Cross My Heart

An album of outtakes, the songs that didn't quite make the main records.


5. 4. Eyes Wide Shut


[Verse 1]

Heart wide open as the

Curtains closing

And I’m still hoping

That you’ll come back to me

Last resorting

Just to get you courting

The worst war we’ve fought in

Won’t you set my heart free


[Verse 2]

See the letter

Say we ain’t together

But I can’t forget her

Won’t you come back to me

Backseat driving

In the car I ride in

Lookin’ left and right and

Then you crashed into me



I kept my EYES WIDE SHUT as you crashed into me

A thousand midnight memories come to set me free

If it’s the last ride I took before you crashed into me

I hope I don’t lose all the memories of you smiling at me


[Verse 3]

I’m done waiting

All the guys you’re dating

Every one I’m hating

Won’t you ever want me

This is painful

And my heart is shameful

Am I so unable

For you to love me? (you to love me)




Now my luck’s gone

Shattered at the bus stop

Pile up I guess we’re on

Won’t you come walk with me?




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