Avengers book 1 prefences

book 1 has - tony. thor and loki
you can message me or comment for request for one and I try to respond soon as possible. - Mystery Girl


9. # 9 he meets your bestie



Tony: ( he already met your best friend since collage, pepper)


You two was at your fav resturant in new york city and you and pepper chatted.


Pepper: you and tony


You: yeah


Pepper: don't you think he's a -


You: jackass at first but he does that for a show


Pepper: so you seen the real tony stark


You: kind of…he's sweet and kind but he's scared to show that side of him


Pepper: please be carefully…he's tony


You: okay


Thor: you and thor was double dateing with your friend ( your friend name) and her boyfriend of the moment. Which dinner chat was made of different questions such as


What is your job?

Where are you from?

And other question, when thor went to the bathroom. And your ( friend boyfirend) went to pay for the dinner. Your ( friend name)


(f/n): does he have a brother?


You: he doesn't talk about his family


(f/m): he is drop dead hotness


You: I know…I am real lucky to have him… thor is so sweet to me.


Than thor and ( firend's boyfriend) came back to the table.


Loki: ( your firend never met him but she lives across from your aparment. But she seen him)


One day you had coffee at your aparment and she brought him up.


( f/n): you and loki?


You: yeah


(f/n): he's dangerous, he almost took over the world


You: he's changed now, he know what he did was wrong and he did the time for the crime.


(f/n): what about he turns into a frog or you get some alien illness


You: trust me, loki is a good guy for once


Than ( friend name) stop worrying but she trusted her and she. Guess she could trust loki

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