A Not-So Tiny Adventure

Mari just found out she was pregnant. But what will she do when she finds out that she is pregnant with twins, her mom has some troubles of her own that Mari is forced to be involved in, and Ollie, her boyfriend of over three years, decides it's too much and leaves?
Mari has to make some tough calls, but finds out a lot about herself in 'A Not-So Tiny Adventure'.


1. 1

"Just forget it," I groaned into my pillow.

"No, Marianne, I will not 'just forget it'. I am your mother. Now you tell me why there is a positive pregnancy test in the bathroom trash right now!" My mother said, acting angry but sounding surprising calm.

I rolled my eyes and looked at her.

"For the last time, I like Mari. It's not hard. Mah-ree. And Ollie and I love each other, mom. We're having a baby, and if you don't like it, then my kid and I will be out of your hair for good." I said, getting annoyed.

I suppose I should back up.

My name is Mari, and I live with my mom. I met Ollie my freshman year of high school. I remember that day perfectly.

*flashback to the first day of highschool*

"Get outta my way, dork!" Said some annoying upperclass douche, pushing me against a wall of lockers. I rolled my eyes, huffing, but continuing on to the main hall so I could collect my schedule and locker combination.

I got turned around and bumped into a boy. I blushed, seeing him; I was instantly addicted.

He grinned, "I'm Oliver. Sophomore. Need some help finding where to get your schedule?" I nodded gratefully.

We got it and he looked it over appreciatively.

"Wow. You're smart. We've got almost every single class together, except when you're in art fourth period, I'll be in gym class."

I introduced myself finally, then continued on to class. We had instantly hit it off then by next week we went on our first date. The beginning of an awesome thing.

*flashback ending*

I rolled over in bed, staring at my wall. My mom sighed.

"Are you going to talk to me about this? At all?" I shook my head no. I wasn't ready for so much talking. Yeah I was a couple months along already, but I'll be graduating in less than a month. I needed to focus on what mattered right now, and I'd be good to my body for my baby, but this isn't going to stop me from graduating.

My phone chirped. Ooh a text from Ollie!

He would be here in ten to pick me up for our visit to the doctor. He made the appointment as soon as I texted him a few nights ago with the big news.

I exhaled softly, nervous and excited for the first appointment.

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