Soaring Thoughts #1


4. Chapter 3

Naomi P.O.V


I looked up at the three boys that were in front of me. I felt like a small little girl who just wanted to run away and be held by her mother. Jacob Clarke, Jake Foster and Georgio O' Murray were standing there just looking down at me. Or if you'd like to call them, the Bad Boys of the school. They were fierce and hated everyone who got in their way but they were also the most popular guys in the school. Everyone knew them, as in if someone told you about these guys and you didn't know who they were you'd be like a totaly brainless pig. These three guys were staring me down which seemed like forever until Georgio spoke up.

"Well, are you gonna move out of my way or do I have to push you?" He harshly said, glaring at me.

Anger issues much.

I nodded and stepped to the side for them to pass and quickly walked past them when one of them spoke.

"You're the mute girl aren't you?" Georgio asked but I'm sure he already knew that. Nearly everyone in the school knew me as the mute girl.

I nodded.

He walked towards me. "So you can't speak at all?" Georgio asked.

I wanted to say to him, 'what do you think, idiot. Can mutes speak? No' but instead I nodded, my face heating up by the second he kept walking towards me.

Jake scoffed. "Dude, what are you doing. We have more important things to do than talk to a stupid mute girl like her."

Georgia turned to Jake. "Calm down mate, just trying to intimidate her." He smirked and walked closer to me, his eyes travelling to my outfit. "You know, you really shouldn't wear clothes like that at school. Who knows what could happen."

I felt Georgio backing me up against the locker as his friends were just a few feet behind him obviously irritated by their own friend wasting time on a person like me. Georgio then saw the huge device that I held against me, along with some other books. He glanced at me briefly and snatched 'The Lucifier' away from me, opening the lid up.

"Well, what's this?" He chuckled. "Doesn't look like any random computer to me."

I really wanted to snap at him that it was for my communication with people but Georgio wasn't focused on me. Instead he was looking at everything on 'The Lucifier'.

"Dude, seriously who cares." Jacob piped in.

"You guys are so impatient." Georgio sighed and shook his head, then handing 'The Lucifier' back to me. "I was having fun with her."

"I could tell." Jake mumbled.

"Alright, whatever lets go." Georgio turned to walk away but stopped. "Until we meet again miss mute."

I rolled my eyes as I saw them turn around a corner in the hallway. It was then I realised how late I was for class which probably already started around ten minutes ago. Damn. I quickly ran to my classroom and only a few students were still lurking around the hallways. Once I arrived at the classroom I opened the door slightly and peeked in. All the students heads were faced to the front where the teacher was commanding them to do work or whatever but their eyes quickly laid on me. I entered the classroom just when the teacher turned around from the board and took my seat at an empty desk.

"Any explanation as to why you were late Miss?" The teacher glowered at me.

I didn't recognise this teacher at all and she looked pretty mean so I assumed she was a new teacher here. Probably her first day.

"Well?" The teacher crossed her arms as the rest of the class just stared at me even though they knew I was mute no one bothered to tell her.

I opened 'The Lucifier' and started typing in it.

The teachers voice startled me. "Didn't I just ask you a question Miss?"

I looked up from 'The Lucifier' and nodded at her.

"Well answer me then!" She ordered.

I pressed the play button on 'The Lucifier'

"My name is Naomi Ainsworth and I am mute." I stared straight at the teacher as the class waited for her reaction.

After a few seconds of blinking and looking at me the teacher scoffed. "Stop playing games with me child. It's not amusing to make fun of mute and pretend you're a mute."

"I am mute." I repeated.

"Stop playing games with me or I shall call the principal!" The teacher hissed.

I shrugged and nodded. "He knows I am mute." 'The Lucifier's' robotic voice played.

"Oh really, then I shall call him now." The teacher said those final words and left the classroom.

Everyone just turned to me and I raised my eyebrows. Um, it's rude to stare at people.

A girl got up from her seat, sitting on her table instead. "That teacher is such a bitch."

I typed on my keyboard.

"Is she new?" I questioned.

The girl shrugged. "Guess so."

"She worked in my old school but I don't think she'd remember me." A guys voice perked up. "She was a pain in the ass."

I laughed, no sound coming out.

The teacher arrived in a few minutes with the principal by her side. I heard her talking to the principal about how I was 'lying'.

"Yes, so you see the girl was trying to play games in my class by pretending to be a mute and I to-" the teacher rambled when the principal interrupted her.

"Is it Naomi?" He asked the teacher, pointing towards me.

The teachers eyes passed to me. "Yes."

"She is mute." The principle stated.

"That's what she was telling me but I swear she was lying through her teeth." The teacher complained.

I don't get why the teacher was making such a big fat ass deal about this, I mean really?

"Naomi Ainsworth has been at this school for three years and ever since she came here she hasn't ever been able to speak so she is mute." The principal said to the teacher. "If you didn't realise she has a device which she uses to help her communicate to people."

The teachers eyes went to 'The Lucifier' and she pointed at it. "That?"

The principal followed where her eyes were and nodded. The teachers face flushed a light shade of pink in a flash, obviously embarrassed by accusing a student (me) of something that wasn't true.

"Oh." The teacher murmured. "I'm sorry, I hadn't realised." She then turned to me. "I apologise, Naomi."

I nodded and smiled, slightly happy of her embarrassment. I know, I'm evil, mwahaha.

"It's fine. It's only your first day here so no need to pressure yourself Miss Viletto." The principal smiled at her. Oh so that was her name. The principal faced me. "Naomi, I would like to speak with you."

I nodded, slightly worried at what I could have done wrong. I got out of my seat and tucked it in, taking my bag and 'The Lucifier' along with me and followed the principal out the door.

"Let's go to my office." The principal said.

I nodded again like I always did and followed him even though I already knew where the principals office was. I mean who wouldn't if they've been at a school for three years? You've either been in a different world for half your life or you just forget easily which is what happens to me sometimes. As we reached his office eventually, the principal walked in first, then me.

"You may take a seat Miss Ainsworth." The principal offered one of the two seats to me.

The thing was, one of the seats were already being sat in.


Lol, that ending was kind weird. I don't even know. But who do you think is in the seat? Why does the principal want to talk to Naomi? Find out next Chapter. Thanks for reading this far! Xoxo

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