My Babysitter (DISCONTINUED)

My name is Jessica Quin and I'm 17 years old.
I admit that I'm quite the trouble maker and I'm not very trust worthy when I'm left home alone but I don't see the need for a babysitter.
My mom thought it was an amazing idea to hire one though, typical mom.
Things did not go as planned.


7. Answers

Jessica's POV

"Man I love this show." I muttered as the credits appeared on my computer screen.

Michael's arm swung around me and was above my right foot because I was sitting in a crisscross position.

I'm confused.

Like very confused.

He started touching the keyboard, why?


Michael closed the tab and was closing my laptop!

That makes sense!

Well, now this is awkward.

Michael must of moved closer to me because now I can feel warm and steady breaths on the back of my neck.

Now I'm sitting in front of him, he's really close to me, we're on a bed and we're alone, well except for my dogs.

I quickly swung my feet over the edge of my bed and stood up, turning around so I was also facing Michael.

"Well, I need your glass."

He looks so confused!

"What?" Michael furrowed his eyebrows, looking at me like I was insane.

"I gave you a glass with liquid in it and now I need it back so I can bring it downstairs." I pointed out the obvious.

Do I have to treat my BABYSITTER like a little kid all the time?

"Oh yeah! Here ya go, well, I'll be here waiting, I need to talk to you." He said to me while slowly handing me his glass, I got annoyed so I quickly ripped it out of his hands.

I nodded and walked downstairs, with Finn and Jake following me.

I walked into the kitchen, with both of the glasses in my hands, and put the dishes in the sink.

Who will be doing the dishes?

Michael will probably do the dishes, besides, we have a dishwasher.

Since I used my special cup and it can't go into the dishwasher, I started washing it by hand in the sink.

I looked out of the window that was in front of the window and saw a giant note being held up in front of it from the outside.

"Be careful." I slowly read it out loud to myself.

What the hell is that supposed to mean?

I finished washing the cup and put it away in a cupboard filled with water bottles, most of them are surprisingly mine.

I went back upstairs and heard voices coming from my gaming room.

Yes, I play a lot of video games.

I opened the door and saw Ashton and Calum playing Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2.

They were yelling, swearing and shoving each other, great.

 "What the hell are you two still doing here?" I exclaimed, like come on, they shouldn't be here in MY house!

"Oh, yeah, you're still here." Ashton said sounding really upset.

"Well this is my house so I'm still here, so answer my question. Why are you two still in my house?"

"Michael's still here and your mom said that we could stay here and help out." Calum smiled.

"Whatever." I rolled my eyes and left.

This really isn't good.

Oh yeah, Michael said that he would still be in my room when I get back.

What does he want to talk about?

That's the question that I keep on asking myself.

Will he ask me something about my personal life? Like something to do with my dad or brother?


I'm only worrying myself.

I walked into my room only to see that the lights were on.

I closed my eyes, winced in pain (like a vampire!) and backed away into the hallway.

I swear he's trying to change me!

Michael started approaching me and KEPT THE LIGHTS ON!

With every step Michael took forwards, I took on backwards.

What's happening?

"Hey, I'm not trying to kill you, I just wanted to ask you some questions with the lights on. Stop moving backwards Jessica and go back into your room, if you don't, I'll pick you up and give you to Luke." He kept on giving me warnings and Michael stopped walking towards me.

He was threatening me and I don't think that they weren't empty threats.

I felt like disobeying, just to see if he would really hand me over to Luke but I think that I shouldn't take that chance.

I started walking towards my room and once I entered, Michael came in behind me and locked the door and when I reached for the light switch, Michael picked me up and sat down on my bed with me being held against him, on his lap.

This is very weird!

I tried using my hands grab onto my hood to pull it over my face Michael grabbed them and pressed them onto my waist, where he was originally holding.

"Why don't you like the light?" He whispered into my left ear.

Maybe if I'm sarcastic and annoying enough he'll let go of me or at the very least turn off the damn lights!

"Well isn't that a specific question?"

I can also question the questions he's asking me or just question why he's asking me questions!

I'm amazing at thinking of these plans!

"Yeah well it's a specific question I want the answer to." He whispered back to me.

Damn it.

"Well you won't get the answer to that specific question anytime soon." I calmed down and started whispering.

He's trying to make me crack under pressure or just the annoyance of being tense for too long.

His plan won't work.

"And why's that?" 

He bit the backing of one of my many earrings and I took in a big breath but quickly let it out, I don't want to show him weakness.

I probably have but I refuse to show anymore.

"It's something way too personal for me to tell you, I haven't even told Kat, Nikki, only Mase and you won't even get the answer out of her."

We sat on silence for about 5 minutes until I broke it.

"Hate to disappoint you but since we have school tomorrow and I never shower in the morning, you have to let me go so I can get ready for bed."

Michael let out a sigh and let go of me before he walked out of my room, turning off the lights!




I took my shower, changed into my pajamas, put my fan a level higher and went to bed.

Well, tomorrow I'm stuck with Michael and luckily only two of his friends and they're the nice ones.



Hello there!

I know this is a short chapter and I think I should've updated sooner but I have been busy and I'm also just really lazy.

I'm also working on a new book and it's not a fan fiction!

It's a bit more on the creepy side, I guess.

I don't get scared easily or anything like that so it's a bit hard for me to explain.

Sorry about that.

Well, thanks for reading, liking, leaving favorites and comments.

There will be an update coming up soon and it will hopefully be a longer chapter so stayed tuned!







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