Eggie 2

Find the moral, in can only be gotten from your heart, if it is humble.


3. Staring with a thought.

Author note: hello readers, I hope you have like this project for liking something is the first step of understanding it; I also want you to understand that Eddie isn’t a normal mushroom, but I won’t reveal anything yet, now, shall we continue onward?

Proverb note: An angry mind is a mistaken mind, when you are angry, leave what you are doing or least you will sin one way or the other, so please don’t let the angry stay will you, erase the angry from your mind and move on with righteousness, I won’t say more, for to say more with no one understanding or even doing what I am correcting is pointless, may Jesus bless all believers who clean their ways.

Eddie rush side way to avoid Robert attempt to whack him, he then move behind him with stunning speed and kick in the back of his shell, causing Robert to fall down, Eddie waste no time and threw a mini bomb at him, but Robert roll out of the way, Eddie threw a Koo-pa shell upward and before it land kick it back at Robert, it hit him in the head and Robert fell down.

Eddie was shock as Robert stood up, a hit like that was supposed to knock him out but all it appear to do was to give him a head ache, Robert then start throwing knives as Eddie, who in turn side jump out of the way, Eddie then kick a red Koo-pa (which was harder than the first)  at Robert, but Robert enter his shell so all that the Koo-pa shell did was bounce he backward, as he was flying backward, he hit a wall and bounce from it toward Eddie, at full speed, Eddie duck it and threw a mini bomb at Robert, when his Koo-pa shell bounce from the other wall, the mini bomb and Robert shell crash and the explosion destroy his shell and send him flying toward the same wall he bounce from, the impact knock him out.

At the light of morning, Robert weary eyes open to find him tie to a shell with two mushroomer looking at him, one was Eddie and the other one was at first strange to him but he soon recognize him from his outlook, the mushroomer had a mushroom white hat with blue spots, and had a white clothing, in the sense that both his shirt and trouser was colour white, he has a scar in his cheek, he recognize him at Captain Sarwin, Sarwin was one of the five captain in the whole water world, Sarwwin was the head of the Navy force of the A island, the island he and Eddie lived on, Sarwin put his hand on his chin and was thinking of the cause of this incident, “okay, I got nothing, maybe he just creak” he suggested, “Nah, I have seen people who gone mad before, he just start of weird and then shout nonsense, he was acting like a punk not crazy weird” Eddie said cancelling that idea, Robert began to try to get himself free, but the metal cord which had tie him up was almost unbreakable, “he is  awake, Eddie” Sarwin inform, Eddie fold his arm, before gesturing Sarwin to come with him, they then left the room, that was when Robert, discover that this was the basement of an were-house, that thought made him even angrier but not of that rage could be channel to his power, so he is still suck here, alone.

Eddie walk out of the were-house and lean on its wall outside, Sarwin look around still trying to find some clue, “am sorry Eddie, but I got nothing, are you even sure he didn’t do it by his own accord?” he asked, “no, I sense some dark ness airing from him, such darkness was nothing to be born with” he said, remembering, Sarwin then rub the back of his head, unsure of what to do, “listen Sarwin, could you do me a favour and check your report on the history of Water world for anything that might relate to this please?” Eddie said, even outside his senses was disturb by the amount of shadow airing off Robert, “sure thing friend, catch you later” he said walking away, at his back, there is a picture of a great ship and under it was written, ‘THE GREAT MUSHROOM SHIP’ Eddie didn’t really know much about it, but it appears that the citizen of water world built a ship to trade with ice world, but it sank by an ice block, since then until still the forming of the mushroom kingdom (which is all worlds coming together under the ruler ship of princess preach) water world hated ice world for it, Eddie decide to go home now, it was a Saturday and he still got work to do like checking to see any change in this week profit, and also if any workers is absent during the week long and also any break down or soon to be break downs, all these are recorded  by his secretary, but his worker is free day off, he still make profit as he open up smaller stores on Saturday and give some staff to run it, Eddie walk past his Store and on to his home to collect some coins, that he left at home, when he sense was disturb again, by an even more shadowy thing,  ‘what is that?’ he thought, it was coming from the house next to Robert, ‘could it be source of Robert craziness’ he thought, deciding on whether to go or not, he decide to check it out, as he could let whatever it was running wild infecting people and sending them after him, he then walk up to the house and knock on the door, the answer was a groan, however, the door  didn’t open, he knock again, but no answer, “hey, is anyone here?” he called, finally someone open the door and look at Eddie with a look that said i-didn’t-do-it, Eddie glare at him, “ hello” he said meekly, Eddie, could sense dark energy flowing from the house, “what that?” he asked looking at the bowl of black water, “are you….here about your…friend?”  asked the Mushroomer scared about what he would do, “relax, just let talk about what you know” Eddie said calmly, knowing he was scaring him, “I didn’t know that he would do it, but I actually didn’t thought that the Black water would influence him at that distance, it shock me as well” he said, Eddie single eye widen in shock, he was too aware of black water and its effect, “ why do you have it, who are you?” he asked, “my name is Gorag, I was asked to collect some black water from the pool of death at Boo mansion by my uncle Zorag, I collected it, but had to wait for my Uncle to come, I went to play and there where I met your friend, but your friend was already corrupted by its magic, I told him to meet me at night, but I knew my uncle would have collected it by then,  but as I left home, my uncle reveal that  he would take longer to get here, as I walk home, I met your friend drinking a gallon of the black water, he was almost done but I stop him before he finish, however he was too far gone, and he kick me out and went after you” he stop to take a breath as he said all that without taking a breath,  Eddie rub his chin as he thought of what to do, he knew  black water was dangerous stuff, but he also knew that it can be cure by a life mushroom shake, which is just a drink made by juicing Life mushrooms in to a cup, it beyond bitter but it can negate the effect of the black water, he had but one chance to get it, at an island next to the island that is next to him, “are you thinking of the Life mushroom shake?, it won’t work” he said sadly, “ this one won’t go away, on still either you die or you feed him some wahala beans” he said, Eddie didn’t like the sound of that at all. He then walk to and fro thinking of a solution, he decide to give up and get them manually, due to connection loss, he can’t order more, another reasons to remove the Bean machine, “well thank you for your time” he said walking away, with the mushroomer looking worriedly, ‘I hope he know what he is doing’ he thought.

Author Note: well this is a very good place to stop, now this is a time to said, that, already am getting other chapter done, so it will be pretty easy to publish least un favour times happen, but thank you for your wait.

Proverb Note: when you want something kneel down and pray for it, make sure you are not doing sin, and make sure you believe, don’t ever doubt, now the hardest part is to wait for it to happen, when it does, it will be worth it and more than you could have hoped for, when waiting don’t doubt but pray to God to help you in times of doubt, even if it take a thousand years wait, I know it sound crazy r empty talk, but there is a reason that God withdrew the bless for a time, maybe it was to build your faith, or someone will soon be in need, so you can use it to help him and yourself, pray to Jesus and be of good behaviour, thank you for your time.                  

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