A Not-So Tiny Adventure

Mari just found out she was pregnant. But what will she do when she finds out that she is pregnant with twins, her mom has some troubles of her own that Mari is forced to be involved in, and Ollie, her boyfriend of over three years, decides it's too much and leaves?
Mari has to make some tough calls, but finds out a lot about herself in 'A Not-So Tiny Adventure'.


3. 3

My mom arrived at the office and stayed with me through some tests. She threw her arms around me in a hug when I showed her the ultrasound.

"I'm gonna be here honey. I'm so sorry Oliver did this and just up and left. But you've got my help," she said, with a sad yet soft smile.

I nodded and held her hand on the way out.

We went home to see Adam, my mom's ex husband, in the driveway. He was obviously drunk and pissed off. I began to unbuckle angrily to tell him off. This was becoming too regular of an activity of his.

My mom put her hand on my leg to stop me and said she'd handle it. We parke further down the street so we could still see the house but he couldn't see us. Easily, that is.

Mom put her hand on my thigh reassuringly and pulled out her cell. She dialed her friend thomas, who worked at the police station. He answered immediately. Once he heard the issue, he said he'd arrive with another officer in two or three minutes.

A couple minutes later, right before Thomas arrived, Adam spotted us and began to storm over.

"Shit," said Mom. We locked the doors.

He began to pound on my window.

"Let me in! I wanna bash your skull in, you're a buncha filthy rats! Turnin me in for dealin around here. Well I'm outta jail, and I'm back for ya! I promise, first chance I get, I'll kill ya and yer kid!" He then proceeded to pick up a rock and tried to smash my window.

I was shaking at this point, but thankfully Thomas pulled up right in time with another officer in two patrol cars.

Adam looked at them.

"Damn yall! I'll getcha, promise!" He screamed, then took off down the street.

Thomas and Lenny, the other officer, caught him quickly. Lenny put him in the back of a patrol car, and Thomas came over to talk to us.

"Listen, I don't know if we'll be able to hold him for more than 72 hours. Who knows, possibly longer. Still, with those threats, I suggest possibly relocating and changing numbers, perhaps a witness protection type of thing, but not so deep." He said gruffly.

My mom looked agitated but knew he was right. For mine and my babies safety, I'd do whatever, and I knew she would too.

So, that night, Mom called Deb, her best friend, who owns a successful nationwide real estate agency. She hooked us up, and in the middle of the night, we packed up our small house, and were on a plane by 10 am the next morning.

From Arizona to Ohio all in one night.

On the plane, I could only think of one thing.

What on Earth just happened in the past day? Twins, Ollie leaving, going into a sorta Witness protection thing, what the actual heck?

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