It a play back on my fail work (which hadn't fail, if it had I wouldn't be doing this) enjoy and once again know it Moral.


3. The mystery of the Wolf

Author Note: yet another chapter on Eggie part, may God bless whoever understand the proverb and the story, anyway no new develop that I would show you, my fellow reader and understander, please read and understand this bit.

Proverb Note:  when you rebuke, rebuke Christ-like not like a fake Christian, I have observe ( by God opening my eyes) that when people rebuke, they complain and curse and grumble, by doing that, the person you are trying to rebuke will hate you for cursing him and get tried of your complain and grumble, this is how you rebuke, first; find out the problem fully (Don’t accuse), second; tell me calmly that what he did was wrong, don’t shout or curse, tell him straight, third; don’t complain, just forget your past problem, if you are angry, cool yourself down then rebuke not when you are angry, fourth; after telling him what was wrong, warn him first and don’t inflict punishment, wait, if he does this again by free will, inflict punishment, Fifth; don’t abandon him, like most people do, don’t just rebuke,  help him, guide him out of the sin, or he will fall back and the lord Jesus is our God and savour will hold you responsible, now sixth; don’t ever rebuke when passing by, you are helping no one, I thank those who read this and may Jesus bless those who put it to practice.

Sabata groan as he toss around on the floor bed just 500 miles from San Miguel, his stomach was like it was tearing itself apart, Dan was sleeping on a sitting position in front of a tree, as soon as Sabata return, he call Dan and told him to meet him here, it took all afternoon, since his motor bike broke down on the way and he wasn’t that good in engineering so he was stuck there, to make it worse, his phone was out of battery, though Sabata pick him up and transported his bike to the moon and him here.

Sabata got enough of the stomach-hurt-you-while-you-try-to-sleep game and got up, he look and the moon and saw it was full, Sabata have been taking interest in the moon after he got his Gun del lun, since the night is the only time to charge it, he found out the position of the moon alter the charging process, like half-moon and it will take 34 minutes to charge, full moon and it take 10 second, so when he saw a full moon, he take the chance to charge, however, he was interest in the moon this night, he was interested in his stomach pain, not because it’s hurt but how he got it in the first  place, he didn’t expect for the Fog to use poisons but he did,  he process to warp out to somewhere to get the antidote before he turn into an Immortal by the effect of the poison.

When morning reach, Daniel heard many soft voice of birds flying past and warm sunlight shine on his body, if he was a solar child he was be glowing as his body absorb said sunlight, but he is half which isn’t enough to glow, Daniel open his eye and with his crimson iris scan the area,  he notice that Sabata was gone, which was weird and bad, weird since he never leave without telling him, bad since Sabata has his bike, he let out a tired yawn  and got off the sand, he look around for any signs of foot print but found other, ‘I guess no Immortals in this region’ he thought, he then started walking to the southward direction, Daniel brought out a leaf and disappear in a ball of green light, that flow to the sky. Meanwhile, Sabata was in Death raided town, the town was destroy by Immortal skeleton bike riders, but like san Miguel people started coming back but so the riders who kill people and destroy their, but they were all stop and purify by Red Rango, the town then have the F.C.P and all was built up and establish, F.C.P (Fire children protection) is a sort military groups that are held in high regard by almost all, anyway, Sabata search their healing shop, once inside he saw a young man there, Sabata glance to the left and saw a sword, and made a note on buying that to sell in higher prices to a weapon dealer, he then work up to the portion seller, “am looking for…… an Antidote for black fire poison” Sabata said with a growl afterward, the poison was getting  into his system, the seller went to the back  and after a few painful minutes, he came back with a purple bottle, “am sorry, this is the only bottle and this type of Antidote will take longer to cure and greatly increase your pain” he said gravely, Sabata look down and face him quickly, his eyes full with determination, “how much?” he said, the seller sigh and knew he couldn’t convince him otherwise and then warp it in a with cloth, “three hundred sol, please” he said, Sabata weakly smile and gave him the sols and took the bottle,  he the walk away weakly.

Daniel was in a inn, he was lying in a bed with sweet smelling plant, he got up and started to dial his phone and try to call Sabata, but got no response, Daniel there stood up and went outside for signal, off at least to get out of there, once outside, he try to call him but no response again, he then put the phone in his pocket and decided to walk around the town for a while, as he was doing that, he heard something  on the ally left of him, he was in the main road of Gofoo Town, people was walking in and out busy with their own problems, Daniel try to listen again and he heard a growl in there, it was too loud for a Dog and was definitely not any cat, he decided to check it out and walk toward to the dark ally, as he approach there, he notice a path that lead to a strange spinning darkness, the growl of that spinning darkness was maybe enough to scare the pants off him, he charge his gun and walk toward the spinning darkness and heard some voices calling him in, “Daniel…..Daniel……come in… please come in” it lure him in, Daniel was getting frighten by the voice that was calling him in, he was almost ready to fire, ‘was this thing an immoral? Or just a portal’ he thought, he knew that no Immortal could ever come in to a town that has a solar tree, not even by portal, so this portal of darkness scare him even more, then suddenly a wretched black hand shot out, Daniel dodge it and open fire, he set his Gun-del-twi on stunning mode, he wanted to capture not purify this immortal, he shots three successful  shots at it, it scream and shots more hands at him but Daniel form flare shield  and block them while shooting more shots at it, he couldn’t miss, the thing wasn’t even moving, he then charge a stunner ball and fire it and it did the last blow, the spinning Darkness disappear, not what he wanted but it was gone at least, Daniel walk up to the wall where it used to be and put his hand the to see if the was an invisible portal, there wasn’t, Daniel  walk back to the main street and continue his journey back to San Miguel, as he was about to go out of the town, he was suddenly crash into by a boy, both boys fell to the ground rubbing their heads, Daniel took a glimpse of the boy,  the boy however was more worried about the book that was scatter around, he quickly pick them up and mutter a sorry and left, Daniel stood up and tried to remember the glimpse he took of the boy, after several unsuccessful attempt, he gave up and walk out of the town with a very sore head.

Sabata groan as the pain worsen, he was on the ground in the moon, he could stand up not after the way it affect him badly, and his legs gave out, he finally pass out when something in his almost burst out, in his state of fainting, he is body began to glow purple as the lunar energy in him was spilling out of his body, Lunar bugs flow out and headed to earth,  it was not fitting to be near or inside the body of a dead (almost) Lunar Beauty child, after some minutes Sabata body was empty, with anything Lunar energy what so ever, a shell of the greatness he once achieve, but when all hope of restoration is gone, his body glow again and new and stronger Bugs ame to replace the old ones, filling his body with power, his heart which was made to run on this power beat again and all organ re-function again,  Sabata woke up two minutes after this change, his body felt refresh and clean, he never felt this clean since when he was remove of  the dark bugs, he stood up and dusted himself  and warp out to meet Dan.

Daniel was on a very clear road path, it would have been very much easily if he had his bike, how he miss it now, you do never know how much you love something until it rip away, he got it when he was ten fire sign level (the highest level in Fire school, made and founded by a fire child) back then he was twelve, Sabata gave him it and told him to keep it as a reward for reach that level as a remarkable age(most get to it at 20 or more) it was rusted and broken, but Sabata insist on him using it, he as always obey and got it to the repair guy which work at the school, he fix it up and improve it, this was as a result of him always like doing better than average, anyway, he left and since that day love his bike, he clean it first thing in the morning and at night,  he clean it even on coffee mode, as the immortal black dust tend fill the place, (after purifying it, the body of the immortal turn to poisonous dust, that has no cure if you breath it in), he love it and even name it Ground shaker as it new name,  him and Ground shaker had good time, but now that Ground shaker is with Sabata for the last 4 hours, he feel suddenly alone and vulnerable, like a lamb surrounded by a pack of wolves, he felt like an Immortal walk sneaking up on him and he was powerless to stop it, he felt like crying to his mommy, but he didn’t had one, he love that bike,  and it most likely felt nothing in return, but still it felt like a little brother to him, Daniel then felt a bit worried about what Sabata might be doing to it and is still feeling vulnerable, just then he hit a wall, walking backward he saw that he actually reach San Miguel, ‘oh thank God, I feel scare for a minute there’ he thought  as he was about to walk inside the gate until a voice caught him off, “hey Dan” the voice said behind him, he turn around and saw the blue hair woman, that like coming out the fog, the boy wasn’t far behind her,  Daniel form a wind shield and brought his Gun-Del-twi , but put it back when he saw that it was finish, unlike Solar or Lunar child, he can’t use the sun or moon to charge this, he have to wait for Twilight to come, he made up for this by not using the Gun-Del-Twi that much, he also has seven battery, Daniel glare at the woman, “who are you? And what do you want?” he asked forming and wing sword, she just smirk and said, “I am Dinah the accursed one” Dinah introduce herself, Dinah then point at the boy behind him, “he is Vent” she smile and walk toward him, “I see you have grown Daniel, very good” she said walking closer without fear, Daniel didn’t wait he dash to the left and replace the battery of his Gun-Del-Twi in a fast speed and aim at her, “don’t point that thing at me” she scowl, “don’t come any closer” he said, he was actually deciding whether or not to finish her, he decide to end this and set the Gun in Spreader and a wave of Twilight reaching a remarkable area, Dinah smirk and jump back and out of reach,  Daniel set it to shooter and fire several round, at Dinah who just jump them and dodge them, the Gun Del twi  doesn’t waste energy that fast but it’s the most fastest recharging gun in the world, Daniel change course and put the gun back to his pocket and form a wind boomerang and threw it, the wing boomerang move like the wind and hit her once and hit her again as it came back in a straight ling, she fell to her knee  groaning as her stomach and back hurt, Daniel then summon the coffee, but nothing came, he then remember that Sabata has it, Dinah was then cover by a fog and left.

Dinah re-appear at a forest area, she smile as he sat on the ground and rest her back on the tree, she smile and pick up a clay ball, meeting Daniel was a thrilling, not every time that you see you son that you have as an enemy,  she mould the clay into a shunning image of Daniel, she smile as she saw him, she actually left the battle because she was call back  by a dark windy voice, Dinah stood up and look at the water, at first glance, one may think she was human or an elemental, child, due to she being not pale like an immortal or have dead eye (eyes with faded pupil) her hair was blue and bit too long, she smile at her reflection, then stood up and went to the western part of the sswamp where she was called.

Daniel was tired and confuse, tired of the fighting and fleeing tackle of this immortal and confuse as to why the boy was still here, he walk a few step back before he charge at the child as a test to see what it would do, to his surprise he passed through it and fall down as his foot hit a rock, as he got up he notice the boy looking at him or as it were facing him, he stood up and scold himself for doing such a reckless move, he haven’t got the single clue of what he/ it was, the boy then was cover by fog and appear in his older state, “are you done playing games with me? I sure am” he said walking away, Denial wasn’t planning on letting his maybe last chance to stop him, but first he try to call Sabata, but got no response, “I kill the signal, it amaze what Vampires can do with sonic wave” he comment as he grow to a halt, he turn and sat down, “want to talk?” he asked, “No, but I do want to know, what in the world are you and why are you following me and my father all around” he said, Vent just smile and look up, “have you know of a child call Ringo?” he asked, “no, what that have to do with me?” he asked, Vent stopped smiling, “Ringo was a great man, the most known Solar child, he was known as a vampire slayer, for he targeted mostly Vampire, who was growing much in his time, and then was his wife, a lunar child……” his black eye look at Denial who haven’t let his guard down, “Ringo and her married and had two sons, Django and Sabata” Denial was utterly confuse at that moment, he knew nothing of his father past, or that he had a uncle, but he remember not to let his guard drop, “ I have heard enough, thank you” he said, Vent smile again and stood up, “don’t you want to heard the full story?” he asked, “I get the rest detail from my father, but never from you!” he said as ice energy began to glow around him, Vent stood up and charge a ball in his hand, ‘so he want to fight, I was just planning to scare him off, but it time to finish this!’ he thought as he from a Earth shield, he then got himself ready for the fight, but then, a wolf howl came and Vent suddenly dis appear in a fog.

Author Note: And thus end the Fog arc, now for now on, by Jesus Christ grace, I will be publish the Rise of the Fog Wolf Arc, don’t worry though, it in the same book, now, I  hope most of you read and pick something as a moral lesson, l I won’t judge you but I will not keep silent, thank you.

Proverb Note: push yourself from thing consider unhealthy, as Jesus  does not want his follower to associated with those thing, if I name the thing you should stay away, you won’t listen, so I leave it to the holy spirit, if it with you, obey it, if it not, get biblical help, on the next book, I will show the sign of the holy spirit and also mention this point, so by the grace of Jesus Christ, I hope you live a continuously  learning and acting good life, thank you for reading.           


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