Alone: The Sequel

The sequel to Alone! After Lily's betrayal, Vanessa has a dream that changes everything, and the prophecy begins to make since.


3. The Unbreakable Vow

That night in the common room, Vanessa opened up the small box Scorpious had slipped into her pocket. Inside was a ring, silver with a sword charm. She smiled and slipped it onto her finger, then twisted it around and around. How thoughtful of him. It was clear that he had no idea who she was. Sighing, she walked to the dormitories, got ready for bed, changed her bandages and went to sleep. The next morning, she opened her eyes to find the other girls in the dormitory leaning over her bed. "Ahhhh!" She cried, jumping up and backing into her head board. "What are you-" "You're bleeding." A girl said, pointing. Vanessa looked down at the pool of blood on her sheets, quickly pulling up her comforter to hide the stain. "Oh, that? That's nothing." "Are you sure? It looks seri-" "I said I'm fine." The girls looked skeptical, but agreed to let her be as long as she let them know if she needed help. 

In potions class, Vanessa saw Lily. She looked distracted as she cut caterpillars, slicing them unevenly like she always did. Seeing Lily made her want to cry. Soon, blood began to seep out of Vanessa's bandages again, and it was dripping onto the floor. "Vanessa." Professor Samantha Snape snapped. Vanessa glanced up at the teacher, confused as to what she did wrong. "Do you need to see the nurse?" She glanced down at her wound, horrified and embarrassed, quickly placing her hands over it to try to stop anymore from dripping onto the floor. She looked up, just in time to catch Lily staring at her, looking horrified and shocked at what she'd done. When she realized Vanessa had been watching, however, she looked away. "N-no, professor, I have a pack of bandages right here, could I please go to the lavatory?" "Of course." Professor Snape dismissed her, looking concerned for what must have been the first time. 

As she walked out of the lavatory, she suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder. She squealed, turning to find Scorpious standing there, his eyes shining in the sunlight that streamed through the stained glass windows. "Scorpious! You scared me!" "S-sorry." He mumbled nervously, inhaling slowly. "I-I wanted to ask how things were going. You know, with your injuries." "I just replaced the bandages." Vanessa told him, trying to meet his eyes, but the blond boy continued to stare at her nose. "So sorry about that." He paused for a minute, appearing doubtful about speaking. Finally, he asked, "Do you know who did this to you?" "I..." What should she say? Lily would expose her if she was turned in... "Don't tell anyone." "I won't." He said quickly, like he was eager to find out who it was. Vanessa shook her head, slowly reaching out for his arm. He met her eyes, and didn't let his gaze fall as they grabbed each other's arms. "I can only tell you if you make an unbreakable vow." She whispered. "Of course." He agreed, still looking into her gray eyes. Vanessa pulled her wand out of her cloak and began the spell, sealing his promise to him. If he told anyone, he would die. "Now, tell me, please." He said when the spell was over, slipping his arm away from hers. She took a deep breath, letting her hair fall in front of one eye. "Lily Potter." Before she could see his reaction, Scorpious embraced her, holding her and letting her cry onto his shoulder as she hugged him back. 

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