Cross My Heart

An album of outtakes, the songs that didn't quite make the main records.





So here we have it, as promised. An album of outtakes, the songs that just couldn't reach. Some of them may become your favourites, they are in no way 'bad', they just didn't necessarily fit. Modern Melody ​would have been out of place on THE WIDENING GYRE, for example. I have written bad songs, I promise you. Songs so atrocious that I wouldn't dare take them out of the folder again, for fear of contamination (one called Transcendence ​that I scribbled down during writing for DOMINANCE in summer 2014). You may hate me for not including some of these on albums, specifically the four from the RESET sessions. But here they are.


1. CROSS MY HEART (new song)

2. BY THE TIME YOU HEAR THIS… (from The Phone Goes Dead sessions)

3. FRIENDS (from Eins sessions)

4. EYES WIDE SHUT (from Reset sessions)

5. RIGHT NOW (from The Phone Goes Dead sessions)

6. MODERN MELODY (from The Widening Gyre sessions)

7. CAN YOU FEEL IT? (from Reset sessions)

8. AWAKE (from Reset sessions)

9. THE FALLING MAN (from unreleased album sessions)

10. SCREAMING ‘HALLELUJAH!’ (from unreleased album sessions)

11. ENDLESS TERROR (from unreleased album sessions)

12. GIRL AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD (from unreleased album sessions)

13. DEAR THOSE I HATE (from Reset sessions)

14. SLEEP AND BE ONE (from Sleep and Be One instrumental, Warehouse 13)


Cover art by @h a n n a h

Cover concept by Sam H-B

All lyrics by Sam H-B

Sleep And Be One original score by Edward Rogers


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