Beyond The Darkenss (Pt 2 of Wonderland)

Voldermort is back and the young couple must face the challenges together.


4. Chapter Four

Missy's POV

If I said I didn't miss Draco I would be lying. I want to just run to him and say sorry, beg for forgiveness. Tell him we can get through this together and we just need to be strong. It would all be bullshit. Voldermort would use Draco against me. I might not be able to die but he can. I'm protecting him. That's the only reason I haven't gone back to him. 

My arm was burning, this fucking dark mark. I have two hours until everyone starts to wake up. Might as well take a little walk. I threw a big hoodie on and leggings. I slipped on some Vans and got out of bed. I grabbed my wand just in case. I don't really need it. I can use my hands. I teleport-ed outside of the common rooms so nobody would hear the wall moving. I started walking. My footsteps quiet. I let out a little light from my hand throwing in front of me. 

Nobody. The castle creaked as the harsh winter winds pushed against its thick stone walls. 

I walked far, it was getting light now and I should start heading back. I entered the common room to silence. Apart from the sound of waved lapping against the glass and the fire crackling. Two opposites making such a beautiful sound. To completely different things causing peace in another. Strange really. 

"Missy.... where were you?" I jumped slightly as the one person I never wanted to face again came into view.

"Draco...." I whispered quietly before my brain snapped me back to the reality I was living in. He wasn't mine anymore. "None of your business Malfoy. Now if you would excuse me I need to go get dressed." I smiled sarcastically. It was Saturday..... finally. I planned on taking a quick teleport back home to check in with my mother. My father couldn't care less about me. I strutted up the stairs into my room and changing into jeans and a simple blouse. I wrapped myself in a Slytherin Green cloak that had my family emblem on the side. 

I stared at my boring black hair. I willed for it to change. I managed to make it fade into a navy blue. I'm regaining control over my powers. 

I quickly teleported away from Hogwarts and into my family's manor. 

"Morning Mother, Father!" I cheered walking into the breakfast room. They sat reading the Daily Prophet. 

"Good Morning my beautiful daughter. Lovely to see you! I take it something has happened for you to be visiting with such short notice and with no permission off the headmaster?" She sussed me out. 

"Yes, I do have something to ask. When I looked up about the Slytherin bloodline it told me that we are immune to curses and can teleport. Nowhere in there said anything about being immune to pain? I had a detention with a batty new teacher and she made me write lines with a quill that scars your skin.... yet I did not feel it?" I questioned. 

"Oh darling that is not the Slytherin bloodline but my bloodline. The Hawthornes. A curse put on our family years ago. Passed down through generations." She answered back. 

I'm like the best warrior of all time!!!!!!!!!!!

"Thank you mother. Now I must be on my way" I said kissing her cheek. I walked over to my father kissing him lightly on the cheek. He hid his shock and smiled. I hope he warms up to me after the whole..... trying to kill his daughter thing.

I teleported back to Hogwarts just in time for breakfast................ I was hungry.


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