It a play back on my fail work (which hadn't fail, if it had I wouldn't be doing this) enjoy and once again know it Moral.


2. A trip to SanMiguel

Author Note: Hello viewers, today is going to be very different, first am sorry for the late bring up and also for other fail work, it was a shame, but don’t think that I was lacking off, anyway, today enjoy another Chapter about Dan.

Proverb Note: in this world, Christian should leave things that might hither their faith, some of those things, lay in the internet, television, and books, like Porno graph, Action video, and those things that exist, with Christianity come wisdom, and with Wisdom come true power, and with true power come salvation, when you are a Christian, you learn to be see and understand your surroundings, and learn lesson from them,  so if any TRUE Christian is reading this, then I don’t need to stress this, as for Mask Christian (who are saint in the church and sinner outside) don’t even bother trying to understand this, instead repent from the area you are lacking, then wisdom will come, and not long after that True power will be given to you, then if you stay in the right track, you earn your Salvation, thank you.

“Dan, wake up, breakfast” Sabata said as he walk to the forest, Dan was currently shirtless and hungry, “so what did you get me?” Dan asked, Sabata kneel down and drop it near Dan who was sitting down, “Rice and other stuff like….um……some solar apples” he said, Dan started with the Apples as it was his favourite, “Dan tell me where the you think it will head next” Sabata said, Dan was very good as guess, as most of the time it was correct, “hmmm, it want you, right? Then just go out and it will find you” Dan said and took another bite from the Apple, “and what about you?” Sabata asked, “I be staying here or going to town to purify Immortals, and if it comes, I destroy it or call you” Dan said with determination, Sabata knew he would only call him after he was beating up, “Dan, go to San Miguel, look for a witch with a Green Staff, tell her ‘Sabata want to see her at the castle next to the town’” Sabata said, he hated to send Dan back there, he  dislike San Miguel, not because he hated it, but because it remain him of Django  and that he knew that Dan would want to find out about Sabata Past from the locals, he was getting tired of Sabata not telling him who his mother was, but he needed to asked the Sunflower girl something, maybe she can use her magic to find the Fog, he look at Dan eating his food, true be told, he wonder how Dan react when he does find out who his mother is, “Dan, you remember that San Miguel is Area Alpha 9, right?” “No, but you reminded me” “do you know what it is?” “A town with a huge tree growing in the centre” Dan said finish up with his lunch, “good, I am at the castle, stay as long as you want” Sabata said, the Barrier in the Town should keep the Fog out of Dan, and then he can purify it, “Okay, I am at that town, but I can’t tell anyone am your son, right?” he said, “Exactly”, “why?” “For various reasons, one of them is that you might find out who your mother is” “I see, whatever it may be, I hope you tell me who she is?” Dan said,  Sabata then warp out as he had nothing left to say, “well off to San Miguel, I better be ready” Dan said, he wore back his shirt and Jacket , and soon got on his bike and rode off to the path to San Miguel, as he rode, he didn’t notice eyes were watching him.

Dan finally reach a mountain that overlook the Town of San Miguel, he notice a person coming out of the town, he quickly start his bike and rode off toward the person, as he rode he notice an image come to his mind, it was of the blue haired woman that was in the Fog, ‘could she be good or as evil as the other one?, what are they? The is getting out of hand’ he thought, he stop his bike and came off and walk toward the person, “Hello sir” he said to the Person, the person noticeable feature was his two large yellow hair which shape into two balls on his head, it was kind of  weird, but Dan seem weirder, “ump, what up?” the guy said, “ump, am new here and am looking for a witch with a green staff, know anyone of that description” he asked, “hi, we don’t have any witches, but as for a green staff, I know someone who have a green staff but she isn’t here” he said, “ummm, well I be off” Dan said as he got on his bike, “hi, know she is by any chance?” he asked the guy, “sure, I think she went to eastern town, for something, I don’t know” he said, “thanks” he then turn up his bike and rode of leaving the  guy coughing out the dust his bike made, as he reach a certain distance, he took his phone and called Sabata, “hi dad, she isn’t there” he said, “then she be at Eastern town” Sabata said, “weird that what that guy I met told me, okay I should head there” he said, “no head back and enter the own, I look for her” Sabata said, but the way he said it, let no room for questions, Dan  put the phone back since Sabata hung up on him, ‘I should most likely go there, but let me let Dad know am changing course’ he pick up his phone and call Sabata, “hey Dad, am going to collect that sword, we let that forger keep” he said, “ forget it, and head toward San Miguel “ he said before hanging up,  Dan sign, he missed that sword, he then rode toward San Miguel.

As he rode there Dan notice that the solar tree was see able even at a distance, this solar tree was said to be the largest in the world, the more the solar tree grow, the harder the shield, that was the Earth children job is, Earth children are those who use nature energy, they use it to growth plant heal themselves or control plants, like Lunar children, they had have a form or level, Earth Master, the most powerful form a Earth children could have, Earth children are in no way weak, their ability to control plants and heal themselves are noteworthy, Dan went through the town no wanting to make any public attention, he not staying long and not plan staying long he just want to get out, he don’t like it when he is in a new town without Sabata, kind of depressing, actually, but he knew that there no way Sabata would let him out, so he just keep out of sight and the fog out of mind, Dan then walk along the side alley and keep his Gun Dei Twilight on his hand not pocket, though he not thinking that he will encounter a fight.

Meanwhile, Sabata was walking to the entrance of Eastern town, he was fully aware of Zizie coming here, it so oblivious, the Eastern town was a town that was known to train up the best Sun flower girls, they then have a record of have reliable fortune tellers, no doubt Zizie feel that this feel more like home than home, since she herself was train here, Sabata walk through the town, it was fairly dark, a well-known fact that it was always night here and so it was easy to sleep off, in fact he was feeling sleepy, this was a spell so counter Immortal, if he was Immoral, he would have be sleeping in the gate, he however wasn’t here to sleep, so he need to find the Sun flower girl, he could easy do that with his Lunar senses, it was a Lunar ability that Lunar children have, he didn’t have this when he was a child since he was a Dark boy, a child influence with massive darkness, Sabata could sense Zizie even from a far distance, but since he was a Lunar beauty, he could even sense her even  if she was in the moon, also it was more powerful in the night, which it was. He went to the town centre where he sense her with ease, she was walking through there, Zizie was actually there because her Staff was broken and she didn’t remember which spell that was needed to fix it, if there was actually were a spell, Sabata spotted her and walk behind her, he notice that the staff was broken and wonder if her powers lie in that staff, he then walk a couple of distance behind before calling out, “so the sun flower girl has broken her magic stick, guess you can’t do any magic now, huh?” he said, Zizie turn around and had a shock expression, “wait, Sabata! What the heck are you doing here?” she said, “looking for a fortune teller, well I guess you have to do” he said, Zizie sigh at his comment, “well if you looking for a fortune teller, then count me out, my staff is broken and I can’t see the future that good even when it was fix” she said, “well then, I guess that you are not even a sunflower girl anymore” he mock, before warping out.

Sabata warp next to the castle, which was very old and run down , he pick his phone and call Dan, the meeting with Zizie hadn’t broke his mood, the moment he saw the staff broken, he knew that there was no way she could help him, Dan pick up and said, “hello Dad, did you find her?” he asked, “not important, leave the town and head to the castle, you should see it when you get past the solar tree” Sabata said, his plan was simple, the Fog follow Dan, he surprise attack it and purify it simple as that, Sabata smile as he brought out his Gun Del Lunar, intending to form a Dark hole to trap it.

Dan on San Miguel, was walking to the other end of the town, he basically plan on ignoring anyone or grunting for an answer in case anyone call, he couldn’t warp like Sabata but he make up for this by using Lunar child ability of shaping elements and also has the solar ability to put elements into weapons or himself, and remarkable ability which he got by being a Twilight child was the ability to fuse two or more element together, he notable been known as the ‘Fusion Maker’ by most towns and cities in the east, San Miguel is in the west  so no one know him or at that what he hope, “hey kid!” he heard someone call him, he turn around and saw that weird guy with two large yellow ball hair, “oh hey sir” he greeted in a haste, the guy smile at him and walk up to him, “I never knew you were coming here, you seem new here, I guess” he said, “ummm… am in a hurry” Dan said moving backward, “to where?” he asked, “can’t tell you, cause it a secret” Dan said stopping,  “whatever you said, oh if you want some rocking potions or herbs, am your guy, name Kid, yours”  he said cheerily, “ Daniel……” he said before turning away, Kid look to where he was heading and smile knowing he just made a daily consumer.

Dan finally left San Miguel, and was heading through the ruins toward the castle, he was surpise to see plants and something like a garden surround the castle which look like it was there thousands of years ago, yet the garden look well-kept and not at all like a bush , he walk toward the entrance and was surprise to see Sabata sleeping in front of the door , he went but was still cautious toward him, ”Dad wake up!” he called out, Sabata being the light sleeper he was train to be woke up and got up a bit ashamed of himself that the sleep spell at the Eastern town finally got to him,  “Dan? What are you doing here?” he said before clutching his fore head, “you call me here, remember?” “maybe I did, but I have no memory of that” he said, when victim fall asleep due to the spell, they lose a 6 minute memory, this was to stop them from continuing their assault, with that in mind Sabata knew the reason he call Dan was forever gone, all of a sudden he felt a dark presence in the castle, it was them he knew it, “Dan come with me” Sabata said charge his Gun del lunar and shot a lunar shot that blast the whole door apart, “they are here, aren’t they?” Dan said, Sabata nodded, “we best stick together, it be quicker to fight them two on two” Sabata said, “only one fight, the other watch” Dan said as his body fill with wind element only to burst in an explosion as he fused fire to it, make Flame Element, a hotter version of fire, Sabata nodded before saying, “they are in the Dungeon, you go the long way, I fight him first” he said warping out, Dan look around before shutting the fusion down, he can only keep the fusion for 13 minutes before they die out, and also he can’t charge by the sun or Moon like Solar or Lunar,  he generate his own energy from his body or from absorbing power source, so he has limitless energy,  Dan can summon his own special kind of Generator, the Twilight generator, which purify immortal faster, these are the advantage  of being a Twilight child, though he can’t seal souls in his body like Lunar child or transform to a short lived Trances of pure light like Solar child, he can’t feel sense the presence of anyone,  his Twilight power are weak against darkness.

Dan wanders around for a few hours before find a underground stairs in the Hall, as he descend on them he became worried of what had happen to Sabata, he reach the end of the stairs and open the door to find Sabata on the ground, he didn’t ran at first, he was train to expect the un-expectable, Sabata cough a bit before getting up, he look wounded and was searching the area, he close his eyes and sigh before warping out, Dan went out, Sabata couldn’t sense him because he use cloud element to cover himself, he walk to the area where Sabata was lying and sigh himself, ‘Dad must have lost, or it got away, or he lost and it got away’ Dan thought, he then walk away back to the stairs, he personally was creep out by the castle, the curtain and table look ancient, too ancient for him, he soon got out and climb on his bike before riding off, it was no surprise that his bike was there, he can summon it or its coffee form anywhere, as he rode through the rough road and couldn’t help notice something like a crystal shine but it disappear from view.   

Author Note: Okay a few things I want to reveal because they won’t be reveal in the story.

The Lunar children wield all Elements, but can’t use them to their full potential, and also they can easily shape them to their will.   The Solar Children also wield all Elements but can’t use them to their full potential, and also they can apply the elements to weapons or themselves. Dan can do both and can fuse them together, since Twilight actually is a fusion between Solar and Lunar blood. The earth maiden, wield Earth elements, and also  all the elements have users, like the Solar and Lunar children, these are the totally elements users: Fire Children, Cloud children, ice children, earth children, solar children, lunar children and currently Twilight child (since there is only one who wield twilight).

Proverb note:  Don’t hate or cursed bullies and mockers, either in your mind or with your friends, again it has be stress that no such thing should be found, the reason this topic is repeated, is because most, if not all do this, if this goes on no one can be saved, but you who are reading this change your ways, thank you for reading this.                     

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