Soaring Thoughts #1


6. Chapter 5

Naomi P.O.V


The school day ended and currently I was at the schools dance studio on my phone, texting the group what the principal said to me. I was quite exhausted after doing some Jazz dancing so I decided to take a little break but it didn't help that I had a shift at my current work place after this. I wasn't the worlds best dancer or anything but I started dancing at the age of ten and thats how I got interested to do some more dancing but did it just for fun. It calmed me down a lot and helped my tight muscles to loosen up a bit but right now I seriously needed help to figure out if I should really help Austin or not. All the other girls in the school were already drooling and gawking at him whenever he walked by and it was only the first day of school. I wondered what they'd think or say if they found out if he was illiterate. I'm sure sooner or later the school would find out Austins little 'secret' and I have no idea if the girls would still be all over him.

In a few minutes Kristen texted back to me on the group chat.

Group Chat: Me, Kristen, James, Rebecca, Ben and Chace.

Me: guys, guess what.

Kristen: WHAT?

Me: during period three I got sent to the principals office and Austin was there.



Kristen: Oh hey Rebecca!


Me: stop typing in capitals

Rebecca: sorry.

Kristen: well? What happened?!

Me: I found out Austin is illiterate.

Kristen: what?

Rebecca: illiterate is someone who can't read and write or it could be just one of them.

Me: glad someones been reading the dictionary.

Kristen: whatever. So Austin can't read or write?

Me: yeah.

Rebecca: He's still hot.

Kristen: yeah, I agree.

Me: no. He's so rude.

Chace: Krissy, you know I'm hotter than any guy you meet.

Kristen: I do?

Chace: even if you say no or yes, I'm still the hottest guy in the world.

Me: you're so full of yourself sometime Chace.

Chace: thats why I'm your friend.

Me: you are?

Chace: stop messing around with me. A guy can get their feelings hurt too.

Rebecca: can't tell if that was a joke or not.

Chace: it was both.

Me: guys I gotta go home and change for work.

Rebecca: oh yeah, you always work on a Monday.

Chace: alright, see ya.

Kristen: bye!

Me: c u later!

I checked the time on my phone which was around 5:30 now. Then I shut it off and went to the corner of the dance studio where my bag was and picked it up, heading out while closing the door behind me. I walked out of the gates as some students were still inside the school and made my way back home to get ready for work.

I arrived at the doorstep, opening the door and found mum sitting down, reading a book by Lisa Gardner. She was flipping a page when she raiseed her head to look at me.

"Hi sweetie, you have a shift at work right?" Mum asked.

I nodded and headed up the staircase. The place I was working at was just a restaurant and my role was just a waitress which really bored the heck out of me. This wasn't like a real job or anything but teenagers like me usually worked at a place temporarily. When I got to my room I changed into my usual work clothes which seriously didn't suit me but whatever. Firstly, I fitted on my red button up top which my boss gave me and along with that I fitted on my black skirt. Apparently we had to wear suspenders. Like seriously. I added the black suspenders to my outfit along with a black headband which had a bow on it. I looked like those people who worked at amusement parks. Then I walked over to my dressing table and put some mascara and lip gloss on. I checked myself out in the mirror and cringed a bit. Gosh.

After I had gotten ready I just took a small side bag with me to put my belongings in and went back downstairs where my mum was still reading her book. I quickly wrote down on my notebook that I was leaving and showed it to her. 'The Lucifier' was still in my bed room since it was way to big to bring to work.

"I'm leaving now. Love you mum." I held up the notebook to her.

She smiled at me. "Have a fun time."

"Don't think I will." I wrote down.

"Just try make the best out of it, honey." She smiled and then waved me off, sticking her nose back into the book.

I closed the door behind me and walked down the street. The sky was still pretty bright and some people were walking past me. My parents and I lived in the kind-of-rich-side-of-town but we really weren't exactly as rich as some of the stuck up people in our school who thought they ruled the universe. I reached a corner and then turned, making my way towards 'Roasting Diners', the restaurant I worked at. The name was a weird one because it sounded as if this restaurant was mean't to roast our customers. Ok, that was just too lame. I arrived just in time and opened the door that had an 'open' sign on it. If you were ever late to work for example by ten minutes, then you would have to stay an extra ten minutes late when your shift was mean't to end earlier than that. So far, I've never been late to work.

"Hey Naomi!" My friend Brianna that worked with me said. "Missed you!" She hugged me.

I wrote down in my notebook. "Missed you too Brianna!"

She smiled at me. "We start our shifts in a few minutes so just go around to check and make sure everything is fine."

I nodded and walked the tables and chairs, checking if everything was all fine. All i really did was tuck in some chairs that seemed a bit out of its place. In a few minutes people started to pile in. The restaurant was surprisingly quite popular and a lot of people came here at night. It was probably because the restaurant was in a rich area and was the closest one to get to if you lived around here.

People entered and sat down at a table as Brianna welcomed them in. Other waitresses I didn't really talk to started moving to tables and took orders. After just standing around for a while Brianna approached me.

"Hey, go serve someone." Brianna said. "Do that table, they're looking pretty pissed about not haveing a waitress there." She pointed.

I nodded and followed where she was pointing at. Oh shit. It was Madison Sprague.

"Can't I do another table?" I wrote down and held it up to her.

She sighed. "Yeah whatever."

I nodded and walked to the first table which I saw that didn't have a waitress until a voice popped up from behind me.

"Hey waitress, get over here!" Madison commanded, impatiently.

I looked around to see if she was talking to a different waitress. But nope, it was me. I really didn't want to serve the bitch who was sitting with her two minions, Jacinta Vwells and Liana Widson but being a waitress was part of my job and I couldn't ignore customers otherwise my boss woulld get super pissed. I walked over to her, hoping she wouldn't remember me but I'd been in the school we both went to for three years so how could she not notice me as the mute girl?

"Took you long enough." Madison snorted very unladylike.

I stood there awkwardly.

"Well? Give me and my friends food." She snapped causing me to flinch a bit. "Don't get why so many people apparently come here when their people can't even serve customers on time." She mumbled to Jacinta and Liana.

I got my notebook out and wrote down, 'what would you like?', then showing it to her.

She just stared at the paper. "Can you like talk instead of writing."

'I'm mute.' I wrote and showed it to her.

She raised both her eyebrows as if she figured something out. "Are you that mute girl in my school?"

I nodded.

"Well stay away from me. I'm sure your disease or whatever is contagious and what are you wearing?!" She eyed my outfit down in disgust and snickered as her friends giggled with her. Then she raised her arm. "We need a different waitress here please!"

I looked over to Brianna and saw her sympathic look for me. Whatever. I really didn't care right now since I was already on the urge of cryinf in public. Quickly, I walked away from the bitches table aka the 'dont-get-too-close-to-us-or-we'll-cut-your-head-off' table and walked to where Brianna was.

"You okay? I heard what they said to you since they were pretty loud." She said softly.

I nodded and folded my arms firmly, leaning against the counter table.

"Do they go to your school?" Brianna asked. "I've never seen them come here before."

I nodded.

Brianna leaned into my ear and whispered, "Forgive my language but they seem like real bitches to me."

I smiled a bit at her attempt to lighten up the mood and wrote some words down in my notebook.

'Can I go home?' I held up the notebook.

Brianna frowned. "You just got here."

I gave her pleading eyes.

She sighed. "Fine, but only this one time. I'll have to explain to boss why you were only here for like ten minutes."

I nodded and hugged her and opened the restaurant door, walking into open air. It wasn't too dark but it was getting chilly so I quickly walked down the streets and across the roads to stop myself from freezing to death. Once I arrived back home I hurriedly opened the door and went inside the house. Dad was on the couch, reading the newsletter which brought my attention back to what the principal said to me before about helping Austin. Mum was cooking what seemed like dinner butturned around as I just leaned against the door.

"Hello sweetie, you're back from work early." Mum said.

I nodded and shrugged, walking up to my dad in the lounge room.

"Hello pumpkin, how was your day?" Dad asked.

I smiled and began to write. 'Fine, I wasn't needed at work today.'

He nodded. "Well your mother is making dinner right now so go up to your room and change. We'll call you down when dinners ready."

I nodded and walked back to my room. I flopped myself straight onto the bed and took in a deep breath, then letting it out. It took myself some time to get up from my bed as I stared at the blank ceiling but I pushed myself up and changed into some comfortable pjs. Then I took some face wipes to clear off my mascara and lipgloss.

After a while my mum called me for dinner. I sat at my seat and began the eat the delicious spghetti bolognese. It didn't take a long time to finish my meal since I was a fast eater so I put my bowl in the sink and wrote to my parents that I was going to go to bed early. I walked back upstairs, feeling completely worn out from today and went straight to sleep.


So this chapter was longerr than other chapters I have done but I hope you liked it. You met the Queen Bee of the school in this chapter (Madison) and she will appear in more chapters later on along with the 'Bad Boys' of the school. Thanks for reading this far ad this took like 4 hours to complete since my fingers were really lazy. Xoxo.

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