I See In Blue


2. The Apologie (1)

Ellie's POV

The Apologie

For once I felt proud, walking out of History, I felt a new type of power. I felt confident, kind but I was still recovering from that spark of reality. Jamie was watching. I popped the pack of cigars from my purse and ran over to Jamie.

'Want a Ciggie?' I smirked. He took one and sighed.

'I saw what happened in class...'

'I...it wasn't what you think it was...'

'Oh, Princess, I think it was...' He chuckled. I blushed a crimson pink when He called me "Princess".

'W...wait... I was...'

'Pissing her off, don't worry, I'm proud, I heard her crying in the girls toilets across from the boys. Well done Princess'

I smiled slyly. Then guilt twisted my tongue. What Have I Done.

I don't remember pissing her off... I wouldn't remember anyway. I remember apologising for the past lot of bullying, that's all. When Jamie was out of earshot and sight, I bolted to the toilets. Slowly peeking through the door, the whimpering got louder.

'Alexa, you here?'

'GO AWAY ELLIE!' She hissed

'What do you mean'

'I KNOW THIS IS AN ACT FOR YOU, JAMIE SAID SO! AND ANYWAY HE SAID THAT YOUR JUST GONNA H...h...hurt me' she said half heartedly. I felt a fiery sensation of anger creeping through my bones.

Jamie Lied To Her. He was as bad as I had been. He used to be so sweet! I can't believe I liked him! Who was i to ever get addicted to him. He influenced bad habits. Now I've lost a proper friend.

Maybe he only partly lied, I know it was wrong but I was going to prank her after I earned her trust. But Jamie didn't know that I didn't want to do that anymore. I felt terrible.

'I'm sorry' I sighed and stumbled out of the toilets.

'W...wait...' She stuttered, ' Was what he said ...um... True?!'

'It was at first' I began, turning around and grabbing her hand pulling her to the lockers, ' I swear I changed. But you can believe what you please... Jamie or Me. I don't mind. I'll be on my way.' Actually I do mind. That backstabbing sucker (Jamie) will get it when I find him.

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