Kings and Blood

Vampires rule the night but none can rival the true kings. Dio Brando, a vampire that commands time itself. Alucard, the vampire of the Hellsing organization. When these two lords of darkness clash the pits of Hell will howl in hunger and death will awaken to claim the damned soul that falls.

-------------------(For the Anime/Manga Competition)


1. The First Night


Screaming pierced the cold night's air. A woman ran through the empty streets of the small city while screaming as loud as she could. Someone had to hear her. Someone would come save her from this monster. She glanced over her shoulder and saw nothing behind her but she wasn't about to slow down. She could still feel its eyes on her. Those horrible eyes that shined with evil and malice.

As the woman continued to run she saw the police station just ahead of her. Her face lit up with hope and her heart felt as if a burden had been lifted off of it. She was almost to safety. The woman ran as fast as she could and just as she was about to reach the door she heard it. She heard the monster's voice just inches from her ear.

"Did you really think you could escape from me?"

A charred hand reached out and grabbed the woman's mouth from behind before pulling her away from the police station where she might have been safe. She struggled against the burned hand, trying to pry it off of her face while kicking at her captor. The woman squirmed and clawed for freedom but nothing she did could lessen the grip on her face.

"Yes, your blood will suffice for now."

The woman's eyes widened and her body froze as she felt a cold breath on the back of her neck. The woman could just barely manage to twist her head and see the charred face of a man causing her to scream against the hand that held her. Her cries were cut short however when a second burned hand pierced through her back and pierced her heart. The woman's body grew rigid and twitched as her eyes widened as far as possible before darkness claimed her consciousness so death could take her away.

As the woman died her body started to dry up and wither. The color drained from her skin as her blood was drained through the man's fingers. Once all of the woman's blood had been drained the man dropped her corpse and smiled. His burned skin started to heal and his black skin started to return to its former color.

The man was smiling but he was not satisfied. This would not be enough to fully heal his wounds but the sun was about to rise so he had no more time. It was no matter though. He could wait until night again. It was only a matter of time before he returned to his former glory. As the sun broke through the horizon the man had disappeared and the only thing that was left of his existence was the withered corpse of the woman, his sixth victim that night.

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