Cross My Heart

An album of outtakes, the songs that didn't quite make the main records.


8. 7. Can You Feel It?


I really regret that this song, originally titled ‘Something Pretty This Way Comes’, was not included on the album RESET. In retrospect, it’s catchier and more original than the majority of that album. This song is the reason this album isn’t a bunch of throwaways, with me keeping the better outtakes under wraps for future albums. This song is the reason that this collection can act as an album in itself.


This is my formal apology for now including this on RESET.


[Verse 1]

I’ve never felt this way before


You got me kickin’ down your door


I’m wishing that you’d give me more


But I guess I’ll settle for oh oh



A little drink of wine in the sunshine

Something quite insane in the rain

I’d spend every single moment with you

You’ll even watch the football games



I’m building up to something really big CAN YOU FEEL IT?



Maybe I’m not mad

Maybe I’m just a little deranged

Maybe loves not a drug

But it makes me feel a little bit strange

Girl came lookin’ for me

The moment I was looking for change

Now I’m out on my feet

And she’s an animal let out of its cage


[Verse 2]

I’ve got another chance at bonds


Last time it just went to the dogs


She said I wasn’t holding on


Then I’m too clingy, should lay off oh oh


[Refrain 2]

A little drink of wine in the sunshine

Something quite insane in the rain

You got me screaming this house down

‘Cause the sweet way that you say my name





[Refrain 3]

A little drink of wine in the summertime

Cuddle up in sheets when it snows

You send me crazy, crazy as can be

Guy down the street he said you’re crazy as me!



[Chorus x2]

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