Ghoul Investigator.

I was made to bathe in my own blood, I was choking my own blood as if my lungs were bleeding from the inside then I fight for breath but I can’t get much… I can’t do it anymore… I’m done… I want to die but looks like I was cursed by it… I’m neither alive nor dead but still fighting; with a sound of chomp my toe was plucked out that I screamed drastically as I was weeping like a child… a child so helpless who can’t have anyone whom he go lurking back to,
“One thousand minus seven is?” He asks closing his face right to my left ear as I was sniffling with the returning pain with my whole shuddering body as my hands were cuffed before me at the back of the chair and my ankles were chained with it,
“Nine Hu…ndred and Ninety three… hee” I replied as if my tongue lose nerves to even speak.




                                            My whole body was sweating as if I was drenched in some oil but this all didn’t seems to bother the rhythm with which I was taking out my pushups; the ground beneath me was forming the puddles as my sweat was dripping through my face and my arms as I was nearly close to make out 500 but then the all my set tempo just ruined at the moment when I heard some steps closing in to my door, I ignored them but their tap was really really bugging me at the moment as I was in the middle of something very important. The steps got close in even more and then with a large drag the door opens; drifting up and I see some four dark outlines as the light was washing through their back. I aim my head to them as I was still making out my pushups that I flaunt I didn’t see them at all. The figure with the broad shoulder and long height walks to me as I can hear the steps closing in, at some distance away it came to halt surprising me that I aims up my head and see Arima was standing dressed enchanted as before; his eyes were dug deep on me as he was stoop at me. I was done with taking out my pushups that I drive myself up with my slammed hands pushing against the ground and then I rose to my feet; by grabbing my shirt I started wiping the sweat from my nude front and then from my face,

“There’s something you need to see.” He spoke with his cold voice which echoes that I lead out a quick sigh and then I smirk,

“You mind lending me some garment… garment that looks exactly like yours.” I spoke by poking at him as I was still smirking that he hums.

                     We were in front of an abandoned building which looks building less but ramshackle. The whole place was then flooding with CCGs car and lurking with CCGs armed forces and investigators… from investigator I mean not some Investigators as I see that bloody Investigator Fura among the rest two in which one of them was a girl as they all were holding their briefcases. I was cuffed but this time my hands were to the front; I was at the back of big void in some kind of bullet proof car highly armed. The car had stopped but nothing except those two officers at the front was filling the quite car with their gossips and I can tell that for sure that their filthy topic was Me. The outside locked gate of that car just drift opens by splitting in to two and there I can see those same three Investigators standing but Arima was in front,

“Check him…” Arima says that two officer rushed to the open gate one was holding some device and the other was holding the Laptop which was wired with that device; in no time I heard some beep and a red laser just shoots from that device to me which scans my sitting figure from head to toe,

“Sir his Kagani level is clear… he’s normal just like human and that’s weird.” The officer who was holding the Laptop spoke out in surprise that I smirk under my hair concealed face.  

“Bring him out…” Arima utters that those same officers rushed to me as two more were covering them with their guns which were then aimed at me: both then held me from my forearms and pulled me up that I stood at once awhile heaving my head to the my right to sway my hairs through my eyes. I got out while stepping down at support of the car which was at its base like a mini staircase. The surroundings then became clearer to me as the sky was ashy with clouds and looks like there will be going to rain soon enough. I was pushed forward by them as I was being halt… visualizing the place that I start taking steps forward at some distance where Arima was rushing his way in to that smacked building through a hollow space that leads in. I was made to follow him but then I pass by Investigator Fura who was standing there with those two investigators at his site, his glaring eyes and mine meet that my contact breaks when I was rushed forward.

I was made to rushed in to that building through that same spot as Arima that the view of the building from the inside was totally changed as there were prohibiting lemon green ribbons everywhere which says, “Do not cross.” as there were some kind of dead bodies were lying there under smashed wall and the whole place was painted red with blood. The whole area was blinking with flash lights of snapping cameras that the officers who were holding me came to halt at once as Arima was now standing in front just some steps further,

“This had happened just a seven hours ago, the building was made smacked by them so that it would erase every bit of evidence. They are not humans they are ghouls but those ghouls had just done feeding on that twenty ambushed ghouls (He says pointing to the bodies I see earlier) and at your Friend here…” Arima says that when I heard word ‘Friend’ my eyes just froze at the ground in front of him that was also ribbon and there I caught a heart pounding site; at the apex on a slender long dagger there was a slay head fitted that it looks like I know him,

“His name was Nakira and he was the one with you broke out…” Arima says in his depressing voice while I was glancing at his blood soaked slay head which was really agonizing to my heart.

Arima was talking to Ken and the other two Investigators that awhile my sight caught something which looks like a sharp needle as a stinger; I bend down and pick that up as it was lying in front of my approaching boot I was examining it close to my eyes as it was held by me in my both of thumb and first finger a voice so close to my ear just shakes the soul in me,

“It’s time to visit someplace else.” Arima says. Unfortunately that stinger right goes in to my finger in a sudden shock gave by him as now a little blood drop was rising from it expanding its size; I let it go as those same two officers grabbed me again from my forearms.

I was for once again in Dr. Miranda Office; sitting on that same seat of that same machinery but this time I was at ease as I know that it’s time for my sleep and when I woke up again I will be in that same room of that concealing Prison. So I close my eyes as the dim red light surrounds my head again.

The dark was all over, and my narrow sight desires to slash through that dark and to see where I was right then but naught a thing. I snoop to my left and see something really frightful as far away someone was lying I can see his body because it was less darker than the surrounding. I start taking steps ahead to him and in no time I was standing before his injured body which was incised all over from head to toe and the blood was shimmering through them; someone tortured him but who? Who was responsible for this act? Who? I was steaming hot with rage from the inside and was seeing him as his clothes were also torn as he was only wearing his pent which was also torn up high to his knees; he was lying as his arms and knees were drawn to his front I can hear his faint snivels and I can sure see the tears drenching his face. All this all this was blistering my heart that I was there standing with my clutched jaws and stiff fists. I bend down and take off my coat and put it on his nude front; I then see a smile switching his face that was like a pearl to me. I sat down beside him and then I project my hands to him and grab him from his shoulder and draws him towards my lap; with a slight reel he was in my lap breathing slightly then to my surprise he rose up and pressed his head against my chest with his hands that were then at my gut he was ice cold and looks like my warmth was highly pleasing to him that I wrap my arms around him lifting him and giving him support,

“Who did this to you?” I asked humbly that he led a deep breath in before speaking,

“A girl… dressed in blue rob as her body was bandaged from head to toe… She beat me well and then left me for her dogs.” He spoke in his trembling voice as his face was concealed under his black hairs when I heard this; my rage was near to explode,

“Don’t worry… you are save now.” I spoke that he smiles again while closing his eyes.

                           I was taking out my pushups and was thinking again and again about that writer whom I meet in the Café, she sure looks somewhere familiar but I can’t help remembering her anywhere. During lost in my thoughts I heard steps closing in towards my door; with a instant drag my door drifts opens that two figures steps in from the brightening background before them well dah, I can see that one them is Arima but I don’t know the other strong guy as he was the same who was standing earlier with Ken beside that other girl,

“Two dead bodies were found in the trash drum being chomped… the 20th Ward isn’t safe anymore.” He spoke coldly as the other Investigator was standing beside him his eyes gawp on me,

“The writer who sent request for you to Kami is missing from 2 days, her name was Eto Yashimura.” Arima was saying as I was still making out pushups and flaunting as if they aren’t there,

“Hey… can’t you see he’s talking to you.” that Investigator finally spoke out,

“Amon…” Arima project his hand awhile that he winced,

“I’m ready… you can trust me.” I said as I rose up again to my feet but my whole body was sweating, Amon was staring at me constantly that Arima constricts his eyes as they were then fixed on me,

“You are now our New Investigator for the 20th Ward… Don’t make me regret it… Amon lead him to our Laboratory we need to do something first.” He says that Amon was seeing us with a wide open mouth I don’t know what came up with him.


In no time I was in their Laboratory, there were five masked figures as if they were dressed for some operation as their head were capped in green elastic garment, their half faces were masked and their hands were clad with Latex-gloves. I was made to lay down on a comfortable bed and then one of them fill up an injection and in no time the serum from it was being injected in to my vein as a small pain of infiltrating syringe was sensed by me on my arm, I twist my head to the right where Arima and Amon were standing before a conceal glass room their eyes dug deep on me. Instantly then everything started switching to murky as my lids cover the sharp sodium lights being fitted on some spherical large sheet then this whole bright scene was switched to dark as my eyes got close.


I was in some kind of vast room fitted with black and white tiles at its floor, I twist around as I was examining the whole place that in the very middle of that I see someone being seated as his hands were cuffed before him and his head was bend down as the black hairs were concealing his face his legs from the ankles were also chained… Oh my God, it’s him I thought but my thought was turned to believe then. I jogs to him and when I reach him I see his toe fingers were ripped out as the floor beneath him was flooding with his wound as the blood was dripping through the ripped part; my eyes turned sodden that I move to his front and held his bend down head and aim it high at me but he was unconscious as the blood was trail was leading out through his lips to right streaming down at his neck. I started trembling as my eyes were fixed on his senseless pallid face, I can’t see him like this as my eyes were then streaming tears and small snivels of mine were reverberating through the entire empty space. With a creak a door opens and then being slammed furiously that I lead out a moan when I hear some breath so close so close as if he was breathing in my ear, I posed to my right and trembled to see a strong and heighten figure standing as his right hand had gripped some kind of wrench which was drenched with blood, he smirks when he sees my tear sodden face to my surprise he starts chuckling… chuckling that were then getting louder and louder and serious and I was there with my raged eyes and stiff fists looking at his mad face,

“Hahaha, I was waiting for you my old friend as I know that you will come back lurking towards a part of your ripped soul…” He says while lifting his bend face from his chin with his blood drenched wrench that I went mad seeing this and with a serious yell I heads to him with my stiff fist and straight project it to his gut, by smashing my punch in his abs looks like my hand just hit some stone, creak sound was made by my fist that I cried out lout with pain as if my fingers were crushed. By seeing this he chuckles even more but this time his chuckles sounds more like a sarcastic and I was pretty sure that I made him mad even more and then I embrace my this fear when he slams his wrench straight at my side face that my whole body goes twisting in that same direction, the pain was unbearable as if my jaw was being slash… I land on the ground after spinning three rounds in the air then I lose my guts to even stand I tried again and again but in vain as I don’t have any strength left to even move my head as I was hearing his steps closing in closing in even more and then more. He stood behind where I was lying as I was put to darken in his long and broad shadow; I was breathing heavily or more like struggling for it as my heart was beating off its limits to my surprise he bends down and then I felt his strong grip on my forearm from where he pulled me up and then held my motionless body up on his shoulder; with little  jolts he started heading somewhere as I was still held up on his shoulder that I raised my head to see where he was heading and then I see it… he was heading to a same chair that was then fitted next to where he was. He when reach there I struggled one more time but in vain as I was trying to free myself from him; his grip on me tightened even more and then he puts me carefully on that chair; I was still fighting for breathing as blood was leading out of my mouth  through my side lips cleavage. He moves to my back and then I felt his hands gripping my arms… with a light heave he pulls my arms back and then he cuffed my hands at the back of the chair with some chain whose coldness was felt by e as it goes tingling up to my shoulders… my eyes were closed as I was breathing heavily then I felt the coldness of chain on my ankle but I was so helpless to even react… The place was just then echoed with my shrill screams of pain and terror as if my toes were being ripped out and this was real not just thoughts. I was suffering from pain that he ripped out another one then again with the sound of chomp he cuts my toe finger then again then again then again then again then again then again then again and all I was to do was to scream out from the pain I was getting in return.

I was made to bathe in my own blood, I was choking my own blood as if my lungs were bleeding from the inside then I fight for breath but I can’t get much… I can’t do it anymore… I’m done…  I want to die but looks like I was cursed by it… I’m neither alive nor dead but still fighting; with a sound of chomp my toe was plucked out again that I screamed drastically as I was weeping like a child… a child so helpless who can’t have anyone whom he go lurking back to,
“One thousand minus seven is?” He asks closing his face right to my left ear as I was sniffling with the returning pain with my whole shuddering body as my hands were cuffed before me at the back of the chair and my ankles were chained with it, I was feeling his breath on me as I was weeping from the undeniable pain I was getting… my whole body whole body was shivering with fear and terror as I can hear the quick small blood drops hitting the floor beneath my chained feet forming the blood puddles,

“Nine hundred and ninety three… hee” I lead it out through a snivel... so lethargic at the moment as if I was being killed!!!




I woke up with a loud scream as my heart was pounding so fast as if it wants to rip out my chest. I don’t know then what came up to me that I tear up the masking tape which was adjoined at the cannula on my hand; I then ripped out the cannula from my upper part of my right hand and jumps off from the bed on which I was put in some kind of poignant room supplied with the disgusting odor of medicines. I was about to go somewhere else as I need to do something… something most important… I have to save my friend’s body… I have to save him from them… and I need to ask some questions from Arima first about what all this shit is going on around me. I need to know who I was in my past… I need to know what had I done… what had I done which won’t make me sleep in night… all those dreams what are they about? I want to dream normal… normal like a person and so for that I want all these fucking answers.

I head towards the door and want to open as I project my hand forward but suddenly the door pull opens from the outside and I see Amon entering through it as I was still froze to the ground with my projected hand. He was standing by holding his briefcase in his left hand as his face was marked by coldness all over but his eyes were reflecting rage,

“Where do you think you are going?” He asked as he gawps on me,

“Where is Arima? I talk to him.” I replied as I was still shivering with the chillness of my recent dream. When he heard this his brow just converge in the middle,

“Call his name with respect.” He led out through his clutched teeth by gripping hard his briefcase as I can see his joints arising from his strong fist. I was still froze to the ground dressed in like a patient suit, a shrill and piercing pain was sensed by me in my cord and some electric alike shocks starts generating through it which journeyed to all my body through a vast channels. I fell on the ground and by drawing my legs and hand to my front I was shuddering heavily as whimpers of pain were leading out through my mouth as my teeth were clutched, during this I twist my head towards my back where my patient dress was ribbon and there I see a big fresh slash in the middle of my cleavage back right on top on my skin under which my spine was. They had done something to me but what had they done? I thought as I was still suffering from the pain seeing Amon who was still staring at me with his little bend down head but then his converge brow was gone to normal. I was seeing him with my helpless eyes as I was lying on the floor whose coldness was icing my body. With a serious drag the door behind him pulled opens and I see Dr. Miranda rushing in with her shocked ruled face as her hairs were fluttering at her back; she quickly gets to her knees behind me and then held me up in her lap… she starts yelling something to Amon but I was unable to hear it as my eyes were then going dizzy and dizzy in a matter of seconds my lids closes covering all the light which was filling my eyes then.

I open my eyes and find myself in some kind of another broad room; I pinched my eyes when the sunlight from the window at my right was washing my face at the very left of that window there was a clock fitted and the time was 7:15 am of the morning; I then grabbed my head with my left hand and start massaging it as I was feeling a little lightheaded and I was still dressed in patients getup. I positioned myself in sitting posture while pressing my both hands at my sides; by slithering away the thin blanket which was on me I dragged my legs to my right and then placed my feet on the cold floor; I was hearing the delightful songs offered by birds as they were chirping as I was still massaging my head with my left hand but then something caught my eye on the front sofa. There was a pressed cloudy color shirt and navy blue pent being placed softly so that their iron won’t go mess up.

I got dressed in no time after taking a quick shower and I was then buttoning my front and when I done I projects to my right cuff with my left hand; I folds it up high to my arm’s mid and then I did the same to the left. I then see the time and it was 7:30 am but then suddenly the door opens as it was straight on my back, I twist around and I see Amon also dressed enchanted like Arima but this time he was not wearing any coat,

“Investigator Arima is waiting for you in the council…It’s time.” He says as he was still in the mid of door that I interlocked my fingers of both hand and project them forward at him as he was far away, my joints creaks that I sigh then smile switched my face.

Hey dear readers patience he will go the college I swear but just wait some more long and you will find a fruitful result until then Byeee :D 

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