Avengers book 1 prefences

book 1 has - tony. thor and loki
you can message me or comment for request for one and I try to respond soon as possible. - Mystery Girl


3. # 3 date




~~1st date outfit link - afanficprincess15.tumblr.com/post/125922628418/for-the-1st-d...

Tony had tropical flowers for you and put them in water and vase, than he drove to the airport. Where you got on a jet and you were going to la, after landing. You were drove to a beach, you never been to the beach and there was a romatic dinner. Set up and you sat down, as you ate, you chatted. He told you about his father and how he never showed loved to him. After dinner and a small walk through the beach, than you two headed back to new york.
Thor: outfit
He met you in front of the dinner and you two went to a nice resturant. For dinner, and we chatted and he was sweet and kind towards. You  after he paid for dinner and we went to the planarian. He told you about all the stars and the story behind them, you enjoyed the whole date with thor.
Loki: outfit
you had get ready and than the clock turn 6 pm, than he pop out of no where. He smiled in a cheeky way and you blushed
Loki: you look beaufuil , ( your name)
You: thanks
Loki: grab my hand
Than you throught about it
Loki: trust me, I'll bring you back
Than you grab his hand than you were transport to a beaufuil garden where there. Was a  romatice dinner than loki pulled the chair out for me
You: where are we?
Loki: relam
You: how?
Loki: magic
Than you stopped asking questions than he started to tell you about his home and his family and his trouble. You comfect him than you told him your life after your date.  He transport you back to your apartment

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