Soaring Thoughts #1


8. Chapter 7

Austin P.O.V


While I was looking around the cafeteria, watching all kinds of food flying everywhere Madison's annoying voice kept on popping up. I was seriously annoyed by her talking to me and her batting her eyelashes at me as if she had something stuck in her eye. It was like she was super glued to me even though I kept telling her to get out of my way.

"So, everyone like loves me at this school and I'm sure you will to." Madison touched my arm slightly.

I tried not to roll my eyes by her stupid fake personality. When she stepped into the school today by the looks of her she seemed like a stuck up bitch already. "Madison, how many times do I have to tell you I don't care or give a fuck." I snarled at her.

Madison pouted. "Oh Austin. You don't understand what I could give you at this school." She flipped her hair. "I could make every girl attracted to you and you would be one of the schools favourite people."

I snorted. "Yeah well by the looks of it, it seems like girls are already attracted to me."

"Why won't you just fucking agree to be my boyfriend?!" She growled, very unladylike.

"Maybe because you're annoying the shit out of me and it's only my second day here at this school and you're already throwing yourself onto me." I said lamely. "Oh and because you're so desperate."

"I am not desperate!" She stomped her feet like a child.

I raised my eyebrows and turned my attention away from her. No one was paying attention to us since everyone was distracted by the food fight but as I turned my head a bit more I saw Naomi staring straight at me.


Naomi P.O.V


I was just sitting down watching everyone when I noticed that Madison was literally sticking her boobs in Austins face who was just sitting there not at all interested in her. I smiled. At least someone knew she was a fake person. I gotta say though, being in a cafeteria with food flying everywhere definitely isn't the romantic type of scene you'd want to share with a guy. Madison's next move was touching him on the arm while saying something which I was pretty sure he was annoyed at but he replied back to her. Madison said something back but they were too far away for me to hear them. The last thing I saw before Rebecca talked to me was Austin looking my way. I rapidly turned from his direction and faced Rebecca.

"What are you doing?" She asked.

I shrugged. "Just thinking."

"Ok, well I was just checking Austin out." She grinned but her face turned to annoyed. "Even though Madison was there."

"Yeah, Madison was sticking her boobs all in his face." I scrunched up my nose.

"So you were watching what they were doing?" Rebecca raised her eyebrows at me.

"Yeah, so?" I frowned.

"Nothing." Rebecca whistled and turned back to the others.

Ok sometimes my friends were totaly doof-heads. I moved my chair closer to my friends so I could hear their conversation.

Kristen was the one talking as always. "So I'm probably gonna like buy a black dress that has some red on it because I wanna blend in with the darkn-"

I raised an eyebrow and typed. "What is she talking about?"

James replied. "She's telling us about what she's gonna wear to the party."

Kristen put both hands on her hips and huffed. "Don't interrupt me." She said and went back to her normal self. "As I was saying, before I got rudely interrupted. I'm probably gonna like buy a black dress that has some red on it because I wanna blend in with the darkness of the room and because black and red is an amazing colour and they go well together." She made small gestures with her hand.

"Ok, you done?" Ben asked.

Kristen stopped talking and stared ar him for a while. "No." She said and went back to being a chatterbox. "So for the shoes and the jacket I might we-"

Luckily, being saved from Kristens chattering the doors burst open like it had before when the 'Bad Boys' came in but instead it was the principal who entered; with a microphone in his hand. Well it was about time. I mean who takes that long to realise theres a food fight in the cafeteria? Well obviously the principal. I would notice theres a food fight in approximately five seconds but maybe thats just because I'm still young and functional. Ok, now I'm doing exactly what Kristen was doing; being a chatterbox. The principal stomped through the cafeteria and stopped where he was with two teachers behind him. Everyone paused and stopped what they were doing which was pretty much throwing food at eachother. A few guys at the back of the cafeteria were still throwing food around and you could hear them since everyone had gone quiet. Even Georgio, Jake and Jacob. It didn't seem like the guys in the back cared whether the principal was there or not when he raised his microphone and spoke.

"Stop!" He yelled, only to receive a horrible feedback from the microphone.

I blocked my ears with my hands since the screeching sound was so loud and so did everyone else. The boys who were still fighting at the back had turned their attention to the principal.

After we all recovered the principal spoke again. "Good. Now you're all paying attention. Now tell me who is responsible for this!"

Well to be honest everyone in the cafeteria that was throwing food around was responsible in my point of view but whatever. The principal was the principal. The next second later all I could hear was a bunch of people blaming eachother whilst my friends and I just sat back, chilling in our chairs.

I heard some people screaming, "Georgio started it!" Whilst others were pointing at the girl that poured coke on Georgio and the person who yelled out 'FOOD FIGHT!', from before.

I rolled my eyes, not caring.

"Everyone stop!" The principal yelled through the microphone again, this time with no feedback.

I was kinda pissed that there wasn't any feedback noise because everyone in the cafeteria should have just damn shut up.

"Georgio, you and you." The principal pointed at Georgio, the girl who poured coke on Georgio and the guy who yelled 'FOOD FIGHT!'. "My office. Now."

"Whatever." Georgio mumbled and followed the principal to his office, along with the girl and the other guy.

Just as they walked out of the door the principal turned around. "If I see another food fight, you all get a two week detention!" He yelled and walked out the door.

"Jeesh, he's got a loud voice." Rebecca winced.

I nodded. The bell probably rung ages ago since I didn't hear it and now was way too late for it to ring so my friends and I started to get up and go to our last period of the day. Everyone else in the cafeteria did the same thing, not caring about the food that was still everywhere. The windows were all stained with eggs and sauce. Tables and chairs were covered with squshed potatoes or burgers. I don't wanna go any further in case you puke.

"Wonder if they're gonna clean the cafeteria." Ben said, walking alongside me.

Kristen scoffed. "Nah, you know they're probably just gonna leave the cafeteria like this and not clean it for the next ten years." She said. "Of course they'd clean it you doof."

I slapped Kristens arm and shot her a look.

"Alright! Sorry Ben." She apologised.

My classroom was coming up as we all parted ways and headed towards last period.

What a weird day.


Heres chapter 7! Next chapter I'm starting with Georgios P.O.V :). Hope you like this book so far! Xoxo.

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