Your not one of us


1. she's different

"May the power of Christ compel you!" One shouted, sticking two fingers at me. Forming a 't' with them. Sticking them on my arm which burned

"Hurry, throw the holy water at her. Before its to late!" The other said, then cool water came into contact with my pale skin. It stun.

"Oh look, it's mad. Hurry before she burns us with her fire." The first one mocked, pushing me to the ground. They left, leaving me on the ground. This was a normal day for me, I should be use to it. But I'm not, it only started when I found out the biggest secret in my life.

I stand up and pick up my things off the ground. Then I heard footsteps,

"Whoever you are. Go away!" I yelled not even looking at who it was. The footsteps, turned and left. "Good" I stood up and started walking home.

"May the power of Christ compel you? That's new, never heard that one before. Holy water my ass!" I commented as I entered the woods.

Wind rushes past my ear, knocking me off my feet. Making me hit my head on the roots of tree.

"Stupid werewolves!" I whispered half yelled, now there's a big bump on my head. Just my luck. I heard howling in the distance.

"Not even the full moon yet, and the dogs are out" I stated.

"Well if we leave now, we get first dibs on the hunting spots,"I heard a female voice behind me say, "don't want me to stave just yet do you?" It finished, I turn around to see a female. She had brown curly hair, two sharp canines coming out of her mouth, she was about 5'6 tall, and brown eyes. I only knew one person that like, Diana, leader of the moon shine pack. One of the most feared packs in the world. and Diana was leader starting at only 15 years old.

"Well then, warn me next time!" I stated. I stood up "I've missed you where you been?" I went up and gave her a big hug.

"I missed you too! I've been around." she said back, "oh would you like to come over tomorrow? Mia wants to see you again."

"It depends... Will there be tea?" We both laugh. I missed Diana. She and Mia are like family to me.

"Drop, were the Angels messing with you again?" Diana said with a bit of worry in her tone. Seeing that I had my hair soaked and a burn mark of a t on my arm.

"So what if they did, I can't do anything about it!" I yelled "that stupid law, that demons.......that demons can't defend themselves! They think the Angels and humans are good! Ha, it's the complete opposite." putting my hands up to my head and cried. "why are we forced to show our selves to the public? It's not right, it ruined my life. So many life's ended because of it."

"Come down" Diana went to pull me into a hug, "we can't do anything about it. All we can do it wait until school is over and move to japan, no one is Judge over there, like here." We stayed in the hug for about 10 to 15 minutes, until someone came to our spot.

The being was a werewolf as well. He turn from his wolf form to a human form. He had short blond curly hair, very skinny body and mud all over his face.

"Newbie?" I questioned. Which was ignored.

"Miss, the pack is ready for the start of the hunt, the moon is almost completely out. Marching the hunt to start." he stated, he was stiff and looked like he was scared.

"I'm aware of that, "Diana stated looking the man in the eye, "but one thing, why so tense? You are never like this before?" Diana questions.

"With all due respect miss, it is because of the demon sitting right next to you." he stuttered.

I called it, and I sighed. But Diana didn't look to happy. She stood up and walked right up to him.

"You are afraid of her just because she is a demon! You know how fucking dumb that sounds!" She screams at the man. This guy feel on his butt of how scared he was, but got right back up and ran off. I giggled at how stupid he was acting.

"Sorry about him, I'll punish him later, anyway I got to go and eat. Get home safely alright?" Turning around to make sure I say yes.

"Yes mother" bowing to her. We laughed.

"We'll see ya, head over to our house

Tomorrow around noon, alright." Diana states, and runs off, turning into her wolf form.

"Alright" I answered, turning around and walk down to my house.

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