Ghoul Investigator.

I was made to bathe in my own blood, I was choking my own blood as if my lungs were bleeding from the inside then I fight for breath but I can’t get much… I can’t do it anymore… I’m done… I want to die but looks like I was cursed by it… I’m neither alive nor dead but still fighting; with a sound of chomp my toe was plucked out that I screamed drastically as I was weeping like a child… a child so helpless who can’t have anyone whom he go lurking back to,
“One thousand minus seven is?” He asks closing his face right to my left ear as I was sniffling with the returning pain with my whole shuddering body as my hands were cuffed before me at the back of the chair and my ankles were chained with it,
“Nine Hu…ndred and Ninety three… hee” I replied as if my tongue lose nerves to even speak.



                                My head, it was like going to explode from the ache… looks like someone jabbed it hard and left it fractured as I can sense the soreness of stinging shock waves all over my side face. My breathing rate was off its limit and my heart; it must’ve gone crazy by the moment the way it was slamming itself against my ribs seems that it wants to crack them up. My eye lashes happened to be bind with my cornea I can’t help opening them up, distressingly I struggled and it worked my eyes started to unbound, my sight was coming back from the infinite darkness now I will not be blind anymore.

                  The happiness was outrageous but the sight I able caught then was not that pleasing. I was happy that my sight came back finally but I didn’t know that stepping out from the dark leads to the dark in the real world too. With the light moan, I helped lifting my back that my eyes start investigating the place; I didn’t get much contentment when I found it was the same place I thought that nightmare was over but it didn’t. The sting from my head wound generates again, I can’t help my hand to knead that place and so when it touched a small groan just lead out through my breath and something warm felt by my hand that I dragged it down to see, it was gleaming red with my blood. How it can be possible?

                        I was sitting there until my back ached, just wondering how it can be possible? I then rolled my head to the left, my eyes fixed on my shoulder like if they don’t want to belief the bitter truth but how can I possibly run away from this of what was happening inside my head? My eyes just then witnessed the inescapable truth, the wound which was still fresh but a little bit old was still there on my shoulder; the wound seems getting healed fast… with my flabbergasted face and wide open eyes a question arises in my mind, ‘If the wound's still there then this means ,the one who gave it to me is also here, but how’s that possible if I was just out for some time and my wound is like healing fast?’.

                                               With the wince I got my answer, without any delay I prodded my first two fingers of right hand straight in to my mouth as if I want to believe it through my eyes! And my both fingers came out drenched with blood that I can’t help the tears to remained there in my eyes more longer that they start streaming down through my cheeks. With the hazy glance I see him sitting as if he was lost in his thoughts, his one hand under his chin and the other in his lap as he was sitting that involves his back aiming to me.

 “Why you did this? Why?” I spoke out, breaking the crucial silence that he at once cringes and then stands with flabbergasted face his surprised eyes dug deep on me. At that time I was able to catch the ground beneath me and I was shambling my way to him that he starts moving backward in response,

“Stay away from me…” He said deplorably and then froze where he was when I got so close to him,

“I didn’t do anything.” he protested that I grabbed him from shoulder, my face so close to his,

“Then what is this?” I said aloud with my desperate voice and then pulled out his right hand, his wrist was incised from the vein area and a mass of blood was all around it just parched roughly. He winced at once and let go off my grip from which I was holding his arm and straight goes somewhere he knows I can’t breach. I was then alone in the darkness once again, my heart was just crying out with the blood tears it seemed that it was ripped in to thousands bits, tears start filling my eyes then as I can’t help the pain to tear my heart more longer, with the big gulping of tears through my throat I landed on my knees and then concealed my head in my both hands, small snivels of my weep starts reverberating through the rocks restricted ravine.

Looks like there are only tears for this loathsome life, I don’t know why but the tears seem to be a source of peace for me now as if they send out pain through their warmth. I’m so despicable; I’m nothing but a shame for this world; half vile half noble or maybe nothing.

                            I was continuously weeping with my both hands pressed against my face; How could I stop? How could I deny them? I’ve earned them and now I think I can’t live without them… now they are my companions for the rest of my life. By thinking all this, oozed more tears from my essence. For a moment I sensed some warmth, tingling warmth that goes through my back with a relief that infiltrates my whole body, warmth that seems peculiar but somehow blood relevant. I stop crying and posed my head back and see ....he was standing there, with his incised wrist and his other hand placed softly on my back; he was smiling.

                            “You've got me, friend.” he said and sat beside me that a relief went through my whole body, but the tears still streaming as if they are of pleasure and I was staring hard at his Mask which seems to hide his identity but promptly then it just fade away in the air as a smoke, then I see his face as he was smiling his white hairs and cold face was looking some kind of familiar.

He wipes my tears when he sees them trailing down and then put his left arm around my shoulder and hold it,

“Look, did you see that?” He asked me pointing to the tear puddle formed beneath me, “What?” I asked with moan,

“Look, you and me seemed to have same face.” He said that I take a further note and looked,

“Yeah, except for our hairs.” I replied instantly, “Yeah.” He also agreed,

“If you don’t mind can you tell me your name? Because I can’t help remember mine anywhere.” He asked me... changing the topic that I got at once lost in my mind, “I… I don’t know mine neither!” I replied that he instantly chuckles... well I considered it my self-violation,

“What are you laughing at?” I asked at once, “Well in spite of your black hairs, you sure seem older than me.” He said and chuckles again that I became serious and by lowering my head I locked it in his groin, my ears slammed against his ribs listening to his beat that he hugged me tightly, “Don’t you get upset. I’m just joking. Wait, I’ve never laughed or joked before… but it sure seems amazing! you have to try it sometimes despite of this crying thing.” He said to me that I smiled back.


                         We were holding each other’s hand; his right and mine right sharing the warmth. My mind was just thinking that what had happen to him? Why he was suddenly so nice? Why his thirst seems to fade away? Why he was smiling and laughing suddenly? He doesn’t suppose to do that, did he? I mean there’s something wrong with him as if he was won over by ecstasy but if he was the bad illusion of the soul he didn’t have to be so kindhearted! I was still thinking... sunk deep in to my thoughts that to my surprise air at once starts blowing wildly making the dirt to whirled too which started getting in our eyes; our both eyes can’t believed what we saw then!!! Our bodies were blending followed by our holding hands that were then one, we both led out a loud grumble of panic and terror but then it was too late!

                          Everything was white washed then; I was breathing and breathing fast with my face that was flushed with bewilderment as I can’t understand what had happened and how? My eyes were searching for him that I stood up to look for him but he was nowhere, just the interminable light that stings my eyes.

‘We are the fragments of same soul; if one is hurt the other can’t live… One is Humanity and the other is Iniquity; solely born to be each other’s enemies. But if one can’t live without the other then One should be won over by the other… so this means that …the Humanity is Victorious over Iniquity…’

my eyes just went abroad by answer I got in the end ... it was mind blowing! I was still wondering all this that suddenly some kind of mirror appeared out of nowhere in which I see myself, I was witnessing a total different person; person that had white and black hairs; person which I don’t recognize. I led out a small moan when I see two individuals standing both at my sides.

From the face they looked the same as me but one had the black hairs and one had the white hairs, I posed back to see if they are standing before me but they were just some reflection formed by the mirror. I stepped forward and touch their reflection that the person with the black hairs smiled, “Please don’t forget me.” he spoke and starts vanishing that I snooped to other with a white hairs; he was looking some kind of afraid as he can’t bear my sight that he spoke too but with coldness, “Please don’t erase me.” and then he also started vanishing or more like whirled away in smoke then there I was left alone again...left in the light which seems like it will going to over shine me out of its way…

You’ve read the second chapter now don’t let your will to run out; the third chapter will reveal more action than you think!!! This part is more like a Twisting Teaser as now a person with the White and Black hairs have born! Could he choose to be like the one in the Black hairs or he choose to be Evil... Find it out in the coming episodes!!!

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