Eggie 2

Find the moral, in can only be gotten from your heart, if it is humble.


1. Eddie plan!

Author Note: Hello readers, okay the system is going to get unusual, first Friday, Saturday and Sunday, three chapter will be publish, first one about Dan, second about Kirby, third about this new project am working on, it will be publish on Friday, which is today, Saturday, new chapter about Dan and finally Sunday Kirby, forgive me for the late bring up, and now please enjoy this project.

Proverb note: if you are going to sin, don’t bother coming to church, many Christians have been sinning, like cursing and all that, giving Christian a bad name, so if you know that after church you will yell (which Christians don’t do), lie (Christians never say), insult behind people back(a thing that should not be mention among Christians), then leave the house of God, which was made by the blood of Jesus, so please just go, or better yet repent, thank you.

One day in the country of water world, there lived a mushroom, this mushroom was a regular shop owner, but then, he started to go to Kung Fu class, at Kung Fu class he was good or maybe even the best, he defeated the Master of the school, and was advise to go around to world to teach him more skills and moral lessons, this certain Mushroom went out of the Mushroom kingdom to China town, where he pass all the schools, and was anointed with the greatest honour, he was rank ‘Kung Fu mushroom’ the greatest title, he then went to a detour to Bean-Bean kingdom, before return to Water world, At Water world, his shop boom, because this Mushroom brought items he collect from his trip, these items make his shop special, since there is no-where to buy them, many other shop owner gave up and started to work for him, soon he became the only shop his town in his country water world, but then he fell ill and died, his son was force with the harsh choice, should he work at the shop and continue his father business, or start his own, he decide to start his own on the Country of desert world and left his Father business to rot, his younger brother however didn’t stand for this, and since he was a nice guy, he gave it to an equal talent Kung Fu master and equally nice guy called Eddie, the young Mushroom couldn’t run it, because he was too young but Eddie is in his late teen, so he work perfectly, but the young Mushroom himself left to find his older brother, you see Eddie was a Country Hero in Water world, even though he was from the Capital, where there Princess Peach regin over all of the seven Countries, soon he left there, tried of the impending fact that, that area will always be attack by King Brower, he then left his cousin Toad, who work as an attendant for the princess, there, and went to Water world.

Eddie was a talented Kung Fu master; he also used Gadgets like a baseball Bat, Koo-pa Shells, Mini bombs, Grabbing Hook, and power stars and randomly more, he look like a normal Mushroom but his skill were praise by even Martial Art Masters, and he is also friends with: the King of Water world, The Mayor of his town, and also BFF with the Captain of the Military force. And since the brother of the mushroom that abandon his father work gave him a job, he did, and was very good at it, Eddie also had made friend with his Martial Art class mate, who is a Koo-pa, in physical appearance, he is consider weird, he had a black mushroom hat with green stars on it,  on his face was a Black eye patch, he wore a couple of green gloves, he also wore black trouser, and his shirt was no  shirt, it was a blue Coat with a green tick shirt with a long sleeves under it , he shoe was stripe with red line, and with that you see was Eddie look like.


Walking on the a grass field was Eddie, who was heading home after a hard day work, his bag was fill with Coins from his work, he smile as he finally reach his house, “finally, home at last” he said as he open the door tiredly, he then fall on the couch with a sigh, “I don’t think I can keep on doing this, bean, bean, bean!”  He said, he then stood up and went to the Freeze and took out a cup of WA-ha-la Beans, the WA-ha-la bean have be turn to green juice, he been keeping it in the freeze from the beginning of the day, as a matter of fact, he has a Bean machine in his shop, he has been making different juices of Beans that have been found only in bean-bean Kingdom, though it only a side work, consumer pay 10 to 20 coins for the bean juice, 10 for normal, 20 for combo, the problem is that, he have been running out of beans, and he is tired of going to Bean-Bean kingdom by an expensive airport and walking around since he can’t buy them with Mushroom coins, and then coming back through the same expensive airport, it was getting tiring, so he decided so end the machine for good, “first thing tomorrow am selling that Bean-Bean Machine, maybe I can sell it for that Ice cream neo machine, that in the market” he said going to bed after finishing his juice, he then went to bed with the mind of selling the Bean-Bean Machine.

Seven’s o clock in the morning and Eddie was clearing up his house, his shop open at 9:30, he soon finish his clearing of things in the house and soon left and went to his shop, as he walk through the town he notice that his Martial Art class mate Robert the Koo pa, was also going to his shop or at least going to the same direction at that place, the Shop is in the middle of the town, which is an island among six other islands which is surrounded by land, which is surround by ocean and that is Water world. This was how Water world look like, Eddie went closer to him to talk to him, “hey Robert, where are you going?” he asked smiling, “oh, am just going to drink some Bean- Bean juice, and some combo” he said cheerily, “well you better drink fast, am selling that machine”  he said as he open the orange door, Robert however stood in front of the door, shocked, he soon shake his head and ran after him, “wait!” he said running after him, Eddie stop and face him, “Robert, I need to sell it before the shop open so make this quick” he said, “you can’t sell it” he protested, Eddie look at him with a confuse look so Koo pa, so he went on, “why do you want to sell it anyway? I am mean it a great seller and it has various flavours, but does selling it seem right to you?” “Yes, to get it is getting too hard and they run out too fast, so I should just save myself some money and just get a new machine” he said, “but, um……. It more awesome than any machine you bring!” he said, “um…no, this one is less expensive and I don’t have to go anyway” he gesture Robert to follow him, they went to the far end of the room, where a poster was put, “the ice cream neo machine, one of the best machine in existence, it can manufacture it own ice cream when it run out, repair itself when it break, it add Nutrient to the ice creams and it less expensive, just that I have to pay a monthly fee of 98,000 coins, but it worth it” he explain, “how is paying 98,000 coins per months, worth it? You can get beans easier” Robert said, though he knew he was fighting a losing battle, “you do know that 98,000 is that least I get every day right? The average money is 170,000 coins, since my shop is highly marketed by other towns in Water world and also I will make far more than that when that machine in my side” he said, ending the argument and also making Robert wonder out loud, “wait that mean you are rich?” he said, “highly, Robert, highly” he said, then he went to computer to buy it online, he was planning to find a cheaper cost to buy one,  meanwhile Robert went to the Bean-Bean machine for a last drink.

As he was drinking, a thought came to his mind, he quickly finish his drink and ran at him, “wait! I got an idea!” he shouted, Eddie was about to click buy when he rush in, “well what is it?” he asked Robert after he was done grasping for air, “what if I make a bean farm, I hear Bean grow well in water areas, so this is a perfect place to plant one” he said, “and you expect me to go the Bean- Bean kingdom and get you a slack of beans, what do you take me for a rich guy?” he said, “but you said, you were highly rich” he said, “yes but I use the Coins for other purposes,  how do you think I buy all these products, huh? I keep on buying them from all of the worlds of the Mushroom kingdom and sometime from other countries which is expensive, you know” he said, Robert now was getting impatient, “please just go, I pay 1,500 coins every month and if the Bean-Bean machine breaks down I pay for the expense” Robert pleaded, “you really like that machine, don’t you?” Robert nodded quickly, “fine about this, I get you one WA-ha-la bean, and if you grow it up and get me about 20 beans, I make you my official bean maker and pay you……..23,900 coin monthly, but if you fail, not only am I removing the bean-bean machine, but am making you work as an ice cream man for…um…16,980 coins every two months, deal?” Eddie said bringing his hand for a shake but Robert drag him into a hug, a tight hug, “thank you, thank you, thank you, I won’t let you down” he said tighten the hug, “let me down, please” Eddie said as he couldn’t breathe, Robert drop him and ran all to buy a book about Beans, Eddie was still grasping for air when he came back, “okay I brought a book now let get started” he said, “okay, wait here” Eddie said walking to a closet and brought out a green bean, “this bean is almost dead, grow it to a bean plant, and I pay you double” Eddie gave him and went out to remove the ‘Closed’ sign in front,  as soon as he left, Robert look at it with dismay, “how am I going to plant you” he said, he then walk out to his house.

Back home, Robert took the bean and sat at a beach in his backyard, he open his book and read out loud, “Step one: plant the bean in an area that get lots of sunlight, step two: make sure that the plant get lot of water, step three: wait for a one whole day and it should grow up, whereby you should water it and make no pest eat it, step four: expect you Bean plant to bring Bean ponds in a week, WA-ha-la bean bring about thirty bean pond in one week, more than other beans.” Robert look up at the sun, it light ray spread across the Yard, he then walk to an area and started to dig a hole, after digging to a certain level , he put the seed in it and cover it, he went and pour water from his glass cup, with that done he went back to his house to wash up, ‘I hope it grow up quickly, since Eddie hadn’t set a time to bring the seed, it should walk out perfectly’ he thought as he wash his hand , after that he went  toward the shop that Eddie own, while he was walking on he was looking at the ground thinking of whether that seed would survive or die, or will it bring less the normal amount of beans, the thought of working as an ice cream guy made him cling, he is cold blooded, being near to that thing, would not kill him but would make him very sick after work, he shook the thoughts away and continue walking toward the shop. As he got there, he saw Mushroom and koo pa and other type of guys putting their choice item in a market cart, Eddie shop was more of a super market than a shop actually, a person would come and place his/ her choice goods and took it to the Mushroom at near back, depending on the item you pick, means which mushroom you should go to get it check, in all this Eddie watch all of this in his office through the hidden cameras. Robert walk to a door that had a ‘KEEP OUT, PLEASE’ in it, he open and went in, though the door was meant to keep people out, since Eddie control the lock, he can let the person he know have a good reason to be here, Robert went through a short stair upward before reaching Eddie who was in his office and was expecting him, “so how the bean thing going on?” he asked, “good, um….Eddie which time should I bring the twenty beans?” “Oh any time before two week, that should help, since WA-la-ha beans take a week to grow” “oh that all I needed to know, but um if I fail, can I not work as an ice cream guy” “no, a deal is a deal, I never want to go back on my word, if you win, I hire you and pay you double, if you fail, welcome to the ice cream business, simple as cake” Eddie said bringing out a plate with another plate covering it, “by the way, want some cake?” he said remove the other plate reveal a straw berry short cake, “ it was given to me by some guy, who was baking short cake for a party to celebrate his achievement of making the first ever wings cap on Water world, I bought him though, so if you want wing caps, you have to come here, in fact that guy wanted me to employ him anyway” “no thanks, I like my cake with cream” he said, pointing out that the cake was strip of it cream, Eddie cover it and place it at the right side of his desk, “I hope you do it, and do it well” Eddie said, talking about the Beans, with that Robert walk out sadly, wondering how he was going to get a half dead bean to grow.

Author Note: Okay this Project focus on a Mushroom name Eddie, who lived on Water world, the third level in super Mario 3, don’t worry, I will make it to the set time, hopefully if Jesus is willing.

Proverb note: Do you read stories? And do you sometimes, find a story that is bad for you, yet you like it? What do you do? Pray to Jesus to help you out, as Christian you must be prayerful and watchful, Prayerful in the sense that when you like a certain sin too much, you should pray, or if the urge to commit the sin is growing, pray and many more. Watchful in the sense that your way must be right, fixed the thing you find not right and constantly improve yourself before the Lord Jesus, Thank you for Reading.                                   


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