Ghoul Investigator.

I was made to bathe in my own blood, I was choking my own blood as if my lungs were bleeding from the inside then I fight for breath but I can’t get much… I can’t do it anymore… I’m done… I want to die but looks like I was cursed by it… I’m neither alive nor dead but still fighting; with a sound of chomp my toe was plucked out that I screamed drastically as I was weeping like a child… a child so helpless who can’t have anyone whom he go lurking back to,
“One thousand minus seven is?” He asks closing his face right to my left ear as I was sniffling with the returning pain with my whole shuddering body as my hands were cuffed before me at the back of the chair and my ankles were chained with it,
“Nine Hu…ndred and Ninety three… hee” I replied as if my tongue lose nerves to even speak.




The bustling of people around her never seems to bother the pitch of hum with which she was just hopping around the people as they were passing through her, all they do is to caught a quick glimpse at her hopping gait and then flaunt that they didn’t see it at all. Her face was gleaming as her eyes were crinkling at their corners; her pink glossy lips just beaming but concealing the laminating beauty of her pearl alike bright morals behind them. She comes to halt at once when she sees the appearing dazzling Moon whose incandescent light was then washing the tranquil and calm streets ahead of her. For some time she stood there with her arms wide open as if she wants to hug the big roundy Moon that was bloomed at the center of black painted horizon like a Jasmine flower. She gasps the cool breeze of air in and then let it out quickly as if her essence was finally at peace; she then pulls her arms to her side and started walking again by taking small steps but they were quick. Her crystal sparkling eyes were fixed on the appearing streets ahead as she was hopping around making her way further through the lit up street lamps which were washing her figure with their converging white light when she passes under them. With a faint and faraway sound of blast all Street lamps goes off following one after the other surprising her or more likely scaring her as she was the only one there in the tranquil streets. She comes to halt at once and with wondering eyes she starts investigating the area as her smile just fade out then. She was there froze to ground under a Street lamp waiting for it goes lit up again but after a long waiting nothing change and the Light didn’t came just the dazzling Moon above giving life to her hopes and the only thing there through which she had a reason not to went timid.

She sway her stray hairs trapping them before her ears so that they won’t go tingling again to her face as she was now taking big steps forward as her hands were lock in to one another in front of her. Through her gait it was like that if she was scared or something as her face was now switched to tense, a faint tapping sound as if someone was running by making a way to her was heard by her and she anxiously stood; her eyes focused ahead on the street whose inner course was darker than the rest of all. A shadow approaches which was long and broad through that street; she got scared but then smiles as if she was making fun of her going scared, “Oh! I nearly got scared.” She spoke out with a smile when she sees the shadow still there froze to the ground; her eyes went abroad and panic switched her face when she sees four more shadows approaching behind that first shadow. She takes a step back in panic her eyes froze down at the shadows that were then stretching on the ground in front of her as if they were moving towards her. She starts walking back in panic and then comes to halt; the Moon was lighting the path in front of her as she was standing in the outline of the building beside her right;  her eyes froze on the light washed road ahead of her as the shadows were still approaching behind that. She wanted to see who they were in the light of Moon; she wanted to see their faces; she wanted to know who were they and why they were following her? So for that she remained there her eyes wants to witness their actual appearance; her breathing goes fast when those shadow approach close to her… more close to her… even more close to her, her heart was beating and gaining beats after beats after beats, something was churning in her stomach as she felt the soreness switching her calm legs.

The shadows were so close to light so close to light that she can finally see their approaching faces, but something was definitely wrong when she hears a light growling… a growling close to bark. Her eyes went wide when she sees the red hot burning eyes total ten in number approaching towards her and then they finally steps in the light; they were over grown Dogs similar as the size of donkeys but their ear pointing straight up like a triangular tower above their head. They growls at her and this all doesn’t looks friendly at all but looks like she knows them somewhere else, she was there standing as her eyes turned sodden fixed on them, “How can this be?” She says in almost a whisper as she led out a snivel through her breath. The Dogs then bark piercingly ripping the peace of the tranquil streets and in no time they run to her as their tails switching to the Kagani that looks more like a dagger than a pointy arrow.


“Is everything wrapped up?” Tatara spoke to Noro who nods with his thin pony-tail swings at his back as he was holding a device in his hands; his finger on the raised button at the apex of that device. All the red robbed figures were bustling around them as if in hurry or panic. Against the wall a bend figure was standing slamming his back as his right foot was knocked against the wall before him raising his knee above as his arms were fold and head was bend down towards his front his face was concealed under his mask as the every figure was there then. The place went empty in no time just three of them were there as all the red robbed figures were then gone, “Why do we have to go?” He asks as he was still bend against the wall; his voice sounding more like mulish that when Tatara hears this he gawps on him as Noro followed but Tatara didn’t seems to bother at all that seeing this he led out a unfriendly hum through his breath as if  he was angry from the inside. They all switched to panic when they heard the severe tapping of feet against the ground which echoed through the entire hollow space as if someone was running really fast by making a way to them. Their eyes were fixed on the facing dark corridor through which that sound was coming; the sound reach at the utmost that Noro crouches but Tatara raises his hand as if want him to be relaxed. Through that dark corridor someone approaches stepping in to that Moon light washed cemented hall; he was panting hard and his front was soaked with blood he then lands on his knees in front of Tatara who then bends his head down at him. “He’s alive(pants)… He’s alive(breathes)… I’ve smelled him his scent is more like Rize(Reezae) than some human or maybe He’s both… He’s the Eye patch I can tell you that for sure… we both break out from the Cochlea…” He was saying that Ayato after all spoke out, “Then where is he?” He asks as his eyes were reflecting serenity, “I’ve got shot by some stupid CCG's dog and then we split up… 18th Ward… yes… It’s where we last see each other… Ah.” He cried out of the pain as his hand was pressed against his gut which was blood sodden, “For 5 days… 5 days I was searching for you… there’s something wrong… in the streets… you have to be cautious when you pass the 23rd Ward because there are some Shadows that rules the area… have eyes red as if blazing coal…” He was saying that Noro and Tatara snoop to him leaving Ayato startled at the moment as if he doesn’t know what’s going on around him when he sees Tatara bending down and holding that bleeding guy from the shoulders, “Have you seen their faces Nakira?” He asks promptly his eyes dug on his pallid face rules by vertigo, “No, I can’t get that close to them but I sure hear the growls… growls as some dogs…” He says that Tatara’s eyes shot to surprise, “What’s the matter? Why aren’t you guys telling me anything! What is going on? This immediately leaving the place and those stupid dogs… What’s this is all about huh? ” Ayato asks as his patience lost finally, “They are already here…” Tatara spoke in a whisper, “We have to get out from here… now.” he continues and to their surprise start taking quick steps in to that dark corridor through which that injured came panting, Noro followed leaving Ayato behind with that injured as if it’s not his concern at all…it’s now up to Ayato to held him up and by giving his support lead him out to the site where they both went.

The Darkness was enmeshing their existence as they were moving through it fearlessly, Tatara stops at once and raises his right hand up in the air as if telling all to stop and so they all did; Noro come after and bend down at the ground beneath him and there he sees trails of blood drop, “You idiot… you left a blood trails…” Ayato utters, his face was frowning as he let go the injured Nakira who then fall on the ground with a thump, “It’s not Nakira’s… it’s them.” Tatara spoke coldly pointing his hand to his right where in the Moonlight was a ripped bodies twenty in number were lying there whose blood were splashed all over the floor, their red robs were then more red and dark. Something pace passed them that they all crouched at once except for that injured who was then sitting on the ground breathing heavily, the sounds goes more intense as if something probably in a great number was flickering around them or hopping around them. To all their surprise long and pointy shadows surrounds them in no time as they were seeing enormous army of red hot blazing eyes as if some burning coals.

“They are here…” Nakira spoke out that some heavy and grave voice cuts,

 “I don’t want to disturb you all but you see…ah,(scrubbing his chin) my pets were hungry as they haven’t eaten in 20 years.” He spokes that all of them intensely looked to him their eyes searching for his face as it was hidden in dark but then in no time he step forward in the moonlight which then washed his figure. Tatara’s eyes went abroad, “How this can be?” he let out in a whisper as one could tell that he had a surprised flushed face under his mask as if he knows that man, “Brother… it’s been A long time since you left me in that deep grounded valley… I thought that you would come looking for me… I wait 20 years…20 years for you but all I get is suffering! … But then I went hibernate… waiting for that place to corrodes and fade out so that I could emerge from it once again…” He says and glared at Tatara who was there as if some snake bit him, “I thought you were dead all this time.”Tatara voice just switched to humble, “Yes I was and YOU killed me brother.” He yelled out that the dogs who were growling then start barking as their piercing voices were close to make their ears bleed. Ayato was holding his ears but then Noro comes after him with his straight gait and takes out his Kagune; in no time all the place was painted red with the blood of dogs who were instantly killed by him but this all didn’t seems to bother him at all as he was still standing there with a light smile on his face, “Noro... stop.” Tatara orders him when he heads to him whose smile sees to irritate him; when he heard this he comes to halt at once, “Hmm Noro!(thinks something)… How about? Hecto would you mind dealing with your brother here.” He says humbly that Noro winced at once, “Oh I totally forget to introduce you all to my gang… my tree… I call it Enigma.” He says by slithering his hand in the air that three more figures in shadow walk behind him, “Leave the pastery… he’s mine.” He says  that Ayato takes out his Kagune as Tatara eyes searched for someone else who they really need right now at their side because just three of them can’t deal with the four of them but looks like his brother sensed all this through his anxious eyes, “Ah looking for your friend? Well I save her for the breakfast when I will be done feeding on you as my dinner…” He says that they all winced at once. Ayato and everyone hurled forward picking their target but looks like Ayato picks the tough one; with a great yell he jogs forward and wants to attack him as he was still smiling but someone whizzed past him that he see a splash of blood streaming in front of his eyes, he then lands on his knees that blood spout out through his gut and he was seeing the ground beneath of him flooding with his own blood but he didn’t lose his spirit he find his feet again and stood at once and glared at the blue robbed figure standing in front of him who then postures to go as if it’s an insult to fight him; something came up to Ayato as he rose to his feet again and in no time he shoots his enormous number penknife alike blade which goes in through the blue rob that Ayato then sees the blood drenching its blue rob but the figure then pose back making him stunned to see that it was a girl… a frail girl as her blue rob flutters in the air she was bandaged white from head to toe just like Eto, She takes out her Kagune as her face was also bandaged Ayato surprised to see her Kagune as it was some kind of huge tail at her back which had a pointy stinger, her finger then goes long and changed to some sharp slender blades like projections. He heads to her with a great yell as his wound healed instantly but she was there froze to the ground as if she wants him to come, Ayato was ready to make his move as he jumps in the air and want to shot enormous number of blades he could with his Kagune and so he did but she pulls her tail above her head which proves as a tough shelter for her and so Ayato was disappointed but then it’s her turn; She vanishes under him as he was still in the air and this all surprise him because something was not normal with that great speed; without the delay of no more time he embrace his fear as she appeared from behind his back and sting him with his tail and then smash a punch in his gut which sent him flying hard at his back; creaking sound of his ribs can be heard in that silence conserved hall… with a furious clash his head smashed against the wall which appears behind him that he lands senseless on the ground after leaving the traces of cracks on the wall.


By the time Ayato rushed back to his senses it was too late, all his friends were being captured Tatara and Noro and Nakira but looks like no one was conscious towards him so he take this all as his luck and make his way out through the unfitted window space, there was a twenty feet drop to the street beneath him but he takes this chance and with a sound of thump he lands on the ground and in no time he rushed away from there… vanishing in the dark streets ahead. She was seeing all this and wants to go after him but he raises his hand and prohibits her to go as if he wants him to be, “Find your patience Bry… the time will come soon to see that where that Black Rabbit has his rabbit hole.” then he postured towards the rest of the three who were being captured as they were held by Dogs in their piercing canines who were regenerated right away when Noro Kills them all,

Nakira… if I’m right hmm, well could you tell me where I can find that Eye-patch guy you were talking about earlier?” He says that Nakira’s eyes went broad with surprise as his face was then so close so close to him that he can felt his breath on his face.


Touka was walking alone in the dark streets by taking quick footsteps; this sudden load shedding seems to give her creeps as she was walking… her hand gripped hard the register which was pulled to her front as the heavy bag was suspended at her left shoulder. Her eyes were reflecting nervousness as she was again and again trapping her long braids of strayed hairs before her ear; she hears a roaring sound of heavy bike before her as she was walking on the foot path; to her surprise that bike slows down when it reaches her but she start taking even more quick steps, “Touka?... Touka what are you doing in a time like this? You know that it can’t safe… as this place creeps with the stray dogs… Touka are you listening to me?” He spoke out when he sees that Touka didn’t takes a notice of him at all, “Please Zarkashi not now… I’m in a bit hurry.” She spoke out finally as he was still steering his bike across her but in slow motion, “I can drop you as I’m going to the same site where you live… so hop on…” He says but she was walking as she don’t care but then both of their sight caught a three of the stray dogs hovering around a trash-drum but not just that… every street was then crawling with stray dogs, she lead out a moan and sees him as he was still steering his bike across her with his eyes reflecting worry for her, “Fine…” She says and then gets on with a slight jump on the bike that he gave a full thrust to fore and then he loses the clutch, with a serious drag they roll out from that dogs creeping p lace as the tranquil dark streets were then echoed with the boom of his bike.

Touka wave him through her window pane that he wave back; by giving a potentially serious acceleration he takes out a freewheeling before hurling to fore that his Bike’s Cylincer lead out a ashy steam and with a serious drag he moves forward booming the place before him and in no time he vanishes leaving a faint trail of boom in the air. Touka slightly smiles as she was seeing him getting away that she postures back and stunned to see Haenmai there as her face was marked by naughtiness all over,

“Hinami are you still up? Why haven’t you slept? You know that you have a school tomorrow…” She says as her eyes were broadened with surprise,

“So who is He Hmm hmm hmm?” Hinami hops her shoulder in a rhythm while slightly lifting her brow up three times with her hopping shoulder well teasing her,

“He’s just my class fellow… And why am I telling you this?” She was saying that she drop her bag on the chair beside her and then lands on the sofa in front of her and lead out a tense sigh as if she was really tired,

“Well he’s sure a really handsome guy for a really enchanted girl.” Haenami tease again and then giggles in the end,

“Hinami…” Touka lead out but then they both hears a cluttering sound of plates as if they made to shutter on the ground, they both went panic that Touka raise her finger to her lips forbidding Hinami to even move or even breathe and to remain calm and quite; She heads forward towards the close Kitchen door and when she reach so close to it she grabs a vase from the table which was set against the wall at the very straight left of the that door. She projects his left hand forward as her right hand was gripping hard that vase and then with a slight twist she turn the door knob clockwise that the door opens with a slight creak she drag herself in through that tiny space of open door that Hinami also followed as she was glued to her back her eyes searching for the cause. Touka takes steps as she was crouched but then her eyes went wide when she sees the blood trailing towards her feet, her eyes searched for the origin as she was following that trail and then behind the small but heighten dining table someone was lying holding his gut through which the blood was streaming out but she can’t see the face as he had slams his front on the ground his legs and arms and whole body twist towards his gut where he was wounded. Touka aim high the vase in the air her eyes searching the part to where she could smash that vase and so she picked it as she approaches for his head but then she stood froze to the ground that Hinami lead out a moan as she sees what Touka sees, those fluttering navy blue hairs were looking familiar somewhere that they both shudder when they see him moving again but this time he aims his head up to them as his eyes were dizzy and near to close with the paleness that was ruling his face,

“Ayato… huh…” Touka moaned.


Hmm, friends well I think that I left you in so much thrill and there’s something I need to tell you MUHAAHAHAAA :D

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