Dragon Lore

Here it is. The stories of several prominent figures in dragonlore. For those that wish to hear of the deeds of brave dragons, dark dragons, wizards, sorcerers, enchanters, and warriors, read on!


3. Avana Goldscales

The first dragon that I will speak of is one that was already mentioned in the history- Avana Goldscales.


Name: Avana Goldscales

Breed: Sunset Gold

Date: The first centuries of human sentience. No date is recorded for Avana's time, and few legends speak of her. The dragons do not use dates as humans do, instead classifying dragons by what age they lived in. Avana is recorded to have lived in The Age of Humans.

Fame: Avana is known for giving the humans the gift of knowledge. She was the daughter of Tazzaran Flameclaw- one of the most powerful dragons of the time. Tazzaran lorded over a large tribe of humans that brought him offerings each day. However, one day Avana saw the humans suffering under her father's rule, and took the initiative. She gave the humans a gift- though the identity of this gift is somewhat uncertain. My best suspicion is that it was water from the same well that transformed the dragons in the first place. It was gifted to the humans, to grant them intelligence, strength, and good health. However, dragons do not appreciate sharing their wealth, and Tazzaran Flameclaw himself ordered his daughter executed. Even upon death, though, Avana showed the dragons the importance of a proper system, through the humans as they grew stronger and more powerful. Her head was flung into the deepest depths of the ocean, where it still glows and smolders today.

References: There are very few tales in human or dragon lore that tell of Avana. However, there is one human poem entitled 'The Tale of Goldscales' which tells of a wanderer named Taron being given a gift by a dragon, simply identified as 'Goldscales'. This is believed to be the only human reference of Avana to date. Furthermore, this may be the only poem, story, or legend that describes the giving of knowledge to humans, making it an important historical source for all those who study dragon lore.

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