My Beautiful Girl -Ashton Irwin

About Ashton Irwin Meeting A Beautiful Girl


1. Prologue

-Sapphire Heirs-

Sapphire is a 15 year old girl. She is very shy. Stutters in front of anyone that she isn't comfortable with. She is very bright and cheerful. She see's good in everything. Her mother is never home and her father died. She has 2 siblings. Her brother Alex and Her sister Scarlett


-Ashton Irwin-

Ashton Irwin is a 16 year old boy. He is in a 'bad ass gang'. Wait he's not just in it. He's the leader. Well that's how people see it. To him There just friends hang out all the time. Which his friends are Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, Michael Clifford, Alex Heirs, And Scarlett Heir. He Always with his friends. And if he's not He is at his Job. The tattoo parlor.


-Nate Bridge-

(Won't come in till later)


-Michael Clifford-

Michael Clifford Is A very rude kid. He will ruin your life. He can Break you in a second... Well if You mess with Him and His group. He is a sweet guy if you get to know him. But you better get on his good side.


-Alex Heir-

Alex is Simply a Small gay boy. He is so sweet and Just the cutest thing. Like a kitten. But no one at school except his group like him because simply he's a gay. No one dares to touch him though... Because is boyfriend will kill them. Well if His boyfriend is around anyways.


-Luke Hemmings-

Luke Hemmings AKA The Sass Master. Luke might be a Bad Ass but he is more sassy than anything. But he Will kill anyone who touch his boyfriend. Alex.... He is so in love With Alex. He will do anything for Him.


-Calum Hood-

Calum Hood is the daddy of the group. He is the one you go to when you have a problem. He'll help you with everyone.


-Scarlett Heir-

A girl that is total opposite than her brother and sister. You wouldn't guess she's a Heir. She is a crazy sassy ass bitch. Don't ever underestimate her. She gets Straight A's and Top of her class. But she's not afraid to talk her mind. She is way protective over her Sister and brother.

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