Soaring Thoughts #1


3. Chapter 2

Naomi P.O.V


I walked into the cafeteria after second period, since it was break time and found my friends already gathered together. I approached them and they all turned to look at me. Rebecca jumped out of her seat and ran towards me, along with Kristen as the others just walked slowly to me.

"Hey Naomi!" Rebecca flung her arms around me. "Missed you so much! How was your holidays? Don't include the days where we all went out together."

She realeased her hold of me and I smiled at her as I typed on 'The Lucifier's' keyboard.

"I missed you too! My holidays were just me sitting around all day and eating." I grinned as 'The Lucifier' talked.

Kristen laughed. "Yeah, cause food is bæ."

"Well, my holidays were just as boring so don't worry." Rebecca said dorkishly as her eyes widened and looked behind me, to the cafeteria door. "Hey, is that the new kid?!"

I turned around to who she was looking at and noticed Austin walking in through the cafeteria door all by himself while girls in the room were either checking him out or fanning themselves with their hands. I swear they were exaggerating that movement because no one can get sweaty because of some dude walking through a door. I think. Austin seemed to just ignore everyone who was looking at him and like before, there were murmurs flowing around as if people were playing chinese whispers.

"Hes so hot." I heard Kristen mumble, daydreamingly.

Chace went by Kristens side and grabbed her by the waist, pulling her into him.

"No he isn't because I'm hotter." He stated.

Kristen thought about it for a second. "Nah, he's hotter." She joked but quickly apologised when she saw Chace's reaction. "I'm kidding babe! Jeesh, sorry."

I rolled my eyes thinking about how goofy they were around each other.

Kristen and Chace have been together for a year already and this was just like them every day. I missed having their prescence around me during the holidays. The actual fact is that Chace and Kristen don't look anything like a couple. No offence. Kristen wore gothic, black, dark clothes which made her appear more scary or like a decil in a way which was why people always avoided her. When people first saw her in those clothes they judged her automatically seeming to think she was the 'bullying type' or a bitchy girl so they never went near her. I new that wasn't true as I saw her crying at the sink in the girls bathroom around two years ago which was how I met her. She had explained that everyone started calling her names because of the way she dressed and how creepy she was.

Eventually people stopped bullying her since I told them to piss off and defended her every time I needed to. Chace met Kristen and suddenly seemed to be captivated by her looks and started to hang out with her more, inviting her to places and spending time together. The beginning of last year was the time they announced that they were officially a couple an hopefully it would stay that way.

I smiled at myself, but quicky snapped out of my thoughts when Rebecca clicked a finger in front of my face.

"Hello? Earth to Naomi?" She said, waving her hands in front of my face. "First day of school and you're already zoning out."

I smiled sheepishly at her and mouthed a 'sorry' to her without an actual noise. The good thing was that I could still move my mouth to lipsync. It wasn't like my mouth had gone paralysed or something but if I wanted to say small words that would be easy to read on my lips I would mouth them.

"Anyways, I also think he's hot Kristen." Rebecca stared at Austin with affection."Wonder what that Madison bitch would think of him."

I rolled my eyes and typed on 'The Lucifier'.

"He's just any normal guy and I haven't even seen Madison here today so she's probably away." I shrugged as 'The Lucifier' played.

"A hot normal guy, Naomi and I seriously hope Madison left the school." Rebecca hissed.

"Not likely that Madison left the school." Kristen snorted.

I shook my head, dissapointed in how my friends were so into guys that only had 'hot' looks and were talking about the bitch of our school. Madison and her little minions, Jacinta and Liana were the 'Queens' of the school. I'm sure every school has at least a 'Queen Bee' but Madison was seriously rude to anyone who stood in her way. She really liked going to parties and making out with boys from what I've heard. At least Madison and her bitches don't really notice me a lot.

Kristen and Rebecca were the only girls in our group, including me and the rest were Chace, James (who is Kristens brother) and Ben. The six of us.

James groaned. "Can you girls stop gawking at him and sit back down or we'll lose our table."

I nodded at him and mouthed, 'I agree'.

"Yeah, whatever." Rebecca said, glancing at Austin one last time.

The cafeteria had settled down after Austin came in, who was sitting by himself, picking at his food. I frowned and raised my eyebrows as I sat back down into my seat at the table when Ben suddenly spoke.

"The guy does look lonely doesn't he?" Ben looked at Austin, observing him. "But I doubt that he'll be lonely in less than a week since all the girls are all over him."

I nodded in reply and stood up from my seat. Ben looked up at me.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

I typed something down on 'The Lucifier' and played it. "Going to invite him to sit with us."

"Why?" Ben asked.

I sighed and moved my fingers on the keyboard quickly. "You're the one that said he looked lonely so I'm going to invite him. Just make sure Kristen and Rebecca don't drool everywhere."

I was pretty sure from all this typing that one day my poor little fingers would fall off even though I was a fast typer. Ben nodded at me and turned to the rest of the table, tuning into their conversation as I walked away to Austin.

"Hi." I typed and pressed play.

Austin obviously heard and saw me since I was standing right next to him but didn't look up.

"What do you want." He muttered while picking at a frie.

"You seem lonely." I frowned.

He shrugged. "So. Whats it to you?"

I typed.

"Do you want to sit with my friends and I?" I offered.

"Why exactly?" He asked.

"Stop asking so many questions." I rolled my eyes.

He sighed. "If I sit with you this one time then will you leave me alone afterwards?"

I smiled. "Maybe, maybe not."

"I'll pretend I never heard that." He said and got out from his seat, took his not yet eaten food and headed towards the bin, chucking it away. Then he exited the cafeteria.

Stubborn idiot.

I walked back to my table and joined the group again.

"So. What did he say?!" Kristin randomly said, out of the blue once I sat in my seat.

I frowned, a bit muddled up about what she meant and mouthed 'who?'.

"Austin." Kristin said lamely.

"You were watching our conversation?" I gave her a look.

"Hey! Ben here told us you were gonna bring him here to sit with us." Kristin said defensively.

"Well as you can see, I haven't succeeded in that." The Lucifier said, repeating what I typed.

"Next time you will succeed." Rebecca ordered.

"God, obsessed much." James snorted.

"Thats because you're not a girl James." Kristen folded her arms.

James wrinkled his nose. "And I'm definitely not thinking of becoming one."

"Offensive!" Rebecca slapped him on the arm.

"Yeah whatever, shoot them accusations at me now." James scoffed.

Just then the bell rang for the next period and we all parted ways. I walked along the hallway alongside Ben, carrying some of my extra books in my arms.

"So what did Austin say to you when you talked to him?" Ben asked.

Since 'The Lucifier' was too heavy to type on while walking and carrying it, I got my notebook out and wrote down one word and held it up to him.

'Idiot', the paper said in my handwriting.

"He called you an idiot?" Ben questioned.

I shook my head and wrote down some words.

'He's an idiot', I held up the notebook.

Ben chuckled. "Seriously? What did he do?"

'Stubborn idiot walked away from me'.

"Well a lot of people walk away from other people these days." Ben joked.

I rolled my eyes at his joke which wasn't exactly funny to me. We turned a corner and parted ways as we each had a different subject. I waved to him, not looking where I was walking as my head was still turned to him. Then in a quick breeze I felt myself topple over slightly as I bumped into a wall. A moving wall. Oh my god, a moving wall what the hell! I quickly walked backwards and looked at what was in front of me. Well technically it was a who.


There is chapter 2! I know, Naomi keeps bumping into people which is seriously darn weird. Coincedence much? And she sounds so dramatic. Anyways, hope you liked the book so far but a lot more things will happen later on. I have tons of plans for this first book of the 'Soaring Series'. Thanks for reading! Xoxo

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