Ghoul Investigator.

I was made to bathe in my own blood, I was choking my own blood as if my lungs were bleeding from the inside then I fight for breath but I can’t get much… I can’t do it anymore… I’m done… I want to die but looks like I was cursed by it… I’m neither alive nor dead but still fighting; with a sound of chomp my toe was plucked out that I screamed drastically as I was weeping like a child… a child so helpless who can’t have anyone whom he go lurking back to,
“One thousand minus seven is?” He asks closing his face right to my left ear as I was sniffling with the returning pain with my whole shuddering body as my hands were cuffed before me at the back of the chair and my ankles were chained with it,
“Nine Hu…ndred and Ninety three… hee” I replied as if my tongue lose nerves to even speak.




The smell of phenol I never knew could be that tiresome, my lungs were just about to ice up from some kind of cold gas that was heavily entering in through my nose, freezing it literally. I was coming back from the sick vertigo stage back to some world which I don’t even know if that’s a nightmare or not. My dizzy eyes start investigating the place which fairly resembles some kind of small quarter white washed completely; nothing filled the room except for the side tables that were then crammed with some sort of pills, injections, reserved medicines, some tablets and a few bottles of syrups that were arranged well-mannered. 

“Please give us some more time, he didn’t recovered yet…” someone spoke, certainly the voice seems feminine.

“I have my orders Doc. He could happen to be dangerous…” some type of graved voice then disapproved strongly by her calculus.

“HE’S JUST SOME HELPLESS PATIENT WHY CAN’T YOU SEE THAT. I can’t believe that I’m saying this but He's coming to life... I can feel it... he's coming back from the comma after struggling for four months... and so I don't wanna ruined that… these are the Hospital’s Regulation Clarification… You can’t argue with these I’m sure…” she replied courageously.

“What are these?” He asked again in his grave voice but confusedly.

“These are some rules made by our Hospital that says, ‘No one can’t confiscate a patient until he/she is discharged by their doctor after sequence of tests that showed their gained health, progressing metabolism and their recovering physical condition.’ until then you keep dreaming.” She said again with admired valor.

“And who’s his Doctor? I can sure tell that to him except wasting my fortitude with you.” He replied angrily.

“Well, sorry for your running out fortitude… I am his doctor. There’s something I want to discuss with you” She answered him but changed the topic quickly,

“And what’s that?” He asked in lowered voice.

“Well, two days ago I was running some tests on him in late night, City Scanning his brain to see if its recovering or not that his glucose level just dropped and his beats just gone crazy by the moment that I anxiously shut down the machine mechanism and rushed to him but he just lead out a terrible scream of pain, to my surprise his left shoulder starts bleeding and his arms began compelling at his back I quickly gave him adrenaline that his body starts recovering back to normal. No one was there with him except me… But the one thing disturbs me the whole night that I can’t sleep.” She ended leaving him surprised.

“What was that?” He asked in doubt.

“Well, the wound that appeared on his shoulder from nowhere when I examined it carefully that night… it appeared to be some kind of gums lesion as if his blood was being drunk from that site but I can’t tell how and why?.” She replied him; by the moment I was so thirsty that I lead out my hand to the side table where I see a glass of water but my quivering hands just can’t bear its heaviness and it just slipped from my hand, with a shrill clatter it hit the ground crumbled.

The door instantly jabbed open and two men rushed inside, they held me from my arms while the lady doctor shrieked entered with some third heavy looking man entered heading straight to me and stood aside my bed. My heart was pounding off its limits as I don’t have then any strength with which I respond their formidable harass and I don’t even know what was going on. With my flabbergasted eyes, I was totally helpless that He stabs my head with his elbow. His powerful stroke just shakes out the brains in me and then I have no idea about it all just immerse dark that takes me in its inevitable lap once again…

With a light moan I opened my eyes, same room, same smell, and same inexorable reality. My head seems like being stabbed against the rock, ‘What’s happening to me? What the hell were those men?’…

If questioning would make us wise

No eyes would ever gaze in eyes;

 If all our tale were told in speech

No mouths would wander each to each


Were spirits free from mortal mesh

 And love not bound in hearts of flesh

No aching breasts would yearn to meet

 And find their ecstasy complete.


For who is there that lives and knows

The secret power by which he grows?

 Were knowledge all, what were our need

To thrill and faint and sweetly bleed?


Then seek not, sweet, the “If” and “Why”

 I love you now until I die

 For I must love because I live

 And life in me is what you give(By Christopher John Brennan.)

For a moment I just lost in her appealing voice that stirred the nectar out of my ears, listening to her as she reads that poem with her strayed hairs that obscure her visual, she was holding some sort of mini book so close to her that her eyes want to drench out every single emotion they could find in the cold printed words.

I sigh deeply as if my heart was finally at peace as if my burning soul is finally at rest as if I finally knew where I belong. I don’t want to disturb her but I didn’t know from where that life draining cough just appeared that I instantly rushed my hand to bedside table for a glass of water that she instantly get up to grab it for me but I gestured my hand towards her and grabbed the glass swiftly; the cough appeared to be of some yielding might that without any further delay I start gulping it all in and when I finished I place it in my lap. She slowly heads to me as I lay down on my bed again, she takes that glass and place it right from where I lift it then she aimed at my unbolted oxygen mask and positioned it again on my face.

Door at once opened and someone rushed inside that she step away from me and stands a meter away. The Doctor, yes I recognize her she was the same as before, that gleaming face and that positioned glasses on her eyes was all the same. “How are you feeling trouble guy?” She asked me.  I slightly wiggled my head that she smiled, “I’m Doctor. Miranda and meet Aurora, she is looking after you for this night.” She said pointing her hand to where she was standing that I slightly bend my head to catch her glimpse and when I does I heads it back to same position. Doctor then came closer ; closer from where she was previously and aimed her hand at my forehead, place there for some moments and then pulled it away, “Hmm, your fever is getting down, Aurora can you please replace this empty Blood bag.” Doctor said to her that she takes a quick note and walks to I.V and start changing that Blood bag with new, when she done she starts fixing the tubes that leads from that blood bag to the Cannula on my hand. “You’re gonna be fine.” Doctor said by patting me on the shoulder that I smiled, “And Oh, One more thing… Can you help remembering your name or have any previous memories except for those tragic moments?” She asked me instantly, leaving me to sunk deep in my thoughts for a while, “Oh, don’t worry the world won’t end if you can’t remember it or can’t remember your name. There are so many names Um, what you think if I call you Haise… Haise Sasaki, it was my son’s but he just died in a car accident… Please don’t bother it; *She sighs and then continues* every single time I see your face it reminds me of his.” She said by slithering her hand on my side face that I smiled, “I loved it.” I spoke almost in whisper that surprisingly she heard it and with sodden eyes she glanced around my whole face and then seek for the packed injection, removed its seal packing and then starts filling that up. When she done she starts seeking for the main vein in my arm and when she founds it without any further delay I felt some sharp pain of syringe being infiltrated through my skin. The sharp coldness that starts trickling through my arm then I know that I can’t move my arm anymore, with the drowsy eyes I catch their last glimpse as they both were standing together watching me I don’t remember when my eyes got close.

I was falling, falling from some immeasurable height while the dark was everywhere. With a loud bawl I yelled for help but there was no one, nothing except the dark itself then I knew as soon as my body will hit the ground I will be no longer than just a memory. I accept the bitter reality, I accept the truth and I accept that I’m no more by believing all this my fear face just replaced with peace that I close my eyes while free falling. To my surprise the ground never came except that I land in water, with the loud splash I sunk down to some depth then I swarmed my way up the surface, with the large consumption of air I rose to the surface and then swam to the coast when I reached it I just lay down there; just sprawled from the exhausted swimming and starts wiping my drenched face as my legs were still in, I struggled by pushing my back up while my hands placed tight on the ground seeking for crutch and when they got it I helped myself to get up; my eyes starts investigating the place as I was wondering where I was. The water was just shimmering and glowing dark, with my abroad eyes I snoop towards it to see it more closely that I can’t believe what I see, it wasn’t water as I suspected it was blood. ‘Blood, how it can be?’ I wonder that some sort of hand appeared from it and it grasp my closed focused face, I instantly free my face from that deadly grip and with my pounding heart I rushed away from it and want to run away that someone held my leg; I fell on my face that three more hands appeared from it and get hold of my legs and start pulling me in to the blood I struggled hard but in vain with a loud screech I just goes in the blood stream once again.

 I rose to the surface and swam exhausted to the coast and when I found the solid ground beneath me I just run away from there as fast as I could; with my over pounded heart and losing breaths I land on my knees when I knew that I’m safe.  I was literally shivering as my eyes witnessing the ground beneath me soaking with blood with which I was being soaked, when I found my breath I gather all the energy and stood once again and start inspecting the place while I walk, I lost my remaining guts when I heard some dreadful screams as if someone was calling for help but was harmed again and again by something monster, I start following them as they were getting feeble and feeble after every second then to my surprise they just ended, I was still running towards them. I can’t accept it as true what I was seeing, with a light moan my whole body starts trembling that I land on my knees; in front of me I was witnessing someone it was not that dark that I can’t see those white hair fluttering as his head was bend on his shoulder, He was drinking blood.

(It's better to hear Unravel by Kuraiinu but at low volume because your safety is my top priority... have fun :D)

That helpless eyes just aim towards me as his black hairs flutter away, “Help… me.” he cried almost in whisper that I can’t endure that sight more longer, with puckered brow and anger flushed face I start heading to him that when he hears my steps closing in he aims his head towards me and then stands, “We don’t have to do this.” he said to me as his white hairs were all over his face, “Yeah sure we have to.” I replied and pulled out my Kagani while glancing to my left where he was lying; his body half drained, “We are alike.” He said to me again when he sees me pulling out my Kagani, “I’m nothing like you.” I replied that he chuckles sarcastically, “Then watch this…” He said and aims his Kagani towards his half drained body and held him from his throat, “No please wait… don’t do this.” I yelled out when I see this, “Can you save him?” He said that I rushed to him before he could take any wrong step which I think he would but I was late by then …his Kagani pierce out through his front; splashing his blood everywhere, “No…” I groaned while the anger just blazed inside me, I waspishly turned to him and then I don’t know what happened with me, because my Kagani was just drenched with his blood. His flabbergasted eyes were fixed on mine confusedly, as I have hell no idea what had I done because my Kagani was just holding his drenched pulsing heart, He then fell that I hold him I was shivering and confused, blood spout out from his mouth and with a breaking breath he spoke, “See you are alike me… a Killer… *Echoes*”....


Hey dear readers, congratulations you’ve read the third part I just want to say one thing, ‘keep reading:D’


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