Alone: The Sequel

The sequel to Alone! After Lily's betrayal, Vanessa has a dream that changes everything, and the prophecy begins to make since.


1. Another Dream

Vanessa stood on the rocks. She was back in the dream that Lily had betrayed her in, the dream she had woken up from to find Lily by her side, hugging her and reassuring her that she would never do that. Liar. Why was she back here though? It didn't make any sense; Lily had already betrayed her in real life. Suddenly, as she gazed down at her unappealing reflection in the water, the necklace began to rise out of the waves, the necklace... From 25 years ago.The necklace... that had cursed her. She screamed, falling backwards onto the sharp rocks beneath her. The necklace glowed and begun to recite the prophecy that had been spoken in the dream she had in the hospital wing when it had attacked her. "What are you doing here?" She tried to ask, but no words came out. Instead, the necklace lowered itself back into the water, and a man stood before her. He was cloaked, and snakelike, and... He had no nose. Vanessa screamed again, horrified, crawling backwards until her back hit the cliff face behind her. "Hello, Vanessa." "Hello, Father." Voldemort grinned wickedly. "Come, daughter, let me look at you... I haven't seen you in so long..." Vanessa shook her head. "I'm not like you! I'm not evil! Get away from me!" Voldemort glared at her. "I said come!" He yelled, raising his wand and pulling her towards him. "Let me go!" He dropped her at his feet. "Tell me, Vanessa, are you angry at Lily?" He asked her. It slipped out of Vanessa's mouth. "Yes." Voldemort smiled. "Do you want to get revenge?" "I..." She looked up at him slowly. It wasn't real. It was all a dream. She could be completely honest and nothing would happen. "Yes." "I'm on my way." He said, cackling as he disapparated. "Wait!" Vanessa called, "You're not real! How could you-" Suddenly it hit her. Part of her father was inside her. Whenever she got angry bad things happened. How could she have been so forgetful?

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