give them back unless I do very intimate things to him!

M- I'll call Michael and make sure that everything gets sorted out, okay? I will tell him that he can not let Luke be near you.

J- Thanks, sorry for bothering you, I got to go anyways.

M- Okay, bye. Love you!

J- Love you too.

End of Phone Call

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