Avengers book 1 prefences

book 1 has - tony. thor and loki
you can message me or comment for request for one and I try to respond soon as possible. - Mystery Girl


1. # 1 meeting them



~~Tony: you were invited over to your best friends boss's house, your best friend. Since collage was pepper pots, she was the assient  of tony starks. You and her was drinking a wine that you brought over and you were laughing and talking. Than someone walk in the room and it was tony stark. Than he saw me and pepper had her pissed off face.
Tony: hello, there…I don't think me met before
You: it's ( your name) ( your last name)
Tony: tony stark
Pepper: she know's
Tony: want see my office
Pepper: she has to leave
Tony: I wasn't asking you, I am asking ( your name)
You: sure, than I have to leave
Tony: great
Than he showed his office and workplace, all the comptures and his iron man suit's. after you said goodbye and you got in your car before pepper went out.
Pepper: I am so sorry
You: it's cool he seems really cool
Pepper : bye
Than you left the lane.
Thor: today you were working at local café in the country side, than a young. Medium length blonde hair with blue eyes and had a fit body. The guy sat in your section and you went over and took his order. He was charming and sweet, than he paid for his order. Before leaveing he spoke up
? : I'll see you my lady
Than he left the dinner.
Loki: you were trying to get to safety, you were in new york during the alien attack. You saw a little girl and ran over and you help the girl up and than a roof. Was about to fall you and end you and little girl life. Than someone yelled " leave, go" and it was the man. Called loki and you grab the girl got to safety and you found girls mother. But you kept thinking about loki saveing you.






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