Alone: The Sequel

The sequel to Alone! After Lily's betrayal, Vanessa has a dream that changes everything, and the prophecy begins to make since.


5. Escape

"WHAT'S HAPPENING?" Scorpious repeated, frantically searching the Vanessa's eyes for any clue as to what was going on. One of the wizards turned to look at him angrily. "Do you mean to tell me, that you have no bloody idea what's going on, who she is?" "Sorry..." Scorpious replied nervously. The wizard nodded his head towards Vanessa. He looked to be in his early 40's, wearing expensive looking dress robes. "I think you should be the one to tell him that." Vanessa met Scorpious' eyes for a moment. He looked so scared and confused, nervous sweat trickling down his forehead as he seemed to plead for answers with his eyes. Suddenly Vanessa ducked and ran, missing the curses sent spiraling where her heart had been. She grabbed Scorpious' arm, pulling him out the door to the common room and running up the stairs. "WHERE ARE WE GOING!" He cried. "We have to get off school grounds-we have to apparate." She explained, bursting out one of the many entrances of the castle. Footsteps pounded along behind them, jets of red and blue and green just barely missing them. "APPARATE?" he shouted, terrified. "IT'S THE ONLY WAY, YOU HAVE TO TRUST ME!" Vanessa screamed over the noise of multiple spells being rebounded off of objects. "I TRUST YOU!" He screamed back, thudding along behind her. Sweat pooled their palms as they ran, jumping down stairs and dodging the curses. Finally they reached the forbidden forest. "On the count of three, we apparate, ready?" Vanessa asked. "I've never apparated before." Scorpious said nervously. She squeezed his hand and looked into his eyes. "Trust me." She pleaded. Scorpious nodded slowly. "One." He began. "Two." She continued. "Three." They said together.

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