Twins for Life


1. Party

Harry's Part:
I walk into my best friends house where the party was. As soon as my group of friends see me, the come up to me. "Hey Harry this party's great, Liam says. "Yeah it is, I say. We walk over to the seats so we could sit down. We sit down. While I'm talking to Zayn, two girls come up to us. "Um are these seats taken, one girl says looking at the two seats next to me. They were twins. One had long curly blond hair and green eyes. And the other had long straight blond hair and hazel eyes. There was something about the girl with green eyes that caught my attention. The way her green eyes sparkled and the way she smiled. "Oh no, I say. The girl with the green eyes sits next to me and the other girl sits next to Niall.
Carli's Part:
I swear I could of saw the boy with the brown curly hair somewhere. But he was really cute. I continue to talk to my sister Lisi. Lisi smirks. I think she caught me staring. She shouldn't be saying anything because I caught her staring also. She was staring at the boy with the blond hair. A boy with black hair and hazel eyes comes up to us. "Hey hotties. Do you like the party, he asks? We both laugh and nod our heads. He smirks. "I'm Zayn and theses are my friends Harry, Niall,Liam, and Louis, he says introducing us to each boy. I smile. "I'm Carli and this is my sister Lisia.

But we call her Lisi, I say. Niall smirks at Lisi. Liam smirks. Lisi gets back on her phone. "Harry thinks your really cute, he says. I could see Harry blushing. I laugh. He puts his head down. "It's okay. I think your really cute also, I say. I look at Lisi. She's too busy texting or on Instagram. "I think I've seen you somewhere, I ask Harry? "Wait.. I've seen you also. What school do you go to, he asks? "Calvin Ridge, I say. "I got transferred there today. I think I saw you in lunch right, he asks? "Omg! You're right, I say with a smile.
Lisi's Part:
Niall is really cute. I want to get to know him but I'm really scared to talk to him. I think he sort of likes me because he kept on staring at me. As I'm on my phone Niall taps my shoulder. I look up from my phone and look at him. He smiles at me and says hi. "Hey, I say. "Do you go to the same school as your sister, Niall asks? "Yep, I say. "If I see you I'll make sure to talk to you so we could get to know each other, Niall says smirking. I could feel myself blushing. Wow! Did he just say that? "Cool, I say. "Wait can I have your number, he asks? "Sure, I say. We exchange each other's number. "Thanks Lisi, Niall says. "Anytime, I say 
Everyone's Part:
As soon as the party is over we all say our goodbyes. (Lisi) Bye Niall, I say giving Niall a hug. (Carli) Well I guess I'll see you tomorrow, I say to Harry. (Harry) Bye, I say smirking. 
Lisi and Carli's Part:
As soon as we get in the car, we drive to Starbucks. We get there and go thru  the drive thru. We get to the window to order. "My I have a Java Chip.


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