"You ruined me. Now it's my turn."

Elia's life was turned upside down when a mysterious witch, Rhian, swept into her town and stole away everyone she loved - including her little sister, Jessica. Now she must accept her fate as the witch of the light, and destroy Rhian, before everything she knows is destroyed.


1. Chapter One

Jessica's gone. I know this because her bed is empty, and her doll is still there.

Jessica wouldn't go anywhere without her doll. 

There's a certain darkness in the air, clinging to my skin like rain. Oh god, oh god, oh god, she's gone. The realisation really hits me now. Rhian wasn't there when I got up, either. 

She's taken her.

I'm going to get her back.


AN: please please read this is my first story and I'd love some feedback. <3

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