Soaring Thoughts #1


1. Introduction

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Naomi Ainsworth (17)/ The Lucifier (her talking device)

Austin Costello (17)

Rebecca Kowalski (17)

Ben Madrid (17)

Kristen Shrader (17)

James Shrader (17)

Chace Furwood (17)

•Queen Bee & minions•

Madison Sprague(17)

Jacinta Vwells (17)

Liana Widson (17)

•Badboys of the school•

Jacob Clarke (17)

Jake Foster (17)

Georgio O'Murray (17)

     *A/N (A U T H O R ' S NOTE )*

Thank you all who passed by to check out my story and I hope y'all like this!

It might not be as good as you expected but I tried my best :)

This is my first story and I hope you guys can keep on reading this story throughout the time.

I live in Australia so the setting, place, time and ways we have at school here is different so sorry if you're confused about the school system. I am also half English and Asian. I love food.

I really like reading and writing. I have done some draft stories on Wattpad and posted them but then deleted them since they weren't very good.

So now I'm starting fresh and hope you guys all enjoy this.

Also, I would love to see your ideas on this story or some book cover ideas!

Idk what else to say about me since some things are personal but if you do have questions feel free to message me and I could be able to answer.

This book is completely FICTION and you may NOT copy this book in any way. If you would like to share my book to anyone that would be remarkable but just warning you guys.

*R E M I N D E R*

Please do not leave hate comments on my story and please do not start a hassle with other people or those will be deleted.


In Australia we call it year and not grade so it is really confusing. I'm not sure how schools work in other countries but I'm sticking with my countries ways of school.

A/N: Since Naomi cannot talk and uses 'The Lucifier' (her device) to communicate, when I type in the things 'The Lucifier' says, it will be like this for example; "My name is Naomi.", so that you will know its 'The Lucifier' talking. Sorry if it's confusing.



Start: 7th, July, 2016




"I'm not normal like other people." He muttered, his head bowed down.

"You don't have to be."


One morning, One leaf and One guy could change everything.


When Naomi is heading off to school one morning, a leaf smacks her right in the face while she's crossing the road. Just as a car almost hits Naomi, a guy throws her off the road.


© Yan Yu Cottingham 2016 All Rights Reserved



A/N: all of the characters and places in my story are not real and are made up with my imagination.


Small quote.


There are good and bad things in life. You will always have a choice. Either way there are always consequences on both sides. No matter how, good or bad you are the choice you make will always have consequences and a consequence will always be taken.

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