Cross My Heart

An album of outtakes, the songs that didn't quite make the main records.


9. 8. Awake


[Verse 1]

You closed your eyes

And I fell away

I never thought

I would get this day

To hook on

Every word you say

And I’ll love you

Till the end of days



You’re AWAKE

You make me so complete

Yes you were in my dreams

But it’s nothing like the real you


This love is so concrete

I’ll shout it on the street

You’re everything to see me through


[Verse 2]

And there we stood

We’re hand in hand

Take on the world

We’ll rule the land

And I look

Into your eyes

Knowing that

You’ll always be mine





And when we close our eyes

I still won’t let go

Wrapped up when we sleep

Forever in my hold


[Chorus x2]


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