5SOS Preferences

These are just a collection of preferences of your favorite 4 Australians, feel free to send in requests!


6. His Favorite Thing About You



Your carefree nature. Michael has always loved your carefree take about most things. He loves that you can take a little teasing without getting too uptight about it, he always goes to you when he has a new joke to share, always knowing that you'll join in on a good laugh. He loves that you don't care about what people think about you, your relationship because you know that they're all just jealous and no matter how much hate you get from the fans, you know that Michael's love for you will beat everyone else's opinion on you because it's his words and those who love you are the ones that matter.



Your eyes. Your eyes to Luke are his favorite thing. Whenever your in a pissy mood and you don't want to talk to anyone, there's no need to tell him that he already knows that there's something wrong and hopes that he can fix what ever is bothering you. He loves how your eyes can say so much without even saying a word. Whenever he does something stupid, whenever he performs, whatever he does he loves to see the sparkle in your eyes whenever he's around and it makes him feel good that he's the one that has that effect on you. He wants to be the reason you smile everyday, he wants to be the reason that everything is going good because with him around is when you're the happiest as can be.



Your hugs. That's right, he loves your hugs. Ashton loves your hugs because you seem to put all the emotion you're feelings in that moment in the hug. If you're upset after a long day and he comes home, you'll get up, drop whatever you're doing and run right into his arms hugging him until you feel better. That's one of the ways he knows that you need him. Your hugs let him know that you love him, yes he loves the kisses he gets from you but when you hold him for a period of time just to be with him in a close manner without sharing each others saliva, a hug is on top with your kisses. At the end of the day there's no place he'd rather be than be wound up in your arms and sharing in on each others love that was put on hold throughout the day.



Your butt. Ok let's be honest here for a second, Calum can be a bit of a cocky and sexual little fella when he wants to be, so to say he loves your butt seems a bit appropriate. He loves your butt for one main reason, because he loves the closeness it brings you to him, it's also his way of letting other girl snatchers know that you're not available. He can not only be a bit cocky but he has a jealous and soft side, he has this insecurity that you can always find a better man than he is but you reassure him that there is no guy better than he is and you remind him that no one else can touch your butt not even the other guys. That always lifts his spirit when you tell him that because he wants to be good enough for you. So when you and him are on the couch or lounging in bed at some lazy hour with you laying on top of him, his hands casually resting on your bum slowly dozing off, that lets him know that you are his and no one has can have your love.


​A.N: Hey!  It's me, I know I make a lot of authors notes but I kinda like to talk to you. So if you by any chance have any ideas, I would like to see them and also your thoughts on this so far. I haven't done any preferences in a while and would like to know how I'm doing, please and thanks! I love you!


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