5SOS Preferences

These are just a collection of preferences of your favorite 4 Australians, feel free to send in requests!


4. What you two do together



Michael: ​Video Games


Okay let's be honest here, the both of you aren't fans of the outdoors, you don't have anything against the outdoors but both prefer staying inside all day and just lounge around in front of the T.V. playing all the games there is in the cabinets. So whenever Michael is home from tour, the first thing you guys do when you get home from the airport from greeting him is you find your both favorite games, sit on the floor in front of the T.V. and play games for hours on end. For you, playing video games with Michael isn't just to spend time with him, its also bonding with him, while you two will be playing games, he would be telling you all of his interesting tales that happened while on tour. After his stories, Michael would then ask you what happened at home, though it isn't wasn't even as close to interesting as Michaels, he was still interested on what went on. The only thing he got out of those stories is that you missed him a shit tone and he couldn't be anymore happier to be home with his family and you.


Calum: ​Adventuring


Going places and finding something new is one thing you and Calum both love doing, everyone knows that Calum is the adventurous little bub and is always eager to find an interesting place and explore it until all corners of the places have been sought. Even when he's exhausted and tired from tour for 8 months at a time, you would think that with all that time and he's finally home, he'd want to take a well earned nap. But the minute he walks in the door, with the little resting time he takes by greeting you, hugging you close telling you some of all the events that happened while he was away, he would be dragging you out the door saying that he had found an interesting place to go look at and he wants you to come. You keep telling him that he deserves a nap and you both can adventure the place a different time, he shakes his head and carries you out to the car. At the end of the day though, the time you have spent with him while walking around the place he found you wouldn't trade anything for moments like these because it's moments like those you love most.


Luke: ​Cuddling


When Luke comes home from tour to say that he's tired and exhausted, is an understatement. He can barely make it through the door without instantly going for the cough and crashing there. Luke would complain though that he really wants to spend time with you, but you argue and say that you can hang out later after he gets some rest. So he agrees only to grab hold of you, picking you up in his arms as he carries you up the stairs with him to his bedroom. You protest saying you're not tired, but he'll shakes his head not letting you leave, him saying something like 'no (Y/N) stay, I missed you and I want you with me.' You knew protesting anymore won't work so you stayed where you were. You honestly though, love moments like these with Luke, there's nowhere you would rather be than in his arms missing the time you've spent with him.


Ashton: ​Concerts


Even though Ashton has spent countless hours at concert venues, he can't help but take you to one every time he comes back. Knowing that there is always one concert you've been wanting to go to through the times you've talked through Skype or FaceTime that you wanna see this artist or see this band. He always says he knows you want to but on his own time he'll get tickets for a time that is after his tour and surprise you with tickets when he gets home. Going to concerts with Ashton is probably one of the best things, you're with your boyfriend sitting in front row or in a reserved couple of seats; depending on whose playing, you're enjoying the music and just having a good time. Those special concert nights with Ashton is what you love most but most of all spending the time with him.




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