Eggie 2

Find the moral, in can only be gotten from your heart, if it is humble.


2. Robert Solution?

Author Note: Okay now for Chapter two of this project, I hope none of you get confuse by me add two story in one, anyway, now for the next chapter of this story, thank Jesus Christ for allow me to publish on time.

Proverb Note: The is a time for everything, a time to read, a time to play, a time to go to places, and a time to stay at home, when we place all he thing we need on a schedule, we find life very simple, now as Christian you should keep to your word or whatever you assure a person, like how one keep to a schedule, don’t complain but wipe every bad thought away, don’t a single minute from doing it, if you are doing something, leave and do what you have said, God will help you in what you were doing, if you don’t, you might fail in not only in what you are doing but in gaining the trust of that person and God favour as well, please do what you think you can do and not make silly assurance of something you can’t do, thank you and please for Jesus grace do what this Proverb advises you.

Eddie was bringing out the ice cream machine out, he had order some of the staff to work there and was feeling very satisfy at the spot he chose for it, over to the left was the bean- bean machine, it been two hours since Robert left and he wanted  to see his fifth best friend here for the grand opening of his latest store, he like doing things that are proclaim in his shop with at least one of his friends there, it help, the new store was an idea he made, currently he has Store in all the  islands of Water world, this store however, was meant to be a store house and also a backup store if this one was blow up, or in a more real world case, become infected with pests and is band by health groups, he was planning to keep it a secret but decided against it, since Mushroomers have been seeing the construction and have guess right that it in fact a new store, Eddie was planning to tell all the staff so that he wouldn’t waste time relocating it, he also planning on transferring some staffs there, since there is a mass production Machine that make items, he need someone to run it and keep it clean, he store and the transferring begins today, that why he need Robert here.

Meanwhile Robert was looking at the ground where he grow the bean, ‘is it dead?’ he wonder, the bean was dry as a rock when Eddie gave him, unlike fresher beans that are soft and have water in them, even though, the bean who still very much alive (more like half alive), ‘does Eddie, expect me to grow sometime with this dead seed” he thought as he sat down, in a week it should grow or die trying,  he couldn’t take that chance, he couldn’t work as a unhappy ice cream man, the cold will be the end of him, he pace around thinking of a faster way to make it grow, then something hit him (literally),  he fell to the ground and saw a Mushroomer looking down at him, with a worried look on his face, “look, am so, so, so, sorry, I didn’t know that you  were there” he pleaded, Robert stand up and sat while looking at him, “don’t worry, no harm done” he said, what hit him was a Koo pa shell but he was hit in the back which offer a shield to reduce the pain, the Mushroomer look around and then face him and sat as well, “are you planting a bean farm?” he asked, “yeah, how did you know?” Robert asked utter surprises that he knew what he was planting, ”oh I overheard  you complaining, so what the problem” he asked Robert, “oh nothing you should bother about,  just that am fighting for a Bean—bean machine, and I have to plant this half dead bean before two week are up or I will be working as an ice cream guy, oh the pain” he said groaning, the Mushroomer smile, “ hmm, I think there is a way to speed it up very first and it will spur very much, but it will have to take a lot of things” he said , Robert look at him quickly and start to stoke him vigorously, “what is it! Tell me, I want to know!” he yelled, “a…a…alright…just…stop shaking me!” he said , Robert stop shaking him and  stood up waiting to see what he was going to say, the Mushrooner sigh and stood up, “it call black water, it made by grinding a lot of death Mushroom” Robert physical finch when he heard that, but the Mushroomer was far from finishing, “you also have to send Mushromer soul in the pot, in which the ritual is beaning done” he said, “to make their crops popular and themselves wealthy, a lot of greed fill Farmers or seller as they went over to the book and found the way to make the black water, and they slay a lot of Mushroomer, but ended in ruin for not sending their loved ones as the finisher” the Mushroom look at Koo-pa face for understanding, he got it but with greed, greed that he saw in so many men,  “come to my house at night, it’s over there” he pointed at the next house to Robert house, “and I give you the black water” he walk away sadly, but Robert Koo-pa didn’t care, all he care about was the water, he haven’t even seen it but he wanted so bad, he didn’t know what cause it but he did care either, as he was going to get ready for some black water.

  While Robert was being obsess with some black water, Eddie was beaning obsess with what flavour to put on the machine, he needed to know the type because he wasn’t wasting money on some ice cream, that no one want, he soon walk to the machine and plug it on, with that out of his way, he decided to go to his office, as soon as he reach there, he notice something strange going on, as if he was being warn or something, he spook it off and sat on his chair and started to turn on the camera, he install cameras  everywhere, to monitor the business, the camera have a little mechanical bug, that will sound the alarm if any one tries to heck into the cameras, Eddie install them to every factories in every islands in water world, he also have store in every island in water world as well, in every pay day, all the moneys from every factories and store in all of water world are brought here, along with the Co- managers of the stores and factories, so half of the total profit of all said store and factories are given to him, the other half are return to the co-managers to be share to the employee as salaries ,  he then store the money in his secret bank which no one but himself and the bankers know, even then he is the only one that know the code, which is needed to open the diamond door (yes it made from diamonds)  the money is the kept there, until something break or some money problem come(like project or stuff like that), then they uses the money, but none of the listed thing every happen, Eddie think that project is a waste of time and nothing broke, so it kept on arising and arising and arising, on every pay day which is every three months and since  their stores are inhumanly successful, the money over flooded the whole underground tunnel where the bank is, when the banker tries to put more coin, he called that day the ‘The rich flooding’, he then stop taking half  of the coins (moneys) and only took 12%, so avoid over flooded….again, Eddie never took any single coin in the bank, he actually get his own share of it, the coins there are only for business (break down, project, etc.) which never come.

Eddie check the time, it show that it was 6:59 pm, all worker should leave at 6:30 pm, already all the worker is gone, but he like staying two to three hours here, he watch the video of today active again, in case he miss a thing, as he was watching the video, he heard a knock, he press a button and the screen shown Robert outside, yes he had a camera outside, “come in” he said knowing Robert could heard him,  Robert came in but his feature was disturbing, his shell was black, and the was a skull tattoo  on the front of the shell that cover his chest, he put his pencil down, and  fold his hand, wandering why Robert was dress like this, “hey Robert what with new and unapproved dress up” he said, he hated tattoo and black colouring, even his own hat disturb him, but he shook that distaste  out, and lived with his and it work out, but he made a rule against those two, which Robert was wearing,  Robert fold his arm as well and lean against the house, in a rude way, Robert was pretty much pressing on all his annoyance buttons, Eddie stood up and decide to end this madness, “what with you today?” he asked, “am finally sticking up for myself, that what happening, Star freak” he said, Eddie was taken back from the tone he use, it seem like he was going to attack him at any moment, he stare hard on him, but Robert didn’t notice it and walk to his desk and use his bat ( which he had, but Eddie didn’t notice) to break the computer by constantly hitting it with the baseball bat, “Robert, you going too far!” Eddie said and walk toward him, Robert then without even looking threw ten ‘flying ninja stars’ at Eddie, they tore through his coat as he attempted dodge them, those Stars belong to Edward, one his staffs, he actually borrow it, Robert then walk toward him with a baseball bat in his hand, Eddie brace himself for whatever Robert was going to do.

Author note: well this end this chapter, if it too short, bear it, not all long story are good and not all short story are terrible, see you next.

Proverb note: don’t think bad  words in your mind or insult, it still counter as a sin, and plus it will come out eventually, when you are insulted, forget it by thinking of something else, let your mind be pure like the reflecting waters, then your action will reflect your thought, you sometime make mistake when you are tried, but asked for forgiveness and do what God commanded, to be pure again……. Like the rivers, thank you for listening, hope you can calm yourself down so that Jesus can bless you.     


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