A Not-So Tiny Adventure

Mari just found out she was pregnant. But what will she do when she finds out that she is pregnant with twins, her mom has some troubles of her own that Mari is forced to be involved in, and Ollie, her boyfriend of over three years, decides it's too much and leaves?
Mari has to make some tough calls, but finds out a lot about herself in 'A Not-So Tiny Adventure'.


2. 2

As we made our way into the doctors office, I felt my heart racing. I was worried something would be really wrong with my baby.

As if reading my thoughts, Ollie turned to me with a smile.

"Everything's going to be perfect, and we'll be here with each other every step of the way," he spoke, reassuringly.

I knew he was right, but my heart still sped up again when the nurse called us back to the room.

A doctor came into the room, and introduced herself as Dr. Wyatt.

Dr. Wyatt did the ultrasound, and I watched the screen like a hawk.

"Wait, something's not right," I said slowly.

"Why is my baby so big? I'm not that far along..." I spoke, fearing the worst was coming true, and my baby was going to come out hurt and unhealthy.

Dr. Wyatt smiled, "That's because you don't have a baby."

"What?!" I said, almost on the verge of tears. She held up one finger, as if saying to let her finish.

"You don't just have a baby. You've got babies! Twins! Congratulations!" She spoke.

I sighed in relief then squealed excitedly. I turned to Ollie, expecting the same reaction.

He ran his fingers through his hair then sighed. He looked at me longingly, suddenly seeming extremely distant.

"Mar, I-I don't think I can do this. I'm. I'm really sorry."

He began standing up while I was still laying down, the smile slowly falling off my face.

"Ollie? What do you mean? We're in this together, remember? That's what you said. Oliver! Look at me! Please, don't-" I was cut off by him quietly clicking the door shut. I looked at Dr. Wyatt with tears in my eyes.

"Honey. I am so sorry," I began to sob openly. She tried to help me out by saying, "If you want, I can, ah, get you some brochures for some programs that will really help you out." She said with a pained yet knowing look in her eyes. She tried to give me a smile but I barely could see through all my tears.

I sniffled and nodded. She left me to myself. I called my mom, asking her to come down and pick me up. She asked what happened, but I just told her I'd explain when she got here.

I continued to cry while changing back into my clothes, but then looked at the little blob on the picture Dr. Wyatt gave me from my ultrasound. I cracked a smile. Twins.

I can do this.

I hope.

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