Eggie remix

Basic the same thing, but the more the better.


4. Jester for you!

Author Note : Now for the next chapter of Eggie remix, I have been writing this stories while I have been absence, so it way easier  to publish on time, now for this chapter, enjoy with understanding.

Proverb note: Just because you are desperate and hopeless, doesn’t mean you can sin, nothing is worth sinning, that just the Devil lying to you, you must withstand it and accept the punish if that what you are in trouble, or believe in God, if you are in trouble for a sin, accept it or if you are in a sin trial (when the Devil try to trick you to sin), stand strong and never give up and your blessing will come to you more then you have ever asked for.

Hector was finishing the wall with the use of his Uchigatana, it was glowing purple, when it does that it always fix broken object, not people but object like wall swords and e t c,  Fred return to him, admiring the repair wall, “whoa! How did you did that?” he asked, Hector adjust his hat and put his Uchigatana back, “a bit of sword magic, I guess” he said,  he then walk over to the table and look at the cloth, it look a lot like his Mother working, she like using all twelve colour, but in a pattern unique to only her, he recognize that pattern, “why are you looking at that table?” Fred asked, Hector turn around, his eye now blue, with shock, but it quickly change to yellow when he saw that it was just Fred, “sorry, I be going now” he said adjusting his Hat again and walk away, Fred wasn’t sure whether to stop him or not, he was new here but how safe was he, he acted nice, but obviously had somewhere to go, it was confusing and he decide to let him go, when Hector has left, Fred went to the door and open it to see Leo sitting on a chair looking on the ground, “hey Leo, the guy left” he said expecting a reply but got none, “mind explaining what happening” he asked,  Leo look at Fred and look away in shame, Fred decided to end the matter there and then, and walk back to the kitchen.

Tiff was walking her way to Kirby house, it been a while since she has been there, she and Tuff stop coming, cause Meta knight told them not to anymore, until the third week where Kirby gut should be stable, he also advise that she should at least find out why Kind Dedede was up to, as king Dedede has been quieted and haven’t even attack Kirby once, it also seem strange to Tiff as well, but she didn’t find anything, either King Dedede really change or was getting good in hiding whatever he was doing, she reach Kirby’s door and knock, it took a while before Kirby reach there, a more notable fact about Kirby now that almost make her shout in shock was that he was yellow with green poker-dot, and look like he was sick with fever, “poyo” he said weakly, Tiff couldn’t help but blame herself for summon the warp star during the event with Nightmare, she look at Kirby for any slight change, Meta knight explain that Kirby was suffering from Star-sickness, it happen to only Star warrior, when a Star warrior was to eat a Star piece, it doesn’t go well with their system and well make them sick, sign include: Vomiting star piece(all weeks), change of colour randomly(2nd and 3rd week), fever (1st week), and death chances(4th week), the death chance almost scare her to death, apparently Kirby going to be in a coma in the fourth week and there is a 40/50 chances of him living through it, he further explain that the Star sickness has no cure and it was dreaded in the past war, if a normal person eat a star piece, he would only have stomach ache for a month then be fine, no so for a Star warrior.

Tiff rub Kirby head as a sign of assurance but he just growl in pain making Tiff withdraw her hand, the poker-dot cause Kirby pain when they are touch, she look around for Blade and Sword but could have them, but heard a sound in the bushes telling her that they were there or somewhere, she look back to Kirby and smile, “hey Kirby, mom brought me some Creon, how about we colour your drawing” she suggested, Kirby has been on the drawing side since, his drawings were more bearable than his singing, though his drawing was not past the expectation of  one who saw him as a child, Kirby smile and lighten up, as he realise his love for drawing which has come across his mind since the sickness, “Poyo!” he said  with normal happy in his voice and began to walk to his house, soon Tiff follow, she was surprise by the star pieces that fill the floor, they didn’t smell though it came from Kirby stomach, but they did glow brightly, Kirby went and brought out a book, he went toward Tiff with a smile in his face, Tiff brought out the Creon, she have been holding on her hand and held out her hand, “let me see your see your drawing Kirby” she said, when Kirby gave her his drawing book, she quickly flip the pages to see what he had drawn, only four pages had a drawings, but only two drawings was recognizable to Tiff, those were drawing of her and him and tuff with other friends, the first one was about Kirby with LoLoLo and LaLaLa flying about and with her next to him, the next one was, something that seem like he was drawing the place that Tuff and his friends play footballs, but the other two was not recognizable, they were somehow in complete and had a ‘X’ mark on they indicting they were failure , “ okay Kirby, you can’t use Creon like pencil, you have to to colour them in your drawings” she said put the book down and flipping over to LoLoLo and LaLaLa pages, “Poyo?” he said confuse about what she meant, she point at his drawing of himself, “your pink, so you use the Creon on it” she said as she held out a pink Creon, and use it to shade the drawing of Kirby, Kirby watch in much amusement as he saw his drawing becoming much prettier, Tiff was careful not to shade the eyes as well, when she was done, the Kirby drawing body  was pink, but she didn’t colour his shoe, as she didn’t have any dark pink colour with her, “see, Kirby? You can make your drawing look better by colouring them with the colour you remember them having”  she said point at the drawing, “Poyo!” he said smile  as he look at the drawing , Tiff then decide to show Kirby the Colour to shade in LoLoLo and LaLaLa, so that he won’t shade them all pink.

Meanwhile, on castle Dedede, King Dedede was eating his apple impatiently, ever since the citizens of Cappy town crush his only way of crushing Kirby, he had only been this way, the Waddle dees were confuse but too afraid to ask, Escagoon was always at the phone or at the going around, at the Order of king Dedede to find another company that sell monsters, he finally got someone who promises to come today, but the time he set was at 3’o clock Am, it was when he was about to get the better part of his dream, that Escagoon, woke him up and told that he was not going to come this early due to him being  jerk, so he did the only thing he did, and whack Escagoon with the Mallet he kept under the bed, this fellow promise to show up this morning,  but this time he didn’t show the time of his arrive but he said that what he will show him will be good,  right now his tried of waiting, “Escagoon!” he shouted, Escagoon came toward him with a ice bag over his head, no matter how much King Dedede hit, his head never get used to it and frequent headache and bumps occur, “yes your Majesty” “where the heck, is that guy ya told him about!” he shouted, Escagoon shiver, he has been afraid he won’t show up this time and he will receive additional whack on the head, “I called him sir, he said that he has been very sick or really lazy but he said to show anything this year”  he said backing off a bit, before the e king could release the fullest of his rage on Escagoon, the guy arrive, through warping, he was short in height, but wore a blue hat with white tip at the end of each cat side end, he wore also a thing that look like a surf but also like a belt, and he has a long white cape behind  him,  his yellow eyes glaze at the room with a juding look, “who is that?!” King Dedede said, though it was more of a hidden statement to kick him out than knowing who he was, “oh me? Am the guy you or your slug hired” he said, King Dedede sat back on his throne as before he came he was about to whack his hammer on Escagoon head again, “about time! So what you got!” the guy brought a mask, “we don’t really need my name but you do need this” he said holding the mask towards King Dedede, “hey what is that?” Escagoon asked, “I called it the ‘Mask of impending evil or madness’ can’t tell when you use a lot of masks” “madness! am not too sure about this” Escagoon said,  the guy just place the mask down, “whether you accept or not, you still got to pay me, you know” he said, King Dedede stood up from his throne and said, “enough stalling around! What the heck does that Mask does?” the guy consider it for a short time before answering, “it give you the power that is three time more than your own, and you can out power that Kirby or whatever his is name is” he said, King Dedede rush to the mask and pick it up, “so this isn’t one of ya monster?” he asked, “no, but if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself, I be waiting to collect my bill” he said, then soon warp out, Escagoon move over to Kind Dedede who was admiring the mask, “ I really think this is a bad idea” he said, “who care what ya think, am wearing this mask and pounding that Kirby straight out of dreamland” King Dedede declared, “do you even know what is do your majesty?” Escagoon asked trying to get a look at the mask, “as long as it get that pink Robert off my back, I don’t care” he said, putting on the mask, the mask glow purple, his eye shine purple as well and then a shout was heard from him,  Escagoon move back a little, soon Meta knight with Sword and Blade came rushing to the scene,  “what is going on here?” Meta knight asked Escagoon, before Escagoon could answer, King Dedede, jump a great leap and landing on the furthest side of the room, the ground shook  as he land, “ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, Escagoon get your slimy face in here!” he roared, Escagoon didn’t move a muscle, as a new metal Mallet was on King Dedede hand, and he knew that he was going to test it on him,  King Dedede walk to he wall and smash it to pieces, he face Meta knight with an mask cover grin, “well, well, well, if it isn’t Meta knight and his traitorous friends, you know I always knew you were helping that pink brat on his toes, now prepare to get a smashing report!” King Dedede said, before he ran as Meta knight, Meta knight jump out of the way as King Dedede threw his Mallet at him, the Mallet smash the door that he and Blade and Sword came from, , the Mallet reappear in his hand and he continue his assault on, Meta knight, Meta Knight had to dodge the King merciless attack which were tremendously powerful yet impressively fast, Meta Knight finally got some distance between him and King Dedede, Blade and Sword join him, unsure on what to do, they had left Kirby a little while after he was deem safe to be alone,  King Dedede laughter  boom through the Castle, he tap on his mask, before throwing the Mallet at Meta  knight once again, “your majesty, try to contain yourself, you are not on your right mind” Meta knight said, bringing out his golden blade, “Ha! You think your tiny sword can beat this!” King Dedede said as he started to inhale air into his mouth, the result was a heavy vacuum, curtains and rags were being put in, Escagoon had to hold on to the throne to avoid being suck in, Blade and Sword had to stab their swords into the ground and hold on to it as they were far from the Throne, Meta knight just stand there  not even being put in, after a while King Dedede stop and grin at him, “hmm, ya seem to hold on reall-“ King Dedede was cut off by an ice Mallet on the head, he fell to the ground and fainted , the wielder of the ice mallet was the guy who gave King Dedede the mask, “and stay down” he growled, he dust his hands and float to Meta knight, his Surf was lower revealing his mouth, and there was a smirk on it, Meta knight stare at him wondering who was he, “hey am Jester, nice to you” Jester said bringing his hand toward Meta knight for a shake, which never come,  Meta knight just share as his eye went green with distrust, Escagoon rub his head and his eyes widen when he saw Jester, “you! You are one the one who cause this mess” he accuse, Jester glare at him, “just because I sell that thing doesn’t make me responsible for the buyer choice of use” he said,  “can someone tell us what happen here?” Sword said, Jester smile and quickly start the narration, “well you see, I sell Masks and other magical item, due to me being a wizard of course, anyway, this Slug-““hey! Am a snail!” Escagoon said cutting him off, regardless, Jester continue, “whatever, this…..thing  called me and order a monster, so I did what he asked and gave him a monster” he said pointing at King Dedede who was still on the floor, “well, am leaving, so bye-bye” Jester said floating off to the door, “wait! You can’t go, you have to fix this!” Escagoon yelled at him, “well, it is partly my fault, I should have told you that the mask is curse and that your friend will been dead in three week time” he said, “Wait what! What kind of mask is that?!” Escagoon yell, Jester smirk at this because saying in a calm voice, “the kind that crushes all, anyway, if you desire your king back, then go and collect that pink thing….Jerby wasn’t it, go to him and have him beak King Dedede to the point that the king have to remove the mask himself”  “wait why can’t you do it?” Sword asked, “well silly, if I remove it or any one else remove it, it won’t work, your king will still be crazy or more crazy than he is used to be, he have to reject the mask power and the only way to do that is to drive him mad with hated from losing to Jerby” Jester explain, “so how long will he be out?” Escagoon asked, wanting to be the first to get out once he is awoken, “two or three…. I don’t know, days or weeks or years I still don’t know, I hit him pretty hard” Jester said rubbing the back of his head, Meta knight nodded and walk away, Blade and Sword glance at each other before following him, “Wait you can’t leave me with him!” Escagoon shout at the leaving knights, “Sword you stay here, Blade you go and summon Kirby” he order still not stopping, both knight were confuse but still did not question him,  Sword walk back to the scene while Blade walk through the main door to leave through the entrance,  Meta knight still went out with silent.

  Author Note: well that was short, I hope you can look pass the error and length shortage, and get the meaning, anyway, live free and peaceful.

Proverb Note: When God tell you to do this, you don’t, when he tell you not to do this, you do it, weird isn’t it, if you look at your live this way then you know you are going to live a bad life, for if you can disobey simple commandment that are meant to make your life simple and God like, what can you obey, but thing that make others look down at you, search your life, at you yelling, that a sin, for it attract curses from you, are you Lazy, that is a sin, for it attract curses to you, don’t think your perfect, you can make mistake but for the good run you can maintain a good run, may the Lord grant you understanding on what I just said, Thank you for you time.                                 

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