My Beautiful Girl -Ashton Irwin

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2. One

Ashton POV.

    "Ashy!" I hear a voice yell sounding like my very best friend. I turn around shutting my locker to see my best friend face not even a once away from my face making me jump.

    "Holy fuck!" I scream causing People to look at me but I could care less.

    "Sorry Ash." He apologize with a innocent smile set on his face.

   "Whatever. What you want.?" I asked annoyed at my best friend. I guess he See my annoyed Expression because he frown and mumbles something I couldn't make out.

    I sigh "oh come on don't get gloomy on me boo." I tell him smiling calling him his nickname I gave him a long time ago.

   "Fine..." He says and then changed his whole mood. I swear he's bipolar. "Can you squeeze a last minute Appointment for a tattoo today? "

    "Sure. What you want?" I asked.

     "Oh it's not for me." He smirks.

      "Oh it's not.? Who than?" I asked him.

    "Al-" he begin to answer but there was A Big Bang and A groan. Me and Luke turn to see A dude hovering over a scared Alex.

   My eyes widen. Wow didn't know anyone had the guts to touch Alex with him dating Luke. I Begin to turn to Luke but he's Already stalking his sassy angry ass Down the hall.

    I sigh running behind Luke. "Luke don't get yourself Suspended..."

    "I don't give a fuck! He touch my Alex! He hurt him! Now I'm gonna fucking kill him!" He yell and pull the dude off him and push him on the ground.

    "Luke if you get suspended they will hurt him worse! Stop. A Least wait till after school and not in front of Alex. Your scaring him." I tell him trying not to cause a scene.

     "Fine" Louis throws him on the floor and stand up "touch him again and I will kill you" he threatens and go to Alex.

    "You okay Alex.?" I asked and he nods slowly Snuggled to My best friend side.

    "You sure Hun?" Luke Ask Like A worried mother.

    "I'm okay Luke." Alex reassured His boyfriend.

    "Good." Luke pulled Him closer to him... If that's even possible.

    "So... About earlier. Who wants a tattoo?" I asked and when Luke Begin to open his mouth but Alex Says it before him.

   "Me." He squeaks out. I stare at him for a minute.

   "You.? Alex Heir? The guy that's scared of a butterfly... That Alex?" I asked confused and his face turns bright red.

    "Yes. That Alex" he says softly.

    "Wow... I never knew this day would come." I said shock.

   "Whatever when can my sweet love be squeeze in?"

   "Well my last Customer is at 7:30. My shift should be over at 8pm but for Alex you can come in at 8pm and I should be done depending on what the tattoo is."


   "No pr-" I begin but Alex cuts me off.

   "Can I bring my sister to the tattoo shop?" Alex asked innocently.

    "Uh yeah. Why couldn't too. Scarlett-" I sigh as he Cuts me off again.

    "It's not Scarlett." He tells me.

    "It's not. You have another Sister?" I asked confused. I had no clue.

   "Uh yeah. Sapphire. The One Who is In a grade below us..?"

   "Oh.... I don't remember..." I tell him.

   "Of course you idiot." He rolls his eyes.

   "Wow never knew you was so... Uhm what's the word?"

   "Sassy. God your sexy when your sassy baby." Luke says with lust in his eyes.

   "Uhm... Well I wasn't gonna say that but... Sure you can Bring her." I say and walk away slowly before they are having sex in front of me.


Heyyyyy. Hope you Luke the First Chapter ☺️☺️ ~S

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