Ghoul Investigator.

I was made to bathe in my own blood, I was choking my own blood as if my lungs were bleeding from the inside then I fight for breath but I can’t get much… I can’t do it anymore… I’m done… I want to die but looks like I was cursed by it… I’m neither alive nor dead but still fighting; with a sound of chomp my toe was plucked out that I screamed drastically as I was weeping like a child… a child so helpless who can’t have anyone whom he go lurking back to,
“One thousand minus seven is?” He asks closing his face right to my left ear as I was sniffling with the returning pain with my whole shuddering body as my hands were cuffed before me at the back of the chair and my ankles were chained with it,
“Nine Hu…ndred and Ninety three… hee” I replied as if my tongue lose nerves to even speak.




(Headphone up! and ‘Human’ by AMV)

I was cringing on my bed, just assuming what kind of bad person I was before How many people I’ve killed before, How many friends I’ve slaughtered before, How many hearts I’ve broke before. All this… all this was really painful to me, my heart it was alike that it’s weeping with blood tears. I was continuously wiping my nose… as the tears now… felt ashamed to shed through my eyes and leave a trail there. Well I’m a murderer, or a butcher, a heartless killer maybe or maybe nothing at all. I don’t know why but that cheerful face as if it didn’t see a pain, that crinkling eyes as if full of ecstasy and those jovial lips leading a dimple at their corners; a picture of him that Arima shows me and told me that… that I killed him. I killed him but why? Why I got a need to stomp a very precious flickering light whose existence didn’t seem to be bother anyone? Why? This ‘why’ is killing me; ripping me from the inside. Everywhere the questions raise and end on ‘Why’. Why this Amnesia is an enigma? Just Why I’m still alive? Why I just don’t die? Why I have to keep suffering like this? just Why? … Just Why? …*my snivels then filled the space*.

“Is that you? Is that really you?” I ask surprisingly, seeing his brightened front and shining face as the space before him was white-washed,

“Yes my friend.” He answers, leaving me stunned.

“Are you… Are you calling me your friend?” I ask, after glancing at back as if he was talking to somebody else but me.

“Yes… Yes…”  He says and posed away as I just have judged the reflecting sadness from his face which he wants to hide.

“What’s the matter? Why are you sad?” I asked him while I put a half nelson around his shoulder with my arm as then both of our bodies shares the warmth,

“I’m in danger. They are coming for me. You need to find my body.” He says while posing to me, his face so close to mine as he holds me from my shoulders.

“Find me and save me my friend… save me.” He says as he flutters high in air that I jogs to him but he then just turned to breeze before I could even touched him with my high raised hand.

With a large gasp I woke up as my whole front pulled up in fright, ‘It was just a dream.’ I thought to myself as I was holding my head. By glancing at myself I sees my incised arms, my shirt torn from that part I don’t know what I was thinking that I unbutton my shirt’s front and opens it widely; I was startled to see that the area which was twirled tight by that pounding blue twine like something was turned to pale green-black. I then see the bruise on my abs, the site where I smack that steel blade in me was then healing as the black stitches were also there in cris-cross manner around the boundary of bruise. I became conscious when I heard some bustle at the outside of the door, I get afraid and quickly crawled to the space between my lifted bed and floor to which I’ve swung the bed sheet at it’s open broad end to get a complete cover from him if he came again. The door then to my surprise, drifted upward and two figures walked in as one was short and one was very long and broad,

“Haise where are you? Oh where Haise had gone? Hmm maybe he’s hiding somewhere, Hmm maybe he’s under his bed.” The voice spoke and I only took a moment to recognize it as my bed sheet was pulled up, it’s Dr. Miranda’s.

“Haise come out quick, I need to remove the stitches no need to get afraid you won’t feel a pain I promise.” She said while putting her mini briefcase on my bed and opening it when she sees me knuckle under my bed but I then moved my head away showing her; negative.

 “Haise ee, come out now…” She said and pulled my arm from the site where it was incised that I lead out a whimper. By hearing this she quickly takes her hand up and sees it, her hand was drenched with blood.

“Investigator Arimaaaa…” She grumbles, influencing Arima who was standing there but some feet away when he heard this he focused to her and see her blood drenched hand,

“Did you do this?” He ask me while bending slightly down, his face was aimed to me as he speaks.

“Yeah, I did this… now please go.” I answered him straightly, at that time Dr. Miranda was roaming in my room as if finding something.

“He can’t do this, there’s nothing here with which he could incise himself.” Dr. Miranda shouts out while holding her head with both hands as if she was stressed or if she’s going to root out out her hairs.

“Say this in my face, eye patch.” He shouts out while putting that shimmering briefcase down at the ground just some feet away from me,

“Yeah, finally the inner is starting to explode out. ‘Eye patch’ this is my name huh? I knew it. You were hiding so many things from me why can’t you just told me that I’m here because… because.” I was saying that I don’t want to reveal it,

“Because… What?” he asked, as I sensed it some kind of offensive.

“Because I led the other ghouls escaped, Didn’t I?” I asked him by seeing him in the eyes that he winced,

“Who told you this?...” He asked that Dr. Miranda interrupts,

“Is that… Is that your swollen eye?” She asked that I at once hid my head in my knees again,

“No! …” I replied. Surely I was lying,

“Let me see that Haise.” She requested but I started cringing,

“Please… Haise… Please.” She requests as her voice was turning heavy as if she’s going to cry that my anger turned to water; I posed to her and stunned to see her sodden eyes behind her glasses. She sits beside me while aiming a small torch at my swollen eye as she started examining it,

“Who did this? Please Haise… just tell me… look at me in the eyes and tell me… tell me who did this? Oh my god…” She was unbuttoning my front and when she sees that bruised and blackened skin she just winced,

“Who’s the cause for this?” He asked me while staring hard,

“Tell him.” She said aiming at him,

“Investi… Investigator Fura.” I spoke out as my words were breaking,

“He?” he asked startled at the moment.  He posed to go as he was looking stressed; I held his hand that he winced,

“Please, it’s not his fault… it was actually mine and you know that so please there’s no need for others to pay for my sins.” I said. Grimace switched his face that he let go my hand and in no time out from there. I was there as my heart radiates fright with every beat and my mind webbing panicking thoughts. I was sitting on my bed, my legs swinging and my back being hit against the wall and Dr. Miranda was pulling out my stitches as I was holding my unbuttoned front widely so that it don’t niggles with that area. The stitches were then all carefully cut out and then pulled out exposing the scratches through which I can see the area still sodden with blood. Dr. Miranda takes out her latex gloves as they were then saturated with my blood and when she done she takes a twizzer and pick a cotton wool  she then loads it with alcohol and aims to me; softly she start swiping the stitches area as the alcohol from it stings that site after absorbing my blood. When she done she heads to her briefcase and pulled out a 2inch long cotton bandage, with the delay of no further time she aims for me again and start bandaging that wound around my abs; giving it curls after curls as she slide it from my back and then to front almost like as if she was hugging. During all this procedure we didn’t talk, when she done she heads again for her briefcase that I start buttoning my front,

“Are you feeling any pain?” Dr. Miranda asks while loading the injection probably with the pain killer serum,

“No’oo.” I replied coldly that she sees me stunned at the moment as she reinserts the serum back in that mini bottle. Suddenly the door drift opens and two figures awaits there in stinging brightness, both were holding the guns as I caught their outline,

“It is time.” One of them spoke that she grips hard her mini briefcase while glancing at me as I was not and then she posed away; with light steps out from there that before the door would slam closed I glanced at her as she was still out but to my surprise she postures to me as the door gets closed slamming everything that is offered by the world beyond it. I was then alone for once again, alone for the beasts to rule me in my nightmares. I approached to my pillow and then I lay down on my bed, lifting my swinging legs up and almost hugging my pillow as my front slams against the cold damp bed.

All the darkness suddenly surrounds me as if it wants to dissolve my intellect, But… I accept it. I accept it and let it all in. I was like some kind of magnificent Black hole sucking every dark and letting it fell inside of me. The field of white roses then switched the place around me; I was standing there staring at them as if I know them somewhere. There I see him standing in front but some far away from me; he was smiling.

“I know you would come.” He said as he walks to me as I was there my feet froze to the ground beneath me,

“Let me show you this place… It was here I was born.” He said slithering his hand through the air as if desires to touch it. When I heard what he says in last I winced.

“Yeah my friend… This is my home.” He said while holding me from my arms as the warmth from his hands goes tingling through my arms. (What are you waiting for Headphones up! and Unravel)

His appearance was also changed somewhat, as his legs before knees were nude showing somehow bruises at his ankle as if he was once chained from that site, his toe nails were black just like mine and his fingers too. There are bruises on her toe fingers too as they were light pink from his pallid skin; he was like as if he had come from some fight. I was walking beside him as our both feet were covering same distance as we were walking on cleared path that he take my hand and pulled me towards his left to the field of raised white roses,

“Just watch…” He said seeing to me and then he projects his hand forward as if he want to touch the white roses and then he does……. Surprisingly, the white rose bloom in to red and open from inside out with a sound of thump. I was seeing all this with my broadened eyes,

“Now you try…” He said and pulled my hand forward that I projects it further and touch the white rose beside the bloomed red rose and it also bloom in the same red rose while opening itself from inside,

“Come I have to show you something else.” He said and pulled my hand then we start heading to somewhere I don’t know but he knows. At the end of cleared path there was raised ground as if someone was buried there. Beautifully the field of white roses just encircles it as if whole field of white roses have that spot at their center. He let go my hand and land on his knees while plucking a white rose from the field that was then red, he puts it above it and then stands up quickly; I did the same thing and put a transformed red rose at the top of that grave,

“Whose grave is this?” I asked him that he turn his head to me promptly,

“The queen of this field, she’s buried in there sleeping as some beauty underneath. She’s the main connection to which every white rose here joins its roots to.” He replied while glimpsing to that grave. I was startled to heard this and winced in the end that he sighs,

“Yeah I know it’s really hard to believe but hey you got me as the only witness.” He said while gulping in the perfumed air,

“Were you there when she died?” I asked him with questioning eyes when I heard him saying that, to my surprise he smiles.

“I’m the only witness because I killed her.” He said and posed away leaving me startled at the moment.

With a large gasp I wake up, ‘It was not the dream… he was showing me the reality.’ I thought to myself as now the thoughts I’m getting are no more than the visions from my past that came to me in my dreams, maybe all this has finally got some meaning as the missing pieces from the puzzles are now joining finally. All I need is answers, but the first question is… who’s going to give them to me?

I became alert as the door drifts open but not all of it the base; something reeled get inside safely that I turned to it and walks to it after the door got close again. It was something long and heighted as I observed it from far but when I got close I find that to be steaming. I bend down and hold it in my hand as it was steaming hot and resembles some type Yogurt can, but yogurt can’t be steaming I lose its upper cover and finds the inside dark-black; It only took a moment when I sniffed it. It was coffee. I put its cover on and take that to my bed safely so that the coffee don’t splash out from it. I sit by hitting my back against the cold cement wall behind me; with a delay of no further time I aim that coffee to my mouth as my lips kissed its open end that I tilt it getting a small sip from it. As soon I in gulp a small sip; a warm steam led out through my mouth with my breath that I find that taste to be highly pleasing. I smiled as I turn my head up to the roof, ‘Aurora, you finally figured it out’ I thought to myself. When I finished, I switched up the base of that coffee can at the bottom of it there’s written,

“I know I’m crazy but the writer really wants to meet you! So you have four days to break out; I’ll be there in my car to pick you right up. You have to do this please… for me?”


I smiled at her madness as I put down that coffee can. I unbutton my sleeves and drift them high up and walks straight to the wall beside where my bed was being fit and without the delay of no more time, I was smacking punches after punches on the wall, ‘I have to be strong… I have to unravel the beast in me the very person I’m from the beginning.’ I told myself as I was feeling a sharp and hot pain as if my finger joints were being crushed as the wall was getting saturated with my blood,

 ‘Pain is better than to being tortured in mind as it tells where you’re weak and where you’re not. It really hurts in the journey of pain and torment but this is what makes me strong in the end. I have to stop feeling the pain which this world offers… I have to stop caring for others in this way the people that are close to me will be safe.’

I was sitting with my legs sprawled and my hands bleeding as my shirt was sodden with my blood, to my surprise my bones just creaks and some type of fountain like web rises from my wounded site; it sucks the blood resulting in the quick healing of my wound. I was seeing this surprisingly that I unbutton my front and lose the bandage and see there was no wound just scars. I removed that bandage as I don’t think there was a need for it to remain there any longer. I was then alone… but not The alone as now I have something at my side something so close like a family as he was now sitting with me his face gleaming and reflecting smile. If he’s at my side then who is alone?

Dear readers I can understand that the story is taking a twist path… so don’t forget to tell me that if you like this twist or not :D


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