My Babysitter (DISCONTINUED)

My name is Jessica Quin and I'm 17 years old.
I admit that I'm quite the trouble maker and I'm not very trust worthy when I'm left home alone but I don't see the need for a babysitter.
My mom thought it was an amazing idea to hire one though, typical mom.
Things did not go as planned.





I have tried MULTIPLE times to get the first chapter to publish but with my luck, it will not.

This fan fiction is supposed to start off with "Hello there! My name is Jessica Quin and I'm not very good with introducing myself, or anyone."

The second chapter (not this author's note) keeps on popping up instead of the first chapter, which is SO FRUSTRATING!

I have no idea as to why this is happening, I don't know if it's just the website acting up or Movellas just HATES the first chapter of this book but LOVES the second.

I did try to only publish the first chapter, at least 20 times, but that didn't work so I copied  everything I wrote and pasted it onto a plain document.

I deleted the movella and made another one, the exact same description, same cover and same chapters but the same thing keeps on happening.

Well, I will try to make the first chapter show up.

Thank you for reading as always!



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